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10 Best Photos of Trisha Krishnan Without Makeup

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Indian film actress and model Trisha is one of the most notable faces of Tamil Cinema. Her entry into filmdom was preceded by several beauty pageant wins including the Miss Madras contest in 1999 which paved the way for her rise to fame.

With several successful Tamil and Telugu movies to her name and a three time winner of the South Filmfare Best Actress Award, Trisha has proved that she is a beauty queen with brains. But we all know that true beauty lies not in the magical touch of makeup and foundation. It runs deeper, emanating from the warmth of a smile to a pleasing personality. Does this ring true for Trisha? Let’s have a look at some of her pictures without her made up self.

Trisha Krishnan Without Makeup:

Work of Nature:

Trisha is naturally endowed with cute looks. Her light coloured eyes define her fine features and add a certain charm to her candid appearance. With youth on her side, she can very well go with a makeup free look whenever she chooses.

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