9 Pictures of Vidya Balan with and without Makeup

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Vidya Balan arrived on celluloid with the much adored and critically acclaimed movie Parineeta, directed by her mentor Pradeep Sirkar. Ever since then it has been a successful innings at the box office and the critique table with equal splendor.

Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s favorite actress, Vidya has apparently brought back the traditional south Indian saris to the red carpet. Never a dull moment with this lady, she is known for her simple and elegant styles with more attention to her drape than her make up. Her beauty comes from a deeper existence which mesmerizes the beholders beyond compare.

Here is our choice of her best looks sans makeup.

1. Plain Jane in Black Sabyasachi:

Known to be the intellectual man’s Madhubala, Vidya packs in solid performances under the most mundane garbs. This is a similar such look where a muted shade and a simple French braid is all it took her to elevate this boring look into something new. This style comes from attitude and not makeup.

2. The Sultry Siren in White:

Enchanting in this pearly pink laced number, Vidya brings back the old classic charm that was privy to heroines in movies by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Amol Palekar in their hay days. This is all about natural beauty and inherent grace- attributes not achievable with brush strokes, but that which inspires art.

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3. The Confident Feminist:

Vidya Balan personifies today’s free thinking independent woman who is not only accommodative to her family but also extremely opinionated in her views. Wearing this print on print ensemble, the only thing that sets her apart is her unwavering confidence- a trait rarely witnessed.

4. The Southern Grace:

The grace with which she carries her sarees exudes sheer class and etiquette that is privy to very sound family values and upbringing. This is an inherent trait in Vidya that sets her miles apart from some of her contemporaries.

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