If you are a kid of the 90s and 2000s, you already know the craze associated with the bumpit hairstyles. Like those worn with a puff, these hairstyles are quite famous and regular look for many. They added glamorous good looks with thick hair texture. How about revisiting some of those beautiful looks? With these gorgeous and trending bumpit hairstyles, you, too, would love to check on them again. Here we go!

9 Latest Bumpit Hairstyles for 2023:

From famous actresses to ordinary women, everyone wants to wear a Bumpit. They come in several versions and are easy to make at any parlour. A basic understanding of Bumpits and the best found among them are shared below.

1. The Prom Bumpit:

Going to the prom tonight and looking for a unique hairstyle? Well, you have no need to worry because this one has been designed especially for you. This Bumpit is raised quite high while the rest of the hair is straight and sleek. You can also colour your hair if you please to give it an iconic look.

2. The Cute Bumpit:

Getting a Bumpit like Zooey Deschanel will make you look like America’s sweetheart. The hairstyle is not just pretty but also looks quite adorable and feminine. The frame is very much attractive and it flatters the face well. This one remains to be one of the most requested hairstyles of all time.

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3. The Ponytail Bumpit:

A Bumpit with a ponytail is ideal for all those who would love to show off their shimmering and flashy accessories. It brings focus to the beauty of the face and also makes a great hairstyle for all youngsters.

4. Short Hair Bumpit:

The Short Hair Bumpit is another innovative style you can get yourself this year. Since it is very easy to make and suits every occasion, it resonates with the busy life of every woman. With a nice smile and some fine makeup, you can really rock this look at a dinner party.

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5. Up-Down Bumpit:

The Up-Down Bumpit is great for weddings. The perfect locks at the end of your hair and the nice bump accompanied with a light side fringe on your head looks amazing. You can also use some light earrings to give this a more tasteful look.

6. The Basic Bump:

The basic bump helps you in defining your personality. It gives you a classy look and enormous appeal. You will be an amazing style-setter with the help of this as well. It is also quite easy to make and is pretty affordable too.

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7. The Modern Bump:

Like Snooki of Jersey Shore, you can get a nice-looking modern Bumpit for yourself. This one is pretty stylish and can be done at your local parlour. Your fringe needs to be in a Chinese hairstyle and the rest of the hair must be straight. If you like, you can also try cool hair extensions to glam up like a doll.

8. The Creative Bump:

The Creative Bump is an iconic hairstyle and looks brilliant on people of all ages. It gives you more of a diva look and is made with a lot of care and precision. You can try any colour you like; as far as it suits your hair. Blow drying towards the end will also give it that smooth perfection.

9. Braided Bump:

A Bumpit with braids is all you need to steal all the limelight. This hairstyle is cool, trendy and superb. You can wear this for any formal occasion or even a small dinner get-together. It will surely fetch you compliments.

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