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25 Best Home Remedies To Whiten Yellow Teeth

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You are at an office party! A colleague sent you into fits of laughter after a good joke. Suddenly you hear a whisper from behind about your yellow teeth, making you a butt of their jokes! Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Yellow teeth may not be a serious problem, but can make you lose your confidence. Every time you open your mouth to talk, eat or even yawn, the very though of your stained, ugly set of teeth showing up can make you feel miserable. It’s time to put an end to your woes with these 25 home remedies to whiten teeth instantly! Before knowing the home remedies for yellow teeth, it should be known the causes of yellow teeth.

Home Remedies To Whiten Yellow Teeth

Causes Of Yellow Teeth:

Before we move on to teeth whitening remedies, let’s look at what causes yellow teeth. All of us are born with a set of beautiful, pearly white teeth. But, as we grow with age, poor habits, lack of hygiene can turn them Yellowish. There are also many other factors which cause this problem:

  • Foods that contain Tannin like Coffee, Soda, Red Wine etc.,
  • Smoking
  • Medications
  • Poor Dental Hygiene
  • Flouride exposure in children

Prevention Of Yellow Teeth:

Yellow teeth can certainly be prevented by taking simple precautions at an early stage in your life:

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Following good oral hygiene
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Using straws to drink enamel thinning drinks
  • Visiting a dentist regularly

Best Home Remedies to Treat Yellow Teeth:

The below mentioned list has some of the ideal ways to achieve teeth whitening and get rid of yellow teeth. Check them out and make your pick as per the convenience.

1. Strawberry Paste:

Strawberry Past

The vitamin C levels in strawberry helps in the bleaching of the teeth into white color in a delicious way. Make a fresh paste of strawberries and rub the teeth well with it. Do this twice a week to get the best outcomes for treatment of yellow teeth. Straw berries are one of the popular home remedies for yellow teeth to whiten it. This is one of the best home remedy to Whiten teeth.

Tips and Precautions:

People with thin enamel might experience sensitivity with strawberries.

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2. Have An Apple:

Green apple eating

An apple a day also keeps yellow teeth away! The crunchiness of apple helps in cleaning away the accumulated plague and dirt on the teeth and clean it in a naturally effective way. This is one of the most effortless home remedies for yellow teeth. This is one of the natural teeth whitening remedies.

Tips and Precautions:

Make you bite into the fruit and dig your teeth in for the result to show up.

3. Orange Peel Can Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth:

Orange Peel

Rub an orange peel on the teeth to remove the yellowness and get white teeth with the vitamin C levels in this product. It surely helps in removal of the yellow tinge on the teeth. Do this every alternate day for the fastest outcomes.

Tips and Precautions:

Orange peel can be bitter. So, avoid putting it on your tongue.

4. Lemon Juice Removes Yellow Teeth:

Lemon Juice

The natural bleaching properties of lemon help in achieving white teeth and removal of the yellowness. You can either gargle the mouth with lemon juice diluted in water or else rub the teeth with lemon peel. This should be done 2-3 times in a day. Lemon juice is one of the most effective home remedies for yellow teeth to white teeth.

Tips and Precautions:

Lemon juice can cause teeth sensitivity in some people.

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5. Baking Soda To Whiten Yellow Teeth:

Baking Soda

Looking for home remedies to whiten teeth in one day? Try Baking Soda! Along with removal of plague, baking soda helps in adding a natural shine to the teeth that you will love. You can add some baking soda with your toothpaste and brush the teeth each day or else scrub the teeth with diluted baking soda with water to get the outcomes. This Baking Soda Whitening teeth home remedy is one of the most popular treatments.

Tips and Precautions:

Baking soda must be used along with tooth paste to offer all round protection.

6. Salt Wonders:

Sea Salt

Mix a little salt in the toothpaste each day before brushing to get the outcomes on the yellow teeth. It gives back the mineral content to the teeth that might be one of the causes of yellow teeth. Salt can help in reducing the odor causing bacteria in your mouth and freshen your breath. This is one of the best home remedies for whiter teeth in a week.

Tips and Precautions:

Using a salt water rinse also helps in removing teeth stains.

7. Holy Basil Leaves:

Holy Basil Leaves

The natural whitening properties of holy basil will help you achieve the goals in a perfect way of treating yellowness and give back your white teeth. Dry the basil leaves in sun and then powder it. Use this powder with toothpaste each day to get the perfect outcomes.

Tips and Precautions:

Using fresh Basil paste can also help in doing the trick.

8. Activated Charcoal:

Activated Charcoal

The crystal-based chemical in charcoal makes it perfect for teeth whitening and treatment of yellowness. Charcoal is an age-old remedy, which is known for its absorption properties. The charcoal powder can be mixed with the regular toothpaste each day for the best desirable results. This is one of the effective home remedies to make teeth white and shiny again.

Tips and Precautions:

Pure charcoal must be used to avoid any further staining of teeth.

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9. Have Plenty Of Water:

Have Plenty of Water

Water helps in cleansing the plague and the dirt on the teeth. It also flushes out the toxins and bacteria in the mouth. Having 10-12 glasses of plain water will help in curing the issues of yellow teeth. It has a lot of other benefits attached as well. However, make sure you have filtered water. This is one of the best and the most affordable ideas to achieve the goals of treatment of yellow teeth.

Tips and Precautions:

Do carry a water bottle and maintain the temperature of the water.

10. Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen Peroxide

The combination of hydrogen peroxide, water and baking soda is awesome as a home remedy for yellow teeth. To know how to cure yellow teeth by using hydrogen peroxide. In this you will need to mix just two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to about three spoonfuls of baking soda and then mix this with your toothpaste and brush. However, you must make sure that there is no irritation due to the hydrogen peroxide. Although it is one of the homemade remedies for whitening teeth fast, it can be dangerous.

Tips and Precautions:

It can cause a burning sensation in your mouth and may damage your gums.

11. Banana Reduce Yellow Teeth:


To know how to get rid of banana peel you must use this technique about 3-4 times each week. In this you just need to take a small piece of a banana peel and then rub it on your teeth with the white portion touching the surface of your teeth. Banana is rich in mineral content and these include minerals such as iron and manganese which will in turn help in regaining the whiteness. This is one of the best Indian home remedies for teeth whitening.

Tips and Precautions:

This remedy must be followed at least for 3 continuous weeks for the results to show.

12. Turmeric To Get White Teeth:


This is one of the age-old home remedies for yellow teeth with its anti- septic and whitening contents. Just take some turmeric and dip your brush in it. Now brush your teeth with this for a few minutes. Now swish your mouth and brush with a normal tooth paste. Continue doing this twice a day when you brush regularly and you will soon see the effects.

Tips and Precautions:

Make sure you use good quality organic turmeric for this treatment.

13. Dark Chocolates:

Dark Chocolates

Does that already sound super yummy? The good news is that dark chocolates are also a solution to the question of how to whiten yellow teeth. For this you just need to take a small bar of pure dark chocolate and munch on it like normal. Not only is dark chocolate good for the health it also prevents teeth discoloring. This is one of the lesser known home remedies to make your teeth white.

Tips and Precautions:

A minimum 50% Cocoa bar is what you need for this treatment, as sugar in the chocolate can cause cavities

14. Cheese Cures Yellow Teeth:


You must be wondering how yummy this list is going to be with this one yummier ingredient. Yes, you should consume at least a small piece of any cheese after every meal as a home remedy for yellow teeth. This is because cheese increases the pH level of the body and also brings down the acid deposited after a meal. This prevents erosion of enamel and also discoloring of teeth.

Tips and Precautions:

Excess Cheese is definitely not good for your health. Be very cautious with the quantity.

15. Carrots:


These crunchy, raw carrots are the perfect solution of how to get rid of yellow teeth. It is believed that these raw carrots help a lot in maintaining the acid- alkaline balance and also helps keep away bacteria from the mouth. Besides, carrots are also known to be natural cleansing agents and so you can munch on simple carrots every day for good results. This is one of the natural teeth whitening remedies that work well.

Tips and Precautions:

Drinking carrot juice is another effective way to deal with yellow teeth.

16. Milk And Curd Make Your Teeth White:


Milk products are known as real good ways to increase minerals and keep away the acid and alkaline from the mouth. Like we have already mentioned cheese, now milk and yogurt or curd are also said to be very good cleaner for yellow teeth and the good bacteria of the curd helps to keep away the bad bacteria from the mouth and thus also prevent erosion. This is one of the easy teeth whitening home remedies.

Tips and Precautions:

The Calcium in milk can also strength your teeth. So this is a great remedy for you!

17. Cloves:


Usage of clove oil is one of the best natural remedies to whiten your teeth. How to get rid of yellow strains on teeth, just read this topic.

  • The usage is also very simple because all you would have to do is just take some amount of clove oil and then rub on your teeth after you have brushed as usual.
  • This helps a lot in keeping away yellowish tinge.

Tips and Precautions:

Remember, excess amount of clove oil is toxic.

18. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is one of the fast teeth whitening remedies. It has certain properties which can cleanse your teeth very well. However, you need to make very sure that you are not to use this remedy too often. You may just do this at about an interval of 20 days and not less than that for the best results from all aspects.

Tips and Precautions:

Too much ACV can damage your enamel.

19. Flossing:


Most of brush our teeth and also clean our tongues but are unaware of the fact that there are a lot of stains which cannot merely be removed with the help of brushing. This is one of the main cause for yellow teeth. This is why flossing is also equally important. Dental floss is available easily in all medical stores and the usage of it is very important to keep care of your teeth and to keep them white as well.

Tips and Precautions:

Flossing, when not done right can damage your gums. So be careful with the process.

20. Coconut Oil Can Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth:

Coconut Oil

This is surely strange but is very true a fact that swishing your mouth with simple coconut oil can do wonders for your mouth and especially your gums. You can then wash your mouth with normal water and then brush with a regular toothpaste. You can otherwise take some coconut oil in a piece of cotton cloth and rub your teeth with that.

Tips and Precautions:

Use cold-pressed, organic coconut oil for this method.

21. Sesame Oil:

Sesame Oil

This is another very old home remedy to get rid of yellow teeth and get back your sparkling white teeth. How to whiten yellow teeth by using sesame oil at home?

  • For this you need to take about two tablespoons of sesame oil and now swirl it in your mouth.
  • You have to keep doing this for about 8-10 minutes without swallowing it.
  • Now you have to clean your mouth with warm water.

Tips and Precautions:

This remedy must be followed every day, just after brushing your teeth.

22. Truffle Oil:

Truffle Oil

This is not a fast but a really steady home remedy for yellow teeth.

  • For this you will need to take some truffle oil in a small bowl.
  • Now dip the bristles of your toothbrush in this oil.
  • Now you can spread your regular toothpaste on your brush and simply brush your teeth with the same.
  • This you will have to do every day after each meal for the best results.

Tips and Precautions:

Truffle oil can be expensive, but is worth the results. Always go for pure oil.

23. Walnuts For Yellow Teeth To White Teeth:


This is one of the very popular and an effective home remedies for yellow teeth to whitening it. Walnuts are known as natural cleansers and gentle scrubbing of the teeth with walnuts are said to exfoliate the teeth well. This will also keep away from bacteria to increase in the mouth.

  • Just take 3-4 walnuts and crush them nicely into a coarse powder form.
  • Now just scrub your teeth with this.

Tips and Precautions:

Be careful not to use the shells, as it can damage your gums.

24. Olive Oil:

Olive Oil

Simple olive oil is very good as a natural teeth whitener. Don’t you know how to get rid of yellow teeth with olive oil, then follow the below simple method.

  • Just dip your tooth brush in a small bowl with olive oil and brush your teeth with it.
  • Afterwards clean with plain cold water and brush normally with any tooth paste.

Tips and Precautions:

It is best to repeat this remedy for about 2-3 times every day.

25. Celery Cure Yellow Teeth:


Chewing celery leaves does wonders to the tooth and gums. This is also a natural home remedy that removes yellowness in teeth and to keep away bad smells and the problem of gingivitis.

  • Just take a few celery leaves and chew it whenever you can throughout the day and you will be able to see the good effects very soon.

Tips and Precautions:

Celery leaves can be added in your salads for added taste and enhanced benefits.

In addition to using a good quality toothpaste, these teeth whitening home remedies can definitely work like magic for you. However, they must be practiced every single day to get the desired outcome. Also, following the necessary precautions can help in prevention of yellow teeth and saving you from embarrassment. Stained teeth caused by years of negligence need a dentist’s intervention. So, do take care of your teeth and protect your smile!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it possible to reverse Yellow teeth?

Yellow stains on teeth caused by tannins in the food such as coffee, tea, colored drinks, red wine etc., can be reversed with the help of certain home remedies. However, those caused by prolonged exposure to tobacco, smoking or Fluoride exposure are difficult to whiten with just these tips and a special treatment might be needed.

2. Is it expensive to get a teeth whitening treatment?

Yes! Teeth whitening treatment done by an experienced doctor can cost a fortune. This is why many people resort to home remedies to save time and effort. As mentioned, in extreme cases, these professional treatments are needed, which may need one or more sittings at the dentist’s office.

3. What is the use of a fluoride toothpaste?

Fluoride in a toothpaste can help in restoring the lost minerals of your teeth. It strengthens your teeth and protects them from cavities. Flouride also helps in removing stains and preventing decay. An adult needs a 1000 ppm Fluoride toothpaste for best results.