Top 6 Yoga Asanas for Knee Pain

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Do you have knee pain? Today, Knee pain becomes very common problem among the individuals of every age.  Knee pain is no fun. Yoga plays an operative way to care your knees to recover from past injury and as a defensive measure to care the joints and muscles curved the knees to keep them fit and injury-free. Hence, today in this article we are telling you the yoga poses for getting help from knee pain.

Yoga Asanas for Knee Pain

The yoga postures will help to strengthen your knees, it is important to be mindful of your alignment in all asanas in order to protect your knees from injury. The chronic knee pain may be a value of moderate to severe injury to the knee capsule, ligaments, muscles, combined cavity or other connective tissue elements. There are a number of explanations with which yoga therapy reduces the intensity or harshness of knee joint pain.

Causes of Knee Pain:

  • Highly mobile individuals like soccer players, athletes and body builders
  • Use of certain drugs
  • Obesity
  • Physiological aging
  • Menopause

Best Yoga Poses for Knee Pain Comfort:

1. Bridge Pose:

bridge pose

  • Bridge is a helpful yoga pose for aiding you to become careful of knee alignment.
  • To acquire into bridge, start lying on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet straight underneath your knees so that you can graze that back of your heels with your fingertips.
  • Breathe out, all your stale air and on your inhale life your hips off of your mat.
  • Shimmy your shoulder blades beneath your heart. Decrease your glutes and as an alternative use your legs to press your hips higher.
  • Evade letting your knees splay out; retain them hips-width distance separately.

2. Hero’s Pose:

Hero Pose

  • Elongates the quadriceps and crushes synovial fluid into every nook and cranny of the knee joint.
  • To catch there, place a blanket or somewhat equally warm and fuzzy below your knees and carry your hips to your heels.
  • Take a seat tall, broadening upward over the crown of the head.
  • Try griping up the cushion beneath your knees and sitting on a block (or four).

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3. Makrasana:


  • Sit down on a clean mat in lotus position.
  • Now slowly bend your legs lightly and use your fingers to grasp the big toes of respective feet while keeping the position of your lower limbs, attempt to lie on the ground by extending your back.
  • Touch the ground with your head, grasp the position for a few seconds and sit down back in the original position.

4. Chair Pose:

Chair Pose

  • Chair pose toughens your knees by pointing your quads and hamstrings, which, if tight, can lead to knee pain or even injury.
  • To go under into your imaginary chair, start in a standup position with your feet collected and your arms at your sides.
  • From here, curve your knees, drop your hips, and swing your arms overhead. Look down from your chair position and be certain that you can tell all 10 of your toes.
  • If you can’t, pull your knees back further. Stay low in chair pose for 3-5 breaths, then exhale and discharge to an onward fold location.

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5. Tree Pose:


  • This pose supports the calves and shins.
  • Standing in mountain pose, take your right heel beyond your left ankle, and involve the right thigh to open the knee to the right.
  • Retain both pelvic bones squared forward, and boost through the crown of the head.

6. Veerasana:


  • Set both your knees and both your hands on the ground.
  • Now gradually try to sit down on your back and crease your legs inwards.
  • Bend your hands and position the wrists beside your stomach.
  • Now breathe intensely and reduce your muscles, joints and ligaments.Hence, these are some best yoga poses by which you can get relief from the knee pain. I hope you like this article and find it helpful as well as informative. Stay fit!

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