One of the most successful record producers in the world, Mariah Carey, is a famous American singer, songwriter, etc. This beautiful woman has also acted in a number of Hollywood films. She is one of the most sensational singers ever and has fans, including teenagers and adults. With her unique dressing sense and sweet smile, Mariah has successfully captured the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

Her life performances demand her to be in her best shape, which requires efficient makeup, fitting dresses, etc. If you’re thinking that Mariah is just another plastic icon hiding under the massive stack of makeup, then you’re so wrong. Mariah Carey has the most natural adorable face ever and prefers to stay makeup-free most of the time. Here are the top 9 makeup-free pictures of Mariah Carey.

1. At The Shoot:

Though makeup is an integral part of her successful life, she knows its limits. She likes to stay makeup-free as much as possible. She has round eyes and a chubby face, making her look extremely cute even at 45.

2. Out For a Walk:

There are not many celebrities who look almost the same without makeup. Mariah considers her natural as her best weapon and often displays her makeup-free face to shut the haters. Her outstanding figure and naturally beautiful face are an inspiration for a number of women to go makeup-free.

3. Mariah in The Butler:

Mariah was spotted in the movie The Butler. In this picture, she was wearing casual filed-girl clothes, making her look suitable for the scene. Over the years, her quality performance in the movies has allowed her to gain worldwide recognition.

4. Fresh Without Makeup:

Mariah Carey posted this picture of hers on Instagram. She looks very fresh even after shedding off all her makeup. This picture made the fans aware of her natural beauty. Mariah wanted to clarify that she’s not just another plastic doll earning millions because of her high-end makeup tricks and fancy clothing. She can impress all in the same way, and makeup won’t be a requirement.

5. At The Studio:

This picture of Mariah Carey was clicked at a studio where she was recording her new studio album. She was sporting a makeup-up-free face and looked good enough to get thousands of likes.

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6. Precious Mariah:

Mariah has acted in a number of movies, but most of the time, people fail to recognise her. In one of her many movies, Mariah wore no makeup as the director found it suitable for her to avoid makeup for that particular scene. She looked a bit different but was enough to steal the looks of the viewers.

7. A Needed Argument:

This picture reveals the naturally beautiful Maria Carry’s beauty without any makeup. On the left is Mariah Carey wearing makeup and on the left is a picture of Maria without any makeup. Cute Mariah looks almost the same without putting on any makeup.

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8. Playful Mariah:

This is a picture of Mariah with her little daughter. Mariah looks no less than an innocent and flawless child. Very few women can look so fresh without any makeup.

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9. The Curvy Woman:

Mariah Carey has an impressive physique. Her curves can kill heartthrobs. She goes makeup-free and somehow displays the perfect naturally beautiful face in this picture.


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