Choosing the right hair color for a dark skin can be tired some. If you have a dark skin tone then without a doubt you will have to go for brown colors and its variety of shades. You cannot just apply any hair color on your hair. Don’t panic, there are a number of flattering hair colors which are meant specifically for women with dark skin tone.

Hair Colour Shades for Dark Skin:

Below are the top 9 hair colours for dark skin available in Indian market..

1. Brown With Dark Complexion:

The brown color goes hand in hand with the dark skin. If you highlight such hair with black then it will look even more impressive. This is one of the best hair colors for African-American women and has been sported by tons of celebrities.

2. Plum Cherry Hair Color:

Women with dark skin can sport this hair color. It is one of the unique colors for the hair. If you have long, voluminous hair then you will be most beneficial from this look. This hair color gives you hair that plum-cherry look which looks adorable especially on dark skin.

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3. Burgundy:

Women with dark, as well as medium skin tone, can apply the burgundy color on their hair. Being one of the coolest looks for black women, this hair color will display a fresh and playful personality. Women, all over the world sport this hair color. The color is a little with a brownish touch.

4. Dark Burgundy:

Among the numerous burgundy shades, the dark one is most popular. It is for every woman and especially for black women. If you have dark to medium skin tone, then you will carry this color very well. Long and thick hair when colored dark burgundy looks fascinating.

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5. Golden Hue Blonde:

This is one of the most impressive hair colors for women with dark skin tone. The color comes with magnificent golden shades which will make your long to medium length hair look extraordinary. This color will go hand in hand with a cute dress and dark skin.

6. Strawberry Blonde:

One of the most adorable shades for blonde hair is the strawberry. The color is designed to suit women of all skin tones. However, dark skin toned women will be most beneficial from this color. The strawberry shade of blonde will give their hair that perfect look which they have always desired. It totally goes with the dark skin tone because of its light and heavy blonde touch.

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7. Purple Hair Color for Dark Skin:

This is one of the funkiest hair colors for dark skin. Women with naturally curly hair can carry this look very well. The purple color and dark skin have an impressive distinction which the is reason behind the beauty of this look.

8. Chocolate Brown Hair Color:

The chocolate is a suitable hair color for women dark skin. One can wear this hair color carelessly as it will always look good on a matching skin tone. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have sported this look very well.

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9. Light Brown Hair Colors for Dark Skin:

If you have dark skin then the best solution will be to go light. Apply light hair colors such as light brown to enhance the beauty of your hair. This hair color will display a calm and mature nature with a flirty touch.