If you are a sucker for cute easy hairstyles, you must not miss out on bow hairstyles. Wondering what they are all about? It is nothing but twisting and tweaking hair to appear like a bow, be it in the form of braids or loose hair or bun. These creative hairstyles are a new favorite for girls and young women of this gen for all the obvious reasons – they are pretty, sweet, and look fabulous.

From parties to girls’ gatherings or special events, the hair bow hairstyle can be ideal for matching and adding elegance effortlessly for everyone out there.

Easy and Quick Bow Hairstyles This Decade:

Here we go, let us get ahead and explore some of the most beautiful and lovely cute bow hairstyles and hair makeover ideas trending across the globe at present. We have got a few of our favorites in bow cut just for you!

1. Cute Little Side Bow Bun:

This cute little girl’s side hair bun with bow look is super fascinating for all of us. With the lovely appearance and beautiful texture, the bun tweaks towards the sides and appears like a perfect bow. Although this little girl hairstyles with bows may take a bit of time to achieve it right, we quite love the end result. Especially, the baby girls are going to love this cute look absolutely.

  • Girls with any face shape and facial features can easily try this hairstyle.
  • The young girls, toddlers, and tweens can be perfect to look beautiful in here.
  • Wear this bow hairstyles for girls for smooth, silky, or wavy hair texture for the perfect looks.

2. The Bow Braid:

Braids can never go out of fashion and time, and again, it is proved. If you love the beautiful intricate hair braid, adding a bow texture can add further look and style to it. Here is one such example. With the puffy creative braid and bow tweaked hair, we love the end result. Be it for your ethnic wear statements or party dresses and outfits, try this French hair braid with a bow and you can stand apart from the crowd.

  • Girls and women with oval, diamond, and round face shapes can try this bow braid hairstyle.
  • This look is ideal for women in the 20s to look youthful and stylish.
  • Try this hairstyle makeover if you have smooth long length hair for best results.

3. The Bow Tweaked Bun:

Here we go, we even have a variant of perfect bow bun for young women. The hair here is taken right from the forehead and crown area to twist it around for making a bow format at the crown. With its unique and appealing style and innovative trend, we quite love the result. Try this bow tie hairstyle, and we bet you would receive a lot of compliments.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shape can try these cute hairstyles with a bow.
  • If you are in the age of late 20s to the 30s, try this hairdo for best looks.
  • This look is ideal if you have curly or wavy hair texture for gorgeous looks.

4. Half Up Half Down Bow:

Here we have another bow hairstyle with step by step procedure in the image above. With the half hair in a bow form and half hair down, we quite love this simple yet graceful style. Take hair from both sides and tie with elastic. Puff it around a bit neatly from both sides and make it in bow texture. That is it; you are good to go in no time with this half up hair bow look.

  • Women with any face shape and facial features can try this hairstyle easily.
  • Wear this look for girls and women with smooth and wavy hair texture.
  • This amazing hair makeover can be good to go for women across the 20s and the 30s age groups.

5. The Double Bow Bun:

Kids love the cute and little pretty hairstyles, and no wonder they absolutely prefer to look like a Disney character. So here we are, with recreating the Minnie mouse inspired hairstyle for them. This double-sided bow bun for kids is not only easy to do and comfortable for them but also, we bet the little girls will love this one.

  • Girls with any face shape can try this high bow hairstyle easily.
  • This look is good to go for girls with smooth and wavy hair texture.
  • Try this look for little girls at younger age groups, preferably the toddlers.

6. The Messy Bow Hairstyle:

The messy bow ponytail hairstyle is one of the simplest yet classy and edgy look one can try out. With its ponytail variant and a classy mild look, one can easily try this out for versatile events, such as offices or parties or gatherings. The hair makeover is totally chic in its appearance and can be appealing for the new-gen contemporary looks.

  • Women with round and oval face shape can be ideal in this bow tie ponytail
  • Try this hairstyle for those with wavy and curly hair texture.
  • Women in the late 20s and the 30s can look edgy and stylish in here.

7. Double Reverse Braided Bow Bun:

If you are in search of some funky and sassy hairstyles, this unique look can be it. With the reverse braid process and bow bun on both sides, we love how cute and edgy this innovative hairstyle is. Be it for your parties or fashion gatherings or events; this unique updo can stand out from others.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shape can try this bow tie hair bun hairstyle
  • Try this look for those women in the early 20s age group.
  • This hairstyle and makeover are edgy for those who have straight and wavy hair texture.

8. Rainbow Hair Bow Bun:

For those who love rock and funky hairstyles and want to look no less than a boho chic vibed appearance, a rainbow hair highlights can be perfect. With this hair looks, you can try out a bun in bow look, which can completely upscale one’s style and class. What do you think of this bow bun hairstyle?

  • Women with oval, diamond, and heart face shape can try this style
  • This look can be edgy for those women in the 20s and the 30s age group
  • Try this hairstyle for women with straight and smooth hair texture.

9. Loose Bow Knot Updo:

For those loose messy and yet bow updos to try out, this can be a quick and easy style to do. All that you need to do to achieve this bow bun hairstyle step by step is tie all the hair into a low ponytail at first. Take the hair and bring it as a bun by pulling it inside the elastic. Now take two sides of the casual bun and puff it up on both sides, and that is it! We are gushing over this messy bun with bow look.

  • Women with round and oval face shape can try this hairstyle.
  • This easy makeover can be edgy for women across any age group.
  • This is quite a versatile hairstyle that can suit women with any hair textures. This can also be a quick bow hairstyle possible with short hair.

10. Bridal Bow Hairdo:

If you love to look like a diva and no less than a big fashionista for special events or even your bridal celebrations, worry not, we have you covered. With the platinum hair color, half hair updo to braid and intricate sleek braided double patterns beneath, we quite love this end result. Be it for parties or receptions; this edgy bow hairdo can be unique and creative for all the new-age women.

  • Women with diamond, heart and oval face shape can try this out.
  • Wear this style if you have smooth straight hair texture for perfect effects. This is the ideal bow hairstyle for long hair.
  • This look can be achieved by any women across the 20s and 30s age groups.

These bow hairstyles are effortless to deliver such a feminine, charming and mesmerizing appearance effortlessly. Be it for parties or formal events or festivities; these bow hair updos can be edgy and chic. Try them out and tell us your thoughts, too; we love to hear from you.


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