9 Pictures of Urvashi Rautela Without Makeup

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Always a buff for fashion and pageants, Urvashi Rautela started her career pursuing engineering. However, her love for fashion has driven her to participate in beauty pageants, her winning some of them victoriously. An Indian model and actress, Rautela made her first Bollywood debut in Anil Sharma’s film. She has also been a hyped up face for Honey Singh’s ‘Lovedose’ video. Still a struggling actress and a personified model, Urvashi looks mind blowing on her television appearances. However, it is really up to her without the makeup pictures that determine whether she is actually all that glitters or not. It’s a common conception that stars are always under the pressure to look good, but like all stars, even Urvashi strips down to her natural self from time to time.

Beautiful Urvashi Rautela Without Makeup Images:

Today this article collected the best pics of Urvashi Rautela without makeup.

1. Behind The Scenes:

Urvashi Rautela without makeup1

Urvashi here is pictured still getting ready for her next shot, maybe a photo shoot or a music video snippet. In this picture, while the stylist fixed and styled her hair to perfection, Urvashi in this picture had minimal makeup on herself and yet looked quite astonishing and mysterious for a minimalist.

2. Casting Special:

Urvashi Rautela without makeup2

This picture was doing its fair share of circulation when the latest news feed said Urvashi was being casted in the movie Yaariayan. In one such event, here she is posing with no makeup look in her causal red and yellow blouse, her shades high up on her crown as she smiled sweetly.

3. Minimalist:

Urvashi Rautela without makeup3

This was one of the earliest pictures of Urvashi in one of her modeling days when she opted for a minimalist look for her photo shoot. Her eyes were done up in a novice blue and black shadow but there was no professional makeup on herself and even then she looked quite intoxicating.

4. Jetting Off To Vacation:

Urvashi Rautela without makeup4

Always a stylist at her best and worst moments, Urvashi in this absolutely divine photo, stands on the edge of a ledge her hands apart, showing a what a beautiful morning in Croatia looks like. Even though her shades had covered most of her eyes, she had no makeup on in this picture.

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