The sequin sarees originated from the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries. The sequins were initially used on shoes, bags, and fabric for a rich look. Later it evolved to be a part of decorations on the fabric. The word Sequin was derived from “Sikka”, which means coins. In the 13th century, people produced coins known as “zecchinos” in Venice, and the French adapted the word “sequins” from these coins meaning molded coins. The sequins are basically around glittery ornamental pieces used to decorate the fabric. The sequined saris are famous nowadays as these give a glossy, shiny, glittery and rich look and can wear for both special evenings and ethnic occasions. The sequin work is usually done on the saree’s border or the lower part.

Sequin Sarees Importance:

Sequin sarees are the best choice for festive occasions and special evening parties as these give a shiny spotlight look. The sequins are usually thin glittery sheets cut in round shapes in different colours. These sarees are designed based on the festive occasion (if any), and sequin colours are chosen carefully based on the fabric colour. The fabric chosen is usually silk material. The sequins make the fabric look better, and they complement by highlighting the fabric’s colour.

Sequin Saree Features:

The features of the sequin sarees are limited; however, the look it projects is outstanding! There are a variety of designs available for sequin saris, and they can be designed according to the occasion.

  • The designs on the fabric vary with colour and fabric.
  • The silk can be designed with heavy work, including zari, beads, and mirror work, whereas the plain sequins also look stunning.
  • The sequined sari is rich and gorgeous by look; however, it is considered a high-maintenance sari.

Which Fabrics Are Used For Sequin Sarees?

The fabric complements the sequin work, and it is important to choose the fabric wisely. The fabric should be good and smooth, and it should also be durable for holding the sequins in place. Usually, the most chosen fabric for sequin work saris is silk and crepe. Both silk and crepe give a glossy finish, and it also suits the sequin work better when the right colour is chosen. Sometimes, cotton and georgette are also used.

Which Body Shape Women Is Preferred?

Every fabric is complemented when worn correctly by the right structured person. The sequin saree aims to complement the fabric and the body shape of the person wearing it. The sequin works on the fabric and can be highlighted better when worn with a curvy hourglass structure which enables the ultimate shine of the sequin throughout. The curvy structure manages to hold the sequin in one place, and the fabric movement highlights the gloss.

New Collection of Sequin Work Saris for women in Trend:

Get trendy according to the live fashion trend with sequin sarees.

1. Sequin Border Saree:

Sequin border saree is the common variety of party wear where only the border is designed with sequin work. This is mostly unicolour fabric designed with contrast colour sequins. The purpose of the glitter border sari is to highlight the fabric colour and give a perfect finish border to the saree. It is usually made of synthetic and georgette material. The sequin work combined with georgette fabric gives a stylish look when worn. The best-suited occasion for wearing this saree is evening parties.

2. Designer Sequin Saree:

Designer sequin saris are the trending variety in fashion trend. The sequin work is sometimes combined with embroidery and zari work for a rich finish. The designs are according to the fabric and are mostly floral designs. The saree border is designed, and the body of the saree is designed for the perfect finish. The fabric used is shiny crepe, chiffon or georgette. The designer sequin sarees are best suited for parties and special evenings.

3. Full Sequin Saree:

Full sequin saris are famous for their thick designs made on netted fabric. The sequins are placed all over the fabric and are made carefully to make the entire fabric shiny and glittery. The commonly designed white sequin saree, as the entire white fabric, is covered with white sequins, making it better and more luxurious. These are suitable for special occasions and parties.

4. Heavy Sequin Saree:

Heavy sequin sarees are the best-designed sarees for traditional occasions like weddings. These are designed with more sequins to give a rich look. These are designed on the netted georgette saree and silk material for the royal finish. The designs are usually floral and are made with care for the royal finish and a great luxury look on a special day. It is made of silk, chiffon, and net fabric.

5. Net Saree With Sequins:

Net sarees with sequins are a variety of designer sarees designed carefully to get a better and luxury look throughout. The designs on the net sarees with sequins are random and are usually heavy on the pallu while minimal on the border. The sequin colours are chosen carefully to highlight the fabric colour and are usually unicolour. Special evenings and parties are the best occasions for wearing net sarees with sequins.

6. Chiffon Sequin Saree:

Chiffon sequence sari is trendy party wear used nowadays, giving a rich and elegant look. The designs are made on random areas all around the saree, and the designs are mostly miniature flowers or random sequin concentric circles. The fabric used for this design sequin saree is chiffon. The best occasions for wearing these sarees for weddings, parties, special evenings and a day out with friends.

7. Gold Sequin Saree:

Gold sequin saree is designed on a plain golden colour fabric, and sometimes the entire saree is filled with sequins, and sometimes a particular design is made with different colour sequins. This is usually made on chiffon and crepe fabric. The entire saree is filled with gold sequin, and the look of saree is completely designed in such a way as to give a luxurious look. The best occasions for wearing this saree for parties and evening functions.

8. Red Sequin Saree:

The red sequin saree is vibrant, and the saree body part is designed to highlight the fabric. The sequins used are usually silver and red colour. The fabric’s body and the saree’s pallu are designed normally and randomly. The fabric is filled with sequins to give a glossy and glittery finish. The fabric used is usually netted georgette. The fabric’s red colour and the sequin’s shininess bring the spotlight to any party occasion.

9. Blue Sequin Saree:

The blue sequin saree is designed on a netted fabric; here, bicolour or multi-colour sequins are used to highlight the fabric. The designs on the blue sequin saree are made as a random pattern, as the sequin design aims to make the fabric look beautiful. Black sequins are also used along with blue sequins, giving the design depth. Blue sequin saree is the best for parties and special evenings.

10. Pink Sequin Saree:

Pink sequin saree is the best choice for parties and trending among college teenagers. The pink sequin saree is designed to highlight the baby pink tone of the fabric, and also, the sequin is chosen gold colour mostly, which gives a heavenly look. The border is designed with a thick arrangement of sequins, while the body is designed with random patterns.

How To Style Sequin Sarees?

  • The best way to style the sequin saree is to wear it like a lehenga where the pallu is widespread to showcase the designs better.
  • The perfect way to wear the sequin work saree is to leave the pallu dropping on one edge where the other is pinned.
  • This way of wearing it makes the design more visible and lovely during the parties, and the reflections of the light scattering from every piece of the sequin make it gorgeous!

Sequin saris are a newly emerged trend, and they are now trending in the fashion industry. The sequin sarees are available in different designs and patterns, and these are the best choice for parties and special evening occasions. These sequin-worked sarees are usually preferred for any occasion and place filled with lights. These sequin saris are available in different patterns suited for multiple and different occasions. The different colour sequins and fabric make it better for special occasions and parties. Choose the right style and colour of the sequin saree better suited for your skin tone and occasion, and be the star of the evening/occasion!

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