15 Different African American Hairstyles With Pictures

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African American hairstyles are different than other country hairstyles. African American Hair has the best for both words. Traditional African curls along with the quintessential American glamour. With a mix of cultures comes across a mix of versatile hairstyles. Here’s a flip through the styles of some iconic women synonymous with African American culture.

african american hairstyles

African American Hairstyles With Images:

Below are the list of best African American Hairstyles which are very alluring. You can make your look so passionate with the help of below hairstyles.

1. Rihanna- Pixie Shag:

While Rihanna is Jamaican her style is synonymous with the average African American. It’s a short crop which compliments her slender frame and highlights her famous milky-way tattoo. Non maintenance and versatile, it is a fuss free African American hairstyle. Those who want a break from the routine of long curly hairs are sure to find this hairstyle refreshing.

2. Thandie Newton- Fine Poker Straight Bob:

While Africans Americans are known for their natural curls, their usually black manes look gorgeous straight and shiny. This look by Thandie Newton is an example of just that. If you have curls and still want to get the look, just iron the hair and put on lots of glossy hair serum and you’re good to go.

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3. Michelle Obama- The Medium Bob:

The American first lady has fabulous hairstyle, and how! Though she was born with spring curls, this wavy to straight medium bob has hit cult status, with more and more African American women wanting to look as fabulous as her. It’s ideal for work and has a lot of grace.

4. Halle Berry- Cascading Curls:

Although she is a big fan of the pixie cut, Halle Berry and her cascading curls is the African American staple. But that does not mean it is boring. The simplicity of the look conceals a lot of hair care to keep them looking tangle free and sorted.

5. Beyonce Knowles- Braided up-do:

The braided mop is a common African American hairstyle. It involves a full session of heavy braiding. This keeps the curls sorted and hair away from the face. The braided rope hair can be molded into other styles, just like Beyonce did by making it into a high bun. In the African Americans this style is also called the weave.

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6. Kerry Washington- Heavy fringed bangs and curls:

Television’s Olivia Pope sure knows what works for her petite frame. While bangs and curls are very European, it looks equally adorable on this svelte raven haired African American actress. An entirely different way to manage those natural curls.

7. Serena Williams- Thick Curls:

A full bodied sports icon with a thick mop of curls is the typical African American woman for you. But it needs extra care, because these thick curls tend to have a mind of their own. But once tamed this style is crowning glory to the African American style.

8. Whoopi Goldberg- Dreadlocks:

This is one of the famous African American hairstyles with small layered braids. Dreadlocks are basically hair that lives and stays on its own. They are not originally tended to and they grow as they are. But now this nomadic African hairstyle is also imitated by the stars. Shakira revived this style on one of her appearances. Other icons to sport this style are Whoopi Goldberg and Bob Marley.

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