20 Pictures Of Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup

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Long back in her youth, in 2000, a girl enrolled her name in the Femina Miss India. She won gracefully and then went on to win some more. The miss world pageant then saw her becoming the miss world 2000. That same girl now is an internationally recognized fully fledged actress, singer dancer renowned in the world for her beauty and body along with her angelic face. She is our very own B-town glam girl Piggy Chops. Priyanka Chopra started her world of reel life by enrolling into modeling and since then this ‘exotic’ beauty hit-maker has not stopped for a breath. On a normal day, she reveals her busy life where she runs to and fro within sets only to pack her bags and leave for abroad since she has to perform her song on the international stage. This is the wonderful life of Priyanka Chopra.

priyanka chopra without makeup

Just like any other actress in 2002 she starred in a Tamil film and later was successfully recognized by the tinsel town directors when she claimed to fame with the role of a seductress in ‘Aitraaz’. Since then we have seen Priyanka in a varied roles playing a varied women across the skin. The role of her model life in Fashion showcased her ups and downs for ma small scale town girl to a high profile fashion figure. The role of ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ showcased her seven roles in seven different attires where she gracefully played the role of different cultures. In her role in ‘Barfi’ she exceeded all our expectations by dressing up as an autistic patient but all these are screen life where every single person is bound to look flawless. With the well equipped state of the art makeup artists and technology savvy equipment’s, looking flawless in a television is not all a difficult deal.

Priyanka Chopra has always dazzled on screen looking heavenly but there are times when even a celebrity being only a human can go so far to look pretty. Often at times Priyanka decides to be her natural self and ventures out.

Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup Looks:

There are times we admit when we all have a bad hair day or a tired look on our face but here are some of the best Priyanka’s without makeup looks that will make us fall in love with her once again.

1. Simply Pretty:

Simply pretty

Here Priyanka Chopra was seen leaving the airport in her natural self without makeup on her face and from the looks of it, it is evitable that her beauty with her success has risen sky high. She dazzles on screen with her smoky cat eyes and princess curls and off screen she is cute as a button. Even without makeup she looks spotless with a faint glow and a perfect sleek hair.

2. Plain Jane:

Plain Jane

She is a glittering personality in the television screen but even once in a while, the best of the big shots need a day off to flaunt their fresh faces. Priyanka Chopra dropped her high heels for a day out in Mumbai where she used a bandana on her head and wearing a simple black tank top she ventured out for the night. Her face looks devoid of makeup but fresh and pretty.

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3. Bare Beauty:

Bare beauty

Getting out of the car in a sexy black leather jacket with her Ray Bans on, Priyanka Chopra looked quite the plain Jane but this bare beauty still manages to pull off a head turning entrance. Priyanka has always been quite the dazzler and even with the black shades on you can bet she looks perfect.

4. White Beauty:

White beauty

The recent time has been quite disheartening for Priyanka when her father passed away and left her family and her distraught and morose. This picture was taken in her father’s funeral where she looked simple like any of your neighborhood woman next door. Clad in a white suit she looked teary eyed and broken down but her skin was spotless and fresh as usual.

5. Airport Walk:

Airport walk

The best way to spot a celeb in their natural beauty is when they are fleeing from one country to another. In their busy schedule often you will notice them running around sans makeup just like this picture of Priyanka’s where she was shot leaving the Mumbai airport. She looked extremely fashion savvy and even with a simple hairdo and a fresh face.

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