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Top 25 Natural Home Remedies For Toothache

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Toothache is a discomforting problem that brings along a lot of pain and swelling in the mouth. Along with being one of the most common health ailments that everyone faces from time to time, there is also problems eating and spending a smooth lifestyle. Toothache is something that takes a little time for treatment especially if it is caused with infections. However, if the problem persists you definitely need to show it to a doctor. In subtle cases, you can always use certain home remedies that are safe and effective.

home remedies for toothache

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Natural Home Remedies For Toothache:

The guide below has some of the top notch ideas of best natural home remedies for toothache. That can be followed on a regular basis to get the outcomes in hand. Keep using the home cures till the time the problem is completely treated.

1. Salt And Pepper Remedy:

Salt and Pepper

Take same amounts of salt and pepper and make a paste of this mix. This should be directly applied on the affected tooth and left for a while. This should be done 1-2 times daily on a regular basis till the pain is treated and so is the swelling.

2. Onion Cures Toothache:


The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of onion help in treatment of the tooth pain.

  • Chew a raw onion for sometime as one of the successful idea for cure the toothache.
  • A piece of onion can also be placed on the affected area as well for the same results.

3. Asafoetida:


  • In a spoon of lemon juice take a pinch of hing or asafoetida and heat it a little.
  • With cotton apply this paste on the painful tooth.
  • This gives good relief from the pain and swelling of toothache.
  • It is one of the best outcomes that can be achieved with a home remedy.

4. Warm Water Rinse:


Take a cup of warm water and add some salt to it. This should be used for rinsing the mouth which helps in killing the bacteria that leads to pain and swelling in the tooth. It should be done at least 2-3 times in a day for best results.

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5. Wheatgrass Juice:

wheatgrass juice

The antibacterial properties in wheatgrass juice helps in treating toothache as well as keeps away tooth decay. The wheatgrass juice can be used as a mouthwash. This will flush out the toxins from the mouth and lead to treatment of toothache. Wheatgrass can be chewed for the same purpose.

6. Guava Leaves Wonders:

Guava Leaves

Chew guava leaves for the easy and efficient home treatment of toothache.

  • You can also boil the guava leaves in the water and cool it a little and then use it as a warm gargle for the mouth for the freedom from discomfort and pain of tooths.

7. Bayberry Treatment For Toothache:


A paste of bayberry bark can be made and mixed with a little vinegar. This should be applied on the affected and inflamed tooth once each day to get the outcomes. This is one of the best home remedies for toothache that have to be used for other pains also.

8. Ice Compress:

Ice Pack

  • Take a bag of ice and apply on the cheek externally for 10-15 minutes, several times a day.
  • One can also suck on an ice cube for the same purpose.
  • This will help in the treatment of the toothache.

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9. Clove Oil For Toothache:

Clove Oil

Clove oil is available in the market and can be applied on the tooth using a clean cotton ball. This helps in providing antibacterial properties to the teeth and thus treats the problem. Another way of using the clove is to prepare a fresh paste and gently apply on the tooth for the outcomes. Clove can also be pressed in between two teeth to get the results.

10. Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is known as a natural anti- bacterial ingredient and it is also one of the most effective home remedies for toothache. Many a times when tooth decay is the cause of toothache, it is good if you can gargle with raw hydrogen peroxide or dilute it in water and gargle with the same.

11. Alcohol:


Yes drinking too much may actually prove to be really bad for your health but alcohol sometimes acts as a wonderful toothache home remedy. To use it is also not at all difficult.

  • What you will only have to do is take any kind of whisky or brandy or scotch and swash inside the mouth to numb the toothache.
  • You can also dip a cotton ball and apply directly on the painful area to get relief.

12. Vanilla:


The extract of vanilla is said to have a lot of anti- bacterial properties just like that of peppermint. You can use it as a home remedy for toothache.

  • For this you will have to extract vanilla out of the pod and then take a cotton ball, dip in the extract and simply apply that on the painful tooth to numb the pain.

13. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar

You may not find a single remedy list for any ailment which will not include apple cider vinegar. It is also one of the natural remedies for toothache. It is very simple to use it because you will just have to dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply on the painful tooth. It has anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties.

14. Ginger Control The Toothache:


This is a simple antiseptic and has a lot of anti- inflammatory properties. This is one of the easiest home remedies for toothache. Using it is so simple that you may follow this even later when you do not have a toothache. Just take a piece of ginger and then keep chewing it with a little salt for awesome effects.

15. Peppermint Leaves:

Peppermint Leaves

This kind of leaves have a lot of anti- inflammatory properties and it is very good in bringing down soreness and pain.

  • For this you may keep chewing peppermint leaves or else you can make peppermint tea.
  • For this you will have to take a handful of peppermint leaves and then add to boiling water.
  • Once the leaves seep in you can drink the tea as a toothache home remedy.

16. Potato Helps To Reduce Toothache:


This vegetable has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties and also can soak in excess moisture as a care for toothache.

  • There are two ways out of which the first one is where you can take a potato slice and keep it inside your cheek.
  • And the second is that you can take some mashed potato and add some sea salt and then press against the tooth.

17. Plantain Leaves:

Plantain Leaves

These have natural medicinal qualities in them and these are very good as a treatment for toothache. These can be used as tooth care remedies.

  • For this you will have to take a small piece of plantain leaf and keep chewing the leaf till it becomes a paste.
  • And then press it against the tooth.

18. Cucumber Treatment For Toothache:


Cucumber has immense anti- oxidants which are very good home remedies for toothache problem.

  • For toothaches you can take a slice of cucumber and then start chewing it with some salt.
  • You need to chew it till it is absolutely mashed and then press against the faulty teeth.
  • You can use chilled cucumber if your teeth are not problematic from ice.

19. Black Pepper:

Black pepper

This is an age old remedy and might be a little burning on injured parts of the tooth but can numb the pain of a tooth.

  • What you will have to do is simply take some black pepper and then mix in some water to make a good paste of these two.
  • Now apply on the tooth and let it rest till it absorbs the pain of the area.

20. Baking Soda:

Baking soda

When it comes to toothaches, you may use baking soda without a second thought at all.

  • What you can do for this is simply take a cotton ball and wet it with water.
  • Now dip the ball in some baking soda and press against the tooth which is erratic.
  • Otherwise you can also mix some baking soda in warm water and then swish your mouth with the same.

21. Lemons:


Since lemons are known to have a lot of anti- inflammatory properties and also are rich sources of Vitamin C these are great home remedies for toothache.

  • For this you need to take a lemon and then squeeze out the juice from it.
  • When done, you can simply take a cotton ball and dip it into the juice.
  • Now press this cotton swab against the painful tooth.

22. Avocado Treatment For Toothache:


This has a lot of anti- oxidant and thus are very good as remedies for severe tooth ache.

  • For this you need to take the seeds of avocado and toast them in a pan for some time.
  • Now grind them to make some powder out of them and then apply on a painful tooth and cover with cotton.
  • This remedy is however not for pregnant women.

23. Vegetable Oils:

Vegetable Oils

Apart from aromatherapy oils and all other essential oils, vegetable oils are very effective in case of toothaches. Just take any sunflower oil or Soya bean oil from your kitchen in a little amount and swish inside your mouth. You can then wash your mouth with warm water.

24. Turmeric:


  • Take some turmeric powder and now to this add some water to make a fine paste.
  • Make sure that you are using purified water.
  • Now apply this paste preferably with a cotton swab on your tooth and let it rest for some time and then wash off.
  • The anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties of turmeric can do wonders on tooth pain.

25. Acupressure:


Yes you must be getting surprised for this is absolutely true. Acupressure is also a miraculous remedy for severe toothaches. There are pressure points at the back of your hands where pressure can be applied to get rid of tooth aches. You should only do this with expert supervision and not otherwise.

Toothaches are terrible and they seem to be extremely stubborn too. These home remedies for toothache sound as great and very easy ideas to try out.