Are you suffering from constant back pain? Lower back pain, also called lumbago, can occur to anyone and can be pretty annoying to handle. In addition, some underlying damage to your ligaments or muscles of the back causes back pain as an after-effect. However, Instant home remedies for back pain relief mentioned in this article naturally help deal with the issue. Read on to learn more!

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Best Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief:

Several reasons result in back pain, and it is necessary to start dealing with this issue as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. We present you with some of the best home remedies for back pain that can be implemented quickly and help provide you relief at the comfort of your home.

1. Heat or Ice for Back Pain:

Heat and an ice pack is considered effective and instant back pain relief (1). Using an ice pack can be beneficial when you want relief from strain right after an injury. This process helps reduce inflammation in your back, creating a numbing effect from the intense pain. In addition, you can get relief from stiff and achy muscles by using a heating pad (2).

Caution: Make sure to cover frozen vegetables with a towel to avoid frostbite. You can use a hot water bottle and be safe not to burn your skin in the process.

2. Anti Inflammatory Foods:

If you want to reduce the risk of back pain flare-ups, you need to make some changes to your diet. Foods that are high in antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory effect giving you relief from back pain, according to scientific evidence (3). The Mediterranean diet has all the qualities that can be beneficial for back pain. Here is a list of some of the anti-inflammatory foods you can include in your diet:

  • Seafood like shellfish, anchovies, sardines, mackerel, salmon, tuna.
  • Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.
  • Dark leafy vegetables.
  • Seeds and nuts.
  • Pulses and legumes.
  • Spices and herbs like turmeric, rosemary, cinnamon, oregano, garlic, cloves.
  • Olive oil and olives.

3. Losing Weight:

Losing extra weight helps lighten the excess load on your back, reducing pain naturally. In addition, when you lose all those extra pounds, it helps reduce the additional mechanical force on your spine, which helps with the pain in your back. If you find it difficult to lose weight, you can find assistance from a doctor who will assist you in coming up with a personalized diet and exercise plan.

4. Exercises and Stretches:

When the back pain strikes, it can be challenging to do routine tasks, let alone workouts or stretches. However, you can alleviate your back pain by including low-impact activities like water exercise, yoga, or a short walk. Performing minimal exercises releases endorphins which act as the brain’s natural painkillers by loosening tense muscles. In addition, you will be able to reduce the occurrence of further back pain flare-ups by including a regular exercise routine for yourself.

Here are some of the stretches you can easily include in your exercise routine. But make sure you are comfortable performing them:

  • Touching your toes.
  • Cat-cow pose.
  • Cobra pose.
  • Child’s pose.

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5. Tai Chi:

Tai chi is originally a form of self-defence; with time, it has transformed into an exercise that uses graceful and gentle movements that promote serenity. Tai Chi is described as meditation in motion and helps deal with various health conditions, including stress. According to research, Tai chi, when coupled with deep breathing, helps ease back pain immediately. In addition, it helps improve balance and flexibility with its focused movements.

6. Massage:

Massage therapy has been around for centuries and is gaining popularity among people of all ages that works exceptionally well as a natural remedy for back pain. But when massage therapy is coupled with medical treatment effectiveness of back pain relief is increased significantly. Therefore, when you opt for massage therapy, make sure to inform the masseuse about your back issues for appropriate massage.

7. Sleeping Posture:

Improper sleeping posture and inappropriate mattresses are some of the reasons that result in back pain. Therefore maintaining proper sleeping posture plays an essential role in quick back pain treatment at home (4). Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind to avoid back pain:

  • Keep a pillow under your knees to offer support to your spine if you usually sleep on your back.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, ease the strain on your back by placing a pillow under your abdomen and pelvis.
  • If you are a side sleeper, keep a pillow between your knees and draw your legs to your chest.

8. Sitting Posture:

Along with the sleeping pose, the posture you sit plays a prominent role in relieving your back pain. Therefore, if you are working more extended periods while sitting, it is necessary to provide essential support to your back. It is recommended to place a cushion to rest your entire back. You can also reduce the strain on your back by avoiding sitting at the edge of the chair.

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9. Keep Moving:

Keep moving might sound painful, especially when you are already going through pain. But this is the first thing your doctor will recommend, and staying active is necessary. When you remain sedentary, the muscles around the spine become weak, and therefore it is essential to maintain minimal physical activity for backache relief. For example, all you have to do is take your dog for a walk or brisk walk for 30 minutes.

10. Try Arnica:

If you are looking for a homeopathic remedy for your back pain, you can try Arnica. It helps treat muscle pain, swelling, bruising, and minor injuries when applied directly to the skin. However, there is very little research to prove the effectiveness of this homeopathic medicine, many people find it helpful, and it has a low risk of side effects. Nevertheless, several Arnica creams and gels are available in pharmacies and online that you can use to relieve back pain.

11. Apply Pain Relief Creams:

Various pain-relief creams work as a fast lower back pain treatment at home. Although there are several options available in pharmacies and online stores, here are a few creams that can be effective:

  • Look for a cream that has capsaicin that will help you get instant relief from back pain. Capsaicin is said to be effective in treating osteoarthritis pain, according to a study (5).
  • You can also choose creams with menthol since they temporarily dull your back pain by providing a cooling effect. In addition, applying menthol can help desensitize pain receptors in your body (6).

12. Epsom Salt Bath:

Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate compound. The anti-inflammatory properties of Epsom salt help relieve back pain naturally and effectively soothe inflammation (7).


  1. One to two cups of Epsom salt.
  2. One bucket of water.

What To Do:

  • Add the Epsom salt to the bucket of water and combine it well.
  • Soak yourself and relax in this water for about 10 minutes.
  • You can do this three times a week for effective results.

13. Smoke-less:

According to research, the occurrence of degenerative disk disease or other spine problems increases by four times in smokers than in non-smokers. This is because cigarettes and other tobacco products have nicotine that removes the vital nutrients from the spongy disks that cushion your joints, thereby weakening your spinal bones. So if you want to keep your spine healthy and get it from getting stiff and sore, stop smoking. It is natural back pain relief.

14. Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements:

Vitamin D plays an essential role in the absorption of calcium. Therefore, you will not get enough calcium into your body if you have a deficiency in vitamin D. Without enough calcium, your bones become weak and cause back pain, leading to diseases like osteoporosis.

You can take a vitamin D3 supplement after you consult your doctor. It helps improve the functioning of your immune system, and neuromuscular and bone health. In addition, consuming vitamin D and calcium supplements improves bone health working as one of the best home remedies for lower back pain (8).

If you are in constant pain because of your back, it is time to include a combination of preventive tips and the best home remedies for back pain to relieve yourself. But if your pain doesn’t subside even after using the remedies consistently, consult a doctor without fail!

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is an informational basis and not a replacement for professional advice. Make sure to consult your doctor before trying anything new on your body.


1. What are the common symptoms of back pain?

Ans: Some of the most common symptoms and signs of back pain are:

  • Non-ending backaches.
  • Swelling in the back area.
  • A rise in body temperature.
  • Numbness in the buttock and back area.
  • The pain extends to the knees and legs.
  • Extended sitting worsens the pain.

Although these symptoms are usually mild to moderate, seek medical assistance immediately if the symptoms become critical or unbearable.

2. What mattresses help relieve back pain efficiently?

Ans: There is a need for a medium-firm mattress for individuals who sleep on their backs.

People who sleep on their side need to cushion their hips and shoulders and need a softer mattress.

A firmer mattress is required for people who sleep on their stomachs, helping them stay afloat.

3. What are the causes of back pain?

Ans: Back pain results from any damage or injury to your back’s muscles, ligament, or discs. Some of the causes of back pain that result in strained muscles or ligaments are:

  • Lifting heavy objects improperly.
  • Awkward posture.
  • Sleeping disorders.
  • Arthritis.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Females are more prone to backaches than males.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Strenuous exercise.
  • Age.
  • Inappropriate mattress.
  • Smoking.

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