Born in 1985, Amanda Seyfried is an American actress for most, but her music has drawn attention and appreciation from the public as well. She has quite the number of fans and they love her for good reasons. At just 30 years old, she has done versatile genres of films and stood tall through the reviews. Not much is known about her personal life, except that she is a normal human beneath the tough looks and suffers from stage frights before every life performance. Her panic attacks are known as well, for which she has received widespread support.

1. The Shy Smile:

A tied brunette ponytail, which of course, suits her well. Besides, she has her usual smile upheld, looking straight at the camera. The outfit is casual and she looks beautiful even without the tiniest stroke of brushes on her skin.

2. The Casual Look:

Even without the glitters of the tinsel town, Amanda Seyfried is quite the star. Look at her go with that persona and no makeup confidence while most of us struggle to hide our imperfections. Her hair looks like she stepped out of her sleep, beautiful nonetheless.

3. Sun Glass and Smile:

Amanda Seyfried with no makeup looks stunning and continues to sweep us off our feet. Her sunglass is keeping her hair in place while her eyes continue to give off the positive vibe we want to start our day with.

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4. Candid Picture:

Seen unaware of the click, she is glowing in this candid shot. Amanda Sefried with her vintage sunglass also sports a blonde hair, backed up by the goggle. Her blue corset is going well with her no make up look.

5. Red Carpet Ready:

Amanda Seyfried with no makeup is usually the way to go for casual public appearances, but for events too, her regime is no different. A mild makeup is all that she indulges in, that highlights her eyes and a normal gloss to make her look perfect.

6. For Photoshoot:

Her eyes look the best shade of blue and green combined, while her hair is tied well. Here too, she maintains her usual minimal makeup look, with just a touch of gloss and kohl. The actress is very different from other style icons, who swear by their makeup look for official events.

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7. Tired But Flawless:

With a half tied pony, her look is accentuated with the perfect eyebrows. No makeup as usual on her face, yet she still manages to impress us. Although looking tired, her fans leave no chance to click the shutter and she obliges anyway, despite drained of energy.

8. Quirky Look:

Amanda Seyfried with no make up seems very goofy in this picture, posing in her mesmerizing self. Her skin is super even and consistent in its tone- no under eye dark circles unlike many other celebrities.

9. The Pearly Whites:

The true beauty is seen here smiling like the diva that she is, her hair in place. It is as clear as day that no makeup is needed to contain how pretty she is, since it shows even without it.

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10. Winter Princess:

Amanda Seyfried without makeup here, is spotted with a pink skull cap, which she claims is her favorite color. Her glittery eyes and careless smile speak for itself, while we crush at her fabulous look.

Amanda Seyfried is seen here sporting the classic look, in most of the pictures. She sparkles away with that perfect glow on her, giving you serious beauty goals.

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