Morning sickness is more of a symptom to certain health ailments or phases in life rather than a problem in itself. For example, it is quite a common crisis among women who are in their pregnancy phase. The problem causes discomfort in the body in the form of nausea, vomiting tendencies, headaches and a feeling of sickness and fatigue. The levels of morning sickness will differ from person to person. You have to remember, that morning sickness is mostly associated with pregnancy. Once you are aware of the problem, the next is to look for safe and effective ways to treat it that does not have any side effect on the body and neither on the baby.

25 Home Remedies For Morning Sickness in Pregnancy:

The best is to pick the home remedies for morning sickness from the list below and follow it each morning to ensure a treatment that is 100 % safe.

1. Ginger Tea Treatment for Morning Sickness:

Ginger tea soothes the stomach in a natural way. Prepare a fresh cup of ginger tea each morning and have it to ensure morning sickness treatment. This can be done whenever you feel queasy throughout the day. It is surely effective and gives instant results. It also helps in treating motion sickness.

2. Herbal Teas:

There are a lot of herbal teas that can be taken each day to ensure proper treatment of morning sickness. Chamomile tea, peppermint tea and lemon balm tea are perfect choices to make. However, if you have heartburn along with sickness, then do not take peppermint tea. It is one of the most effective home remedies for morning sickness and that can used for other health problems.

3. Get A Massage:

A massage helps in the reduction of stress and thus helps in keeping away the morning sickness at bay. It also promotes rest in a pregnant woman. Try and get 15-20 minutes of massage every day for the best outcomes.

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4. Fennel Seeds Helps To Morning Sickness:

Chewing on some fennel seeds will give you instant results on morning sickness and all its symptoms. It is one of the easiest ways to use as a home remedy for morning sickness.

5. Lemon Wonders:

You can smell a lemon or else take a few drops of lemon juice in water and have that to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness in a home remedial and 100 percent safe manner. This is one of the best home remedy that you can do easily without wasting time and which has no side effects also.

6. Raspberry Leaf Tea:

One of the best home cures that you can use for morning sickness is to have a cup of home prepared raspberry leaf tea. Along with treatment, it also helps in smoothing the uterus muscles as added benefit. However, check with a professional before adhering to this home remedy.

7. Salt And Ginger:

While on the one hand we have already read about ginger tea answering the question of how to avoid morning sickness. On the other hand salt and ginger together can also do wonders on against for morning sickness.

  • For that first here you will need some salt and very small pieces of ginger.
  • Just take the salt and now sprinkle very nicely over ginger so that when the water comes out the ginger will be nicely coated and crystallized.
  • Now chew this ginger little by little for better outcomes.

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8. Warm Towel Remedy:

Aromatherapy has a lot of ways and we have already read about one were you need to smell the essential oils for effective results. This is yet another of the morning sickness home remedies and is said to be even more effective than the previous one.

  • In this one you will need to soak a towel in warm water and then squeeze it nicely.
  • On this pour a few drops of essential oil and now spread this over your tummy to get rid of morning sickness.

9. Suck On A Candy:

Sugar-free candies can be kept handy and can be sucked whenever you feel the sickness and the feelings of vomiting and nausea. You can have ginger cookies or honey cookies for the purpose as well. Make sure that the candy bars or fruits bars are free from sugar. This is a delicious way of treatment.

10. Crackers:

You may feel surprised and ask how to avoid morning sickness with the help of crackers but this is one awesome way. Here we are not talking about firecrackers but these are food crackers which you can keep and store just by your bedside if you are suffering from morning sickness and then consume in little amounts at times. Make sure you do not consume full packets at once.

11. Caraway Seeds:

Chewing on caraway seeds when you feel morning sickness is a great way. For this you may get up in the morning, have something light and then chew a little amount of caraway seeds. You can also take caraway seeds or ajwain which is preserved with lemon, black salt and other such ingredients which yiu also get in packaged form.

12. Apple Juice:

Sometimes blood sugar level when it fluctuates may also lead to morning sickness and this is worse than the pregnancy symptom. Now apple is one sweet fruit the sugar content of which is not at all harmful. What doctors and experts have suggested is that you make a bottle full of apple juice and keep it by your bedside. You can keep sipping this whenever you get up at night. Apple juice is one of the perfect and most effective natural home remedies for morning sickness.

13. Black Salt:

While a little more amount of normal salt can increase symptoms of morning sickness. On the other black salt can bring you absolutely the best and the opposite results. Take a little amount of black salt on your palm and keep licking it. You may also add some black salt to your lemonade and keep away from sugar and artificial sweetening agents.

14. Fresh Air Make You Free from Morning Sickness:

When you get up in the morning make sure you rise slowly and not with the jerk even if you have realized that you are already late for work. The jerk is very harmful for your body and may make you feel very sick throughout the day. Also, a little fresh air everyday is much required to refresh you. You are bound to feel sick otherwise.

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Some Other Ways Help to Relief from Morning Sickness:

  • Drink Plenty Of  Water: Water helps in keeping the body hydrated and thus ensures proper cure for problems like morning sickness. It is highly recommended that you have water every hour to keep the crisis at bay. If the urine is clear, that means the body is well hydrated and will surely keep the sickness away. This one is simplest home remedy for morning sickness and other health disorders.
  • Proteins: A protein-rich diet is good for everyone but it is even more essential for a pregnant woman especially when she is suffering from symptoms of morning sickness. This is a very good treatment for morning sickness and so proteins should be taken in good quantities especially before going to bed at night. A full glass of milk can also do wonders for your health during this time.
  • Walking Can Cure Morning Sickness: It is a wrong notion that you are not supposed to walk or work out when you are pregnant. Rather mild exercises and a little walking are two of the most effective home remedies for morning sickness. However you need to keep in mind one simple thing that you are not to overdo things. This means that you should not walk very fast or for a long time and also not do heavy workout sessions.
  • Fluids: The problem of morning sickness can be got rid of with the consumption of a lot of fluid. This means you can drink as much amount of water as you want. Do not drink excessive amounts as it may make you feel full and pukish all the time. You can also try on a lot of fruit juices and also some frozen natural fruit juices instead of carbonated cold drink varieties.

  • Healthy Diets: Morning sickness is usually a problem which occurs with women who are expecting and are running in their first and second quarters. This is the time when you should be very careful of what you are eating and what not. Avoiding spicy and oily stuffs are very good morning sickness remedies. You may often feel the urge of consuming these but controlling is the best way.
  • Stop The Caffeine: Coffee might be something which you love and also sweetened drinks and cokes when you are watching a movie. But to avoid all of these strictly in cases of morning sickness is very important. Artificial sweeteners and caffeine are like the worst nightmares you can have if you are already suffering from morning sickness syndromes.
  • Break Your Meals: This is one very important thing for everyone even if you are not suffering from morning sickness problems. What you eat about 4 times a day. Break each meal into smaller portions and eat at intervals making a total of about 6 or 7 meals a day. Also make sure that all of these portions are healthy and packed with at least enough amounts of nutrients needed by your body.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes have rich nutritional values and are very good for a lot of ailments. Now a combination of two fruits such as tomatoes and lemons make a magical treatment and remedy for morning sickness. This is very simple because you will just need to make some tomato juice and then to it add some lemon juice. Now drink this concoction every day once at least.
  • Rest: First of all at this stage of pregnancy a lot of rest is also needed along with some mild exercises which is already mentioned earlier on. The more you rest the better you will feel even in terms of the morning sickness problem you are facing.
  • Aromatherapy: Smelling peppermint, spearmint or lavender oil can greatly help in keeping the morning sickness away. It gives instant outcomes and is one of the convenient methods to follow when it comes to treatment of morning sickness. An aromatherapy professional can be consulted for more details about morning sickness.
  • Acupressure Treatment: This is an age old remedy to bring down the symptoms and syndromes of morning sickness which may occur for any different reason. Pressure on the correct points on your body in the most proper ways will make you feel a lot better. This remedy is fast gain popularity as well and you can adopt this with trust of assured effects.

Morning sickness is very irritating at times and you simply do not understand how to avoid morning sickness. This is when you may apply and adopt some of these remedies and get effective results.


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