From the buzz to undercuts, rainbow hair to colorful mohawks, the punk hairstyles for women have no boundaries. The significant characteristic of punk hairstyles is unruly hair. They have it all unique and post-modern. Well, we may agree, not everyone may jump around and prefer the punk look for the first time, but we bet, once you get the twist, you won’t deny it too.

These latest and best punk haircuts and hairstyles in the recent past have indeed caught our eye. Let’s check them out together!

15+ Images of Short and Long Punk Cut Hair Looks for Women:

Women who love creativity will actively love these punk haircuts without a doubt. While there are several variants in punk hair looks, ranging from afro punk, cyberpunk, low punk, pop-punk, bob, and buzz punk looks, here we give you the top favorite and trending punk hairstyles for women across the globe.

1. Long Colored Punk Look:

When we talk about punk hairstyles for women, the first thing which comes to all of our minds is colorful and bright looks and hues all around. To start with, this is one of our absolute all-time favorites. The dark pink-colored long hair length is ideal for getting this curly and wavy hair texture look in a punk manner. You can go ahead with fringes or bangs in the front to enhance your overall style statement. Although it seems very straightforward and simple to start with, this is lovely and beautiful. What do you think about it?

2. Short Hair Punk Haircut:

Here we see ideal Asian women look in the punk haircut. With the very short trimmed-up look and fringe falling across the forehead, this lovely shorthair is timeless and elegant too. It may not look quirky or funky as such, but isn’t it feminine and gorgeous? If you love one such stylish, trendy makeover, yet do not want to go too bold on anything, what is best than such an ideal and apt Japanese-inspired punky hairstyle?

3. Women’s 80s Punk Look:

Well, we all know enough of the funky trends. But did you ever come across this puffy bold and yet quick look? This luminous women’s short punk hairstyles can be easily converted into punk fashion trend all through the perks of having the right makeover and attire. Go ahead with this kind of in a puffy manner, and work on bold and loud makeup looks. That is it; you are perfect to go and can be gorgeous even for trendy parties!

4. Alternative Street Punk Hairstyle:

If you love loud, messy hairstyles, this punk look for medium-length hair can be no less than stunning. Go with the colors you like, or even just black, as shown above, or even bolder such as yellow and red and work on this messy yet street fashion makeover in a punk fashion manner. We bet you are going to stand out from the crowd. Be it for wavy hair or curly hair texture; this can be ideal!

5. Pink Spikes Punk Hair Women:

With the vibrant pink-colored hues and spikes hairstyles, this punk girl look is no less than dazzling and sparkling. With the extreme makeover, intricate style statement, and such contemporary and sensational looks, try this short punk hairstyle if you are in no mood to settle for any less than being gorgeous and competitive! This super short trimmed hair length cut is best for women with round, square and oval face shapes.

6. Short Punk Pink Bangs:

Another lovely shortcut with pink hair and fade, along with bangs are here. This beautiful emo punk hairstyle is the talk of the town right now. With the mild color dosage yet firm and incredibly youthful, trendy style statement, this is for the modern-day girls who love to flaunt it all out beautifully and in the strongest way possible. The smooth style is also very comfortable and easy to achieve with the right stylist!

7. Messy Braided Punk Hairstyle:

Do you know that you can have braided hair even in punk fashion? If you are new to it, here is the latest and modern-day example. With the medium to long hair length, go ahead with braiding in colorful hair on the sides, with highlights as shown above, and work on creating a messy look. Do it well, and undoubtedly; you are going to look charming, trendy and very refreshing too! This punk girl hairstyle for long hair or medium hair is ideal for women with any face shape too!

8. Colored Punk Rock Haircut:

Are you in no mood to settle for any less? Do you prefer a hairstyle that is very loud, attractive, and vibrant with modern hues? This is the one you must opt. With the colorful hair highlights all around, bold makeover and makeup, tattooed skin, we love the way the girl is sporting the loud look and flaunting it very beautifully and effortlessly. If you have medium to long hair, try this punk rock hairstyle for medium-length hair out, and you will love it!

9. School Girl Punk Look Hairstyle:

Be it the case of having a fancy competition or trying out Halloween and punk looks, this schoolgirl ponytail hairstyle is also one of our favorites. With a cute double pony, this bold-colored style statement for young girls is all about sass and lovely statement. This is quite easy to achieve and a simple yet smart trend to try out in case of many events!

10. Punk Goth Hairstyle:

Lastly, for women, here is a punk gothic statement that looks good for medium hair. The perk of this haircut is not just about the hairstyle, but also a quirky yet mesmerizing makeover and experimental statement look. Inspired by the 70s and 80spunk fashion hairstyles trends, this modern-day gothic look is all about sass and marvelous outcomes.

11. Spiky and Angular Punk Haircut:

This is one of the best-looking short punk hairstyles you can get nowadays. The sides have a very slight fade, along with the top of the head styled with spiky and quirky-looking hairs. This cut looks better when you color your hair, like in blonde color. This haircut will definitely make you look like a pop star. This cut is indeed one of the boldest-looking haircuts.

12. Two-Toned Faux Hawk Punk Haircut:

If you like punk rock hairstyles, then surely go for this style. This hairstyle features short, wavy like voluminous hair styled into a fohawk on the top of the head in two-toned colour. This haircut will give a totally new meaning to a mohawk hairstyle. This cut is one of the most perfect punk hairstyles for women with long hair.

13. Pompadour Punk Haircut:

If you’re into punk hairstyles for short hair, look no further. This haircut includes faded sides, with the short hair styled into a pompadour. The hair is twisted on its one side and is kept on hold with the help of a strong hairspray. The hair is kept very voluminous, and thus if you want you can use various hair products that will increase your hair volume. This is really a very nice-looking haircut.

14. Mohican Cut Hairstyle:

This is one of the nicest-looking punk girl hairstyles to have right now. This haircut includes faded sides, which are very nicely shaved, along with the back of the head is styled with nice braided tiny straight hairs. This haircut is indeed very unique looking and is highly recommended for those who like to experiment.

15. Curly Mohawk Haircut:

If you want long punk hairstyles, then you can be assured of this haircut’s beauty. The sides of the head are shaved in the right manner possible, with the top hair styled into a mohawk. The curly hair is styled into waves and creates a nice texture to the overall look. Use of hairspray is recommended for maximum hold. This hairstyle is truly a very radical-looking haircut.

16. Sky High Mohawk Haircut:

If getting these hairstyles for long straight hair is your priority, then look no further. This haircut features a very high fade, along with a very high-styled Mohawk haircut on top of the head. The straight hairs are styled into a single structure with the help of hair gel or hairspray. Absolutely bring a full-blown bold feeling to the whole look.

17. Shaggy Bob Haircut:

If you’re wondering about punky hairstyles names, then this might make you happy. This hairstyle features a messy look where various amounts of layers are put on top of one another. This whole look creates a nice yet messy cut that looks absolutely gorgeous. Use of hair products like hair gel or hairspray are recommended for obtaining that look.

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18. Quiff Punk Haircut:

This is one of the most perfect-looking medium punk hairstyles for women. This haircut allows all your hair to be swept towards the back with a nice heft to it and creates an awesome-looking quiff. This cut looks very charming and the use of hairspray will help in holding the hair for longer periods of time.

It’s easy to overlook how much different all these punk hairstyles for women. They all look so much unique and exciting in their own ways. Definitely a thing to try out if you’re interested in getting rid of your boring looks and replacing them with these haircuts. Hopefully, this list will help you with that.

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