Knee pain is one of the most cumbersome and undoubtedly very taxing to take care of. It is a hinderance while walking and everyday activities are a challenge. Knee pain in most cases is caused due to damaged muscle or ligament; it could also be due to weakened bones or less lubrication between the joints. Either reason causes hinderance while walking. It is important to take care of the symptoms at an early stage else it gets even more difficult to manage. Knee pain could be temporary in some but a constant pain is an indication of physical strain in the body.

Here are some of causes and best ways to prevent knee pain along with easy, effective and accessible home remedies to curb knee pain.

Causes of Knee Pain:

1. Injury: Injuries like bruises at the knee, a knee fracture or a ligament tear at the knee could result in knee pain.

2. Mechanical issues: dislocation of knee cap or no walking in the right posture would result in knee pain.

3. Medical problems: medical issues like arthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis etc could be main causes of chronic knee pain.

4. Weight management: since a lot of body weight falls on the knee joint, excess weight could cause strain on the knee muscles and hence cause of pain.
Meniscus tear – when there is a tear in one or more cartilage in the knee, it causes knee pain.

Symptoms of Knee Pain:

1. Constant pain in the knee is the most obvious symptom of knee pain.
2. Swelling in the knee is usually accompanied by muscle stiffness causing knee pain.
3. Burning sensation at the knee also causes hinderance while walking
4. The knee could also feel warm to touch accompanied by redness of the skin around the knee
5. Most common in older people, you could feel popping and crunching noises while walking.
6. You know there is a problem with the knee when you are unable to completely straighten the knee.
7. Bent knee usually causes knee pain, it happens due to an injury or bad posture.

Prevention of Knee Pain:

1. It is important to maintain a healthy weight as being overweight can certainly cause knee pain.
2. Wearing a proper shoe that fits perfectly is important to maintain a healthy knee
3. Warming up before exercise and cooling down after is an important step to prevent knee pains.
4. Keeping yourself active is important as constant muscle movement is good for muscle flexibility.
5. Avoid getting injured at all cases as knee injuries could be fatal
6. Running on hard surfaces should be avoided at all times
7. Exercise as long as your body is able to, not overdoing it is the key point.

Best Home Remedies For Knee Pain:

1. Ice Therapy:

Using an ice compress on the knees is one of the ideal things to do when it comes to knee pain. Use this therapy 2-3 times during the day to help in reducing the swelling as well as the pain associated with the knee. It soothes the inflammation as well. One can also use a bag of frozen vegetables for the same aim that is curing the knee pain.

Knee pain is very common among pregnant woman, and ice compressions are very effective. They reduce inflammation and hence reduce pain. It is also a very effective method for kids to try.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Keep ice pack ready in fridge for instant use
  • Or you can keep a bag of frozen vegetables ready in fridge to use it in case you don’t have ice.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Put the ice pack or vegetable bag on the knee and press it softly for relieving the pain.

2. Coconut Oil:

Heat some coconut oil to lukewarm conditions and then use it to massage the knees slowly but a little firmly. This will help in improving the blood circulation to the region and thus help in reduction of the pain. Do this every day to get instant relief and gradual treatment.

This treatment is efficient and very effective for pregnant woman and children also. The warm oil massage is very soothing and reduces stiffness and hence helps heal knee pain.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Heat Coconut oil in a vessel and mix some camphor in it.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Then apply this mixture deep in the area where pain is, for quick relief.

3. Fenugreek Seeds:

Are you in need of some knee pain home remedies? Then you have come to the right place. This remedy is very efficient. You will have to crush a handful of fenugreek seeds and roast them properly. Then you will have to take two teaspoons of the powdered form this seed which has been roasted earlier and add to water and stir it to make a thick paste. Then you can apply this paste on the affected area. This will effectively reduce the knee pain.

It is an excellent remedy for even pregnant woman and children for any knee pain.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You may soak some fenugreek overnight and then eat it in the morning.
  • Or you can eat fenugreek powder and drink water after that.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Fenugreek is good for memory also, so I am sure you won’t forget to soak it overnight.

4. Milk And Turmeric:

The natural remedial thing Turmeric has anti inflammatory properties and it makes a great combination and highly beneficial if taken with milk. This produces heat which reduces stiffness and improves flexibility of the knee joint. It is completely safe for pregnant woman and children to drink this; however, it is also important for pregnant woman to drink turmeric milk in limited quantities. Turmeric is a very good source for keeping your joints healthy.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Add some turmeric to hot milk and if needed you may add sugar as per taste.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Have a glass of milk each night with a hint of turmeric to ensure a treatment for the knee pain.

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5. Ginger Tea:

Ginger also produces heat and is very good for knee pain. It reduces stiffness and improves muscle movement. It is also safe for pregnant woman and children to consume it in limited quantities.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Ginger is consumed in raw form but is also available in form of oil, juice, capsules and powder.

Usage Guidelines:

  • You may use or consume it as per your choice.

6. Exercise And Stretching:

There is nothing better to release the muscle stiffness and pain than using some light exercises and stretching. It also helps in improving the blood circulation to the knees and thus reduces the inflammation. Try and consult a professional about the exercises and stretching that you should do every day.

It is important for pregnant woman to exercise lightly or a short walk. However, a guided exercising is recommended for pregnant woman to avoid injury. Exercising is essential for children and is also better to be guided to teach them to do it the right way.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You do not need more things for exercising at home, than just a mat.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Straight leg raise is one of the best exercises as it strengthens your quadriceps. And there are many more that you can do with the consultation of your physiotherapist.

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7. Increase Calcium Content:

Calcium is very important for pregnant woman as their bones are weaker during this time. Calcium is also very essential for growth and development of children. Adequate calcium improves bone health.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You need calcium rich food available in your refrigerator, rich in vitamin D .

Usage Guidelines:

  • You may have calcium rich food at any time of the day to keep the joints healthy and fit.

8. Take Proper Rest:

Giving too much stress on the knee can only aggravate the situation further. The inflammation in the knee joints needs some time to ensure that it heals properly. For the very same purpose, try to take good amounts of rest and sleep. This tip will surely help you to get rid of knee pain. Sleeping is the best and easy to follow knee pain remedy.

Taking adequate rest is very important for pregnant woman and children. It is important to give rest to the injuries to avoid any further damage.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You just need a cozy and warm bed to sleep peacefully.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Try to sleep on the unaffected side, so that you dot put pressure on the affected knee.

9. Elevate For Relief Knee Pain:

By keeping the knees raised and in an elevated position can help in treatment of the pain of knees. This can be done by keeping some pillows under the knee. Do it every day especially when you are going off to sleep. It is bound to give the right results. It is one of the best and simplest home treatments for knee pain.

This treatment is best to avoid for pregnant woman as it can stretches abdominal muscles and sure is not good at this time. Children can follow this routine to relieve knee pain.

  • You may keep a pillow underneath your knee to keep it elevated and be comfortable while sleeping.

10. Lemon:

Lemon will surely come in handy if you’re looking for home remedies for knee pain. Knee pain is one of the most common issues these days which lemon can solve. All you have to do is cut some small pieces of lemon and inset the pieces in a cotton cloth and dip them inside warm sesame oil for quite some time. Now you will have to place the cloth in the affected area and wait till the pain is reduced. Continuing this process for quite some days will effectively reduce the knee pain. This home remedy is very effective and safe for pregnant woman and children also.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You may need warm water and lemon.

Usagel Guidelines:

  • Consume lemon water for reduction of joint and muscle pain.

11. Mustard Oil:

Seeking for some home treatment for knee pain? Mustard oil is here to assist you with your knee condition. Whether, it is a joint pain, or any other kind of pain on the knee, the anti-inflammatory substances in the mustard oil will effectively reduce the pain and make the knee better. Mustard oil produces heat and hence very good to cure knee pain. As long as there is no allergy on the skin, this remedy is completely safe for pregnant woman and children.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Take some mustard oil and few chopped garlic cloves. Then heat it and let cool. After it’s in stage to be used.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Apply this mixture gently on the affected area and massage slowly.

12. Epsom Salt:

This variety of salt contains magnesium and is one of the best home remedies for knee pain. The magnesium sulfate content helps to reduce the inflammation and relaxes the muscle since magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant. It assists in removing the excess fluid from the tissues and it can reduce the swelling and pain that you knee is experiencing.

This method is also very safe for pregnant woman and children. Epsom salt sucks out all excess fluid which causes the inflammation and pain.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Add epsom salt to warm water.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Soak you knee in the water for 15 minutes for pain relief in the knee.

13. Eucalyptus Oil:

This oil has pain-relieving properties that assist in reducing the inflammation and swelling of the knees. It cools and relaxes the affected area and prevents arthritis knee pain. The following is one of the best knee pain home remedies.
This cool treatment is very good and beneficial for pregnant woman and children.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You will have to blend six to seven drops of eucalyptus oil along with peppermint oil and mix them with two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Then store this mixture in a glass bottle and keep it away from direct sunlight. Keep it in a dark area.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Rub this mixture onto the knees and it will shortly relive you from the pain. Continue this process to get the best results.

14. Avoid Working Out:

If you’re an expert in doing squats, then avoid those heavy weight exercises for quite some time until your knee is completely cured. But do keep working on your weight, hence the more the weight, the more you will have problems with your knee since the knee take the pressure of the whole upper body. avoiding workouts is also one of the best remedy for knee pain.

It is important to not work out and strain the knee until it recovers. It is especially recommended for pregnant woman and children.

15. Movements:

Learn some movements which will assist you in keeping your knee in a performance state. Don’t stop using it since avoiding the proper usage of the limbs will further lead to a greater and harmful issue. It is recommended y doctors, that one should allow the knee to be free and move it based on a specific pattern which will assist in reducing the pain.

A healthy leg movement is essential for a healthy knee. It is also best for pregnant woman and children to follow this routine.

16. Hamstring Stretch:

Stretch your hamstring a little more often. Studies has been proved proper stretching also reduces many joint and bone issues. Along with the hamstring it is also recommended that you stretch your calf, since the whole leg is connected, who knows where the pain will go from the knees. This method is completely safe for kids however, should be completely avoided by pregnant woman to avoid any harmful effects.

  • To reduce the knee pain, you will have to stretch the hamstring properly that it will assist in reducing the knee pain.
  • Keep the bottom limbs in proper function and in this way, you can prevent the happening of any kind of lower joint pain.


17. Avoid Heat:

Heat can further enhance the symptoms of the knee pain which might further lead to arthritis. For the first three or four days from the day of the injury avoid warm water and keep the affected area as cool as possible.

This treatment suits children and pregnant woman too. Water retention is very common during pregnancy so it is better to avoid heat during the first couple of days of the injury.

  • Heat will allow the fluids to build up and it will enhance the pain which might be more harmful for the knee.

18. Regular Massage:

You yourself can do this home treatment for pain of knee. Learn some massage tricks from the internet and massage the affected area. You can also apply some anti-inflammatory oil which comes with cooling agents. This will assist in reducing the pain a lot quicker than you can think of.

A regular massage of the knee will ensure flexibility of the knee which is helpful for children and pregnancy woman. Massages are very soothing and helps get rid of any stiffness in the knee.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You may use Oil of your choice but the oil have peppermint essence in it is more useful and effective.

Usage Guidelines:

  • You may apply the oil in circular motion to let it sit inside the muscles and do its work.

19. Take Some Natural Painkiller:

Avoid artificial pain killers and go natural. One can intake supplement which are rich in calcium. It acts as a natural painkiller and helps in reducing the pain temporarily.

  • Some supplements are beneficial for overall heath and causes no harm when taken in limit.
  • Painkillers are not recommended for children and pregnant woman too. Painkillers during pregnancy can cause fertility issues in the baby’s future; same is the case with children. Painkillers should be avoided as much as possible.

20.The Holy Basil:

Holy basil or tulsi is one of the important agents which help in the reduction of joint pains in the body. It also reduces muscle spasms. We should consume tulsi when we are dealing with problems such as muscle pains, arthritis, etc. Tulsi is the perfect and top most knee pain home remedy which never goes wrong.
Holy basil has many beneficial effects on kids and pregnant woman. However, since the adverse effects are very unclear it is better to use this treatment wisely.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You need Tulsi or Tulsi Oil ready at home for quick use.

Usage Guidelines:

  • You may use tulsi in 2 ways externally or internally both. Externally you can apply tulsi oil and internally you can add it as a flavor to water with ginger.

21. Shoe Selection:

Believe it or not, wearing proper shoes might be a natural home remedy for knee pain. If you require some home remedies for knee pain, then this is one of the best ways to reduce the inflammation. Wearing improper shoes might lead to improper functioning of the shoes and enhance the pain.

Wearing proper shoes are important even for children and pregnant woman. It is important for their posture which can avoid any future injuries. It is better to invest well on good shoes rather than struggling with knee injuries.

  • Have good knowledge of shoe designs or inserts as they help keep you active and improve stride as they support leg alignment and foot.

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22. Maintaining A Proper Posture:

Maintaining a good posture is as important as wearing good shoes. A good posture will keep proper alignment for the body and hence will avoid any injuries like a knee injury. It is very important for children and pregnant woman to follow this to maintain a healthy body structure.

  • It is also important to have strong core muscles in your abdomen and lower back as it helps to promote good posture, so there is lesser pressure o the knees.

23. Use The Recliner Position:

This is an effective home remedy for reducing the inflammation in the knees. While you sleep try keeping the legs at an elevated position. This will reduce the swelling within no time and will offer you temporary relieve.

  • A lot of people recommend it and the bone therapy experts have also talked about this easy and smart technique to reduce the knee pain at home.
  • It is inexpensive and will work for everyone.

Keeping the leg elevated reduces the water retention and hence reduces swelling in the knee. It is also good for pregnant woman and children.

24. The Low Impact Exercise Trick:

The best way to keep yourself fit and have also not place too much pressure on the knee is to choose the right exercise for yourself, where you can easily move your knees and put less pressure on the joints than you usually do during working out. Some of them are :-

  • Hamstring curls
  • Prone straight leg raise
  • Wall squats
  • Calf raise
  • Step-ups
  • Leg presses

And avoiding a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming etc. can help you recover fast. Exercises help keep the body mobile and reduce body stiffness. It is important for children and pregnant woman to continue low impact exercises as a good remedy for knee pain.

25. Mind Relaxation Home Therapy:

We all know that mind controls the body and this is one of the best knee home remedies. It has been proved that if you relax your mind, then you can actually cure any breakage or tearing of muscles or ligaments inside the body. Many arthritis patients have used this technique and found relive. Now you can as well.

Keeping the mind relaxed is half battle won. It is crucial and the key to a happy and successful pregnancy and also proper growth of a child.

To ease knee main and inflammation, home remedies do an amazing job. they are very healthy and easy to access. What is important is to keep a check on which remedy suits you the best and follow the regime. There are many remedies for knee pain that will be suggested to you by different people including consulting a doctor, taking painkillers, etc. The best way for treating any kind of ache or pain is to apply a natural process. Above are some of the best home remedies to treat knee pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the best exercises to relieve knee pain?

Ans. Exercises are important for body flexibility. Here are some of the exercises for knee pain.

1. Leg Raises: lie down on you back and raise the legs keeping the knee straight.

2. Wall Squats: wall squats help remove stiffness.

3. Walking: this is the best exercise for knee pain.

4. Side-leg raises: stand straight with support and lift the legs on the sides. It is important to keep the knee straight. This stretches the knee which helps reduce knee pain.

5. Hamstring stretch: lie down on your back and stretch one leg towards the ceiling. Now bring the knee to your chest and stretch it back towards the ceiling.

Q2. Who are at greater risk of knee pains?

Ans.  1. Knee pain can be caused due to injury or obesity which can affect anyone at any age.

2. Knee pain due to arthritis can affect anyone from the age 45 and above. This is due to enhanced wear and tear of the muscles around the knee. This causes easy wear down of the knee cartilage.

3. Woman are at greater risk of knee pains due to loss of cartilage after the age of 55. Woman are at greater risk of knee pain and arthritis than men as they have lower bone density at the hip and lumbar spine.

4. Active kids are also at high risk of knee injuries and hence knee pain.

Q3. What foods to avoid for knee pain?

Ans. Following a healthy diet is important and there are some foods that increase the knee pain ,

1. Processed food: processed foods contain trans fat that triggers systemic inflammation
2. Too much sugar: high levels of sugar releases proteins called cytokines that causes inflammation.
3. Red meats: red meats contain saturated fats that cause high cholesterol and inflammation.
4. Fried foods: fried foods have high levels of advanced glycatin end products that arouse inflammation
5. Refined grains: refined grains increase blood glucose levels that increases inflammation that cause knee pain
6. Foods rich in omega-6