Shape up haircuts or hairstyles are gaining more and more popularity these days. People want to try out more spiky and edgy designs, and that’s what these shape up designs give you. They all make you look very dashing and stand out in a crowd. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of the best options for shape up hairstyles.

Best Shape Up Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair:

Here is the most popular shape up hairstyles in 2023. These are spiky and edge type haircuts. If you try it, change your look to dashing and charming.

 1. Low Skin Fade with Long Comb Over:

If you want a shape up haircut, this will be your best option. This cut features a fade which almost mixes with the skin, making it skin faded around the head, with the top part of the hair is combed towards the back of the head. The hair is kept moderately long and the combed look gives a very sleek appearance. Definitely a great looking shape up black hairstyle.

2. Undercut with Mohawk:

If you have a hair shape up machine, then you definitely want that machine to make yourself this style. This haircut comes with totally faded sides that give off a nice and clean undercut look, along with the top hair styled as a Mohawk and is swept upwards with a spiky hair look. This cut looks very stylish and looks better with a beard. This is indeed a great looking men’s shape up haircut.

3. Buzz Cut with Edge Up and High Skin Fade:

If you like having shape up men’s haircut style, this is the one you should go for. The style feature buzz cut sides all around the head, along with a very high skin fade having an edge up. The top part of the head containing very short hair shaped into a nice structure up to the forehead. This haircut has very low maintenance and looks great with long beards. The haircut almost looks like natural hair shape up.

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4. High Skin Fade with Top Knot:

If you’re looking for long hair shape up, then this will be your best option. The cut includes skin fade which is high up to the top of the head, where the moderately long hairs are bundled together into a ponytail and tied at the back of the head. This is truly the best way to shape up for long hair.

5. Burst Fade with Curly Afro:

If you want a curly hair shape up style, this cut should be your priority. The cut features the sides of the head faded, which is low fade, along with the best part of the hair which is curly is shaped upwards. The curly hair is given a certain way of styling to make it look trendier. Certainly the best shape up haircut for people with curly hair.

6. High Low Fade with Textured Spiky Hair:

This is a great style for short hair shape up haircut. This hairstyle comes with sides that are divided into two parts – high and low. The high part is on top while the low part is on the bottom. There is also an artistic surgical line on the sides. The top part has small textured hair, which is kept in a spiky state.

7. Undercut with Slicked Back Hair:

If you want to shape up hairstyles for long hair, get this look. This look includes closely shaved sides that make it look like an undercut, along with the moderately long hairs on top of the head to be combed and slicked back towards the back of the head in a stylish manner. This cut is indeed very eye-catching.

8. Undercut with Long Textured Side Swept Hair:

If you absolutely want to get long hair shape up a fade type of style, then it means to go for this cut. This style includes sides that are faded very high, giving an undercut appearance and the top part is styled with long hair that is not only textured but also side swept. Use of hair products are recommended to increase the hair texture.

9. Curly Hair Fade:

This is a gorgeous looking female shape up haircut. The sides of the head in this haircut is faded and tapered towards the top, along with small surgical lines on the sides. The top is styled with curly hair which is directed upwards, with the use of hair gel or hairspray. The curls are also braided and thus give a nice texture to the hair.

Therefore, it’s easy to say that shape up haircuts do tend to look great, both on men and women. The sheer amount of options that are available to choose from can make anyone confused. We hope that this list will be the guiding path of light in your decision.


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