Top 9 Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees

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India within herself hosts a variety of versatile people. India shelters within her many more cultures and heritages and all of them securely linked to her traditional roots. Often starting from their cuisines to their lifestyle, every part of India varies along with the terrain and climate but every part of it recognizes itself as pure India. Much like the cultures and norms, even their wears and garbs for different heritages are different and the best part is, we all like to mix and match a little of different flavors in order to achieve the correct look.

1. The Emerald Gold:

Mangalagiri emerald gold cotton sarees

The body color for this mangalagiri is simply emerald in its solid and bold color and what mixes well with this emerald simply left us dumbfounded. We though black and gold was the safest option but here the satin gold mixed with the emerald gave us a richness that we cannot avert our eyes from. Pair this well with a black or emerald blouse but try avoiding a golden blouse.

2. The Must Have:

Mangalagiri  cotton sarees must have

Black is one of the most fitting hues for a base color since the color black would fit in just about well with anything and everything. The next color that strikes an electrifying pair up with the black is the simple red which is present in this saree too. The next favorite part of an Indian saree is the gold which is right in between the red and black.

3. The Woman in Green:

Mangalagiri  cotton sarees woman in green

Trends speak a lot about the changing styles and patterns and here is one lively example of it. The new gen trends are incorporating unusual color choices and newer pattern styles to create successfully trend setting looks. The mint leaf green here is paired with a simple black borderline while the gold and black on the underneath creates a striking contrast.

4. Plain Jane:

Mangalagiri  cotton sarees Plain Jane

We understand that some women choose to wear saree as an everyday garment and for them here is a simple mangalagiri cotton saree that you can use which is not only a statement piece for an everyday look but also a fashion color to suit the everyday lifestyle. The color here is oxblood matte red with golden borderlines.

5. Floraliscious:

Mangalagiri  cotton sarees Floraliscious

Flowers are an imminent part of the everyday style that most of the Indian traditional garment designs have opted for. Floral flowers are one of a kind where each floral pattern differentiates from one another. Here on a black base an extensive floral artwork has been etched with golden thread. The occasional use of georgette and red in the borderlines and pallu add to the look.

6. Ruling Stripes:

Mangalagiri  cotton sarees Ruling stripes

If you are crazy about stripes and want to sport a lively yet mature bunch on your saree, here is the perfect piece of garment for you. The saree comes in different stripes of black red and white with a major portion dedicated to grey. The outer borderline of the saree is in a wide black with maroon stripes towards the end of the saree.

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7. The Lethal Combos:

lethal combos

This saree is somewhat similar to the striped look but here this one is in darker shades. The look of the saree is based in black and fine net with a beautiful combination of matching colors. The saree is in gold and red and a little of emerald green too which adjusts itself just about well with the look.

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8. Navy Chic:

Navy Chic

For this look, the saree here is in navy blue with a bright strip of gold and towards the end of the pallu for the saree there are mean stripes of blue, red and shimmering yellows. The entire look for the saree is awesome for an evening gala event.

9. Red Alert:

The red mangalagiri cotton saree is apt for a summer day outing as well as for everyday use where the saree in a mean red is used in along with a matte orange border line and a rather beautiful design pattern painted faintly all over itself.

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