Most of us like to style with the latest and updates variety of sarees. Saree is that traditional outfit in which you look fashionable undoubtedly.The traditional sarees are given special touch to look sensational as well as it is blending with modern styles and designs to beautify your looks. Sarees are also easily available in online shopping sites and this makes us have a lot of option to choose from. Ladies like to prefer sarees in any special events. You can find this these latest styles in the market.

Latest Saree Collection With Designs And Images:

Here are our 30 best and new saree design patterns to suit every taste.

1. Pochampally Ikkat Sarees:


If you love handlooms, Ikkat sarees are your best bet. These sarees are woven in a special form called the Ikkat. While the market is flooded with duplicate ikkats sarees, original design straight from the loom has matchless quality. This gorgeous Ikkat Silk saree comes in multi patterns. The chevron pattern in black and white, with a orange and pink border is sure to steal hearts. For all you ladies looking for something elegant, this saree is the perfect choice.

2. Pastel Pink Woven Linen Sarees:


This skin friendly saree is the latest in the market. If you want to pick something that is traditional and wish to look cool at the same time, woven Linen sarees are the perfect choice. Not only are they airy and breathable, but also come in a wide range of pastel colors. Team it up with a woven blouse and get ready to grab some eyeballs.

3. Cream And Yellow Chiffon Latest Saree:

This cream yellow chiffon saree is apt for any special occasion whether it is wedding party, receptions or any other. The upper part of this chiffon saree is cream colored while the lower half is yellow colored. Intricate designs are done along the borders with stone works. It has a great texture which adds glamour in your makeup. This is one of the best latest sarees.

4. Red And Black Colored Pleated Chiffon Latest Saree With White Counterpart:

Colored pleated sarees are very famous nowadays. This red and black colored pleated saree provides a vibrant look to your profile. This style outfits is absolutely new in market. It has two colored pleats in it while the other half of this saree is purely white. This saree thus basically has three color effects along with golden glittering border.

5. Pink-Yellow Chiffon-Netted Latest Saree:

These sarees are blended with net and chiffon to provide a new outlook. This style is mostly tried nowadays. The shade of yellow compliments the light pink netted pallu. On the pallu portion, designs are done in yellow color. This is one of the best latest sarees.

6. Red Banarasi Silk With Golden Detailing Latest Saree:

Banarasi silk saree are mostly known for the bridal makeup. But this red banarasi silk can be worn by you in auspicious occasions to look glamorous.The intricate designs are done with glittering golden works mainly along the pallu. This has a modern touch up with the traditional style banarasi silk saree.

7. Navy Blue Colored Floral Designed Georgette Latest Saree:

The floral designs are blended with this georgette texture saree. The main floral works are done along the border and the other half of the saree leaving the pallu portion simple. The works are done in multi color on navy blue base. You can pair up with a multi colored blouse which is simply apt for this saree.

8. Orange And Golden South Silk Latest Saree:

The silky texture of this south silk is glamorous and fashionable. If you like to style with modern designer patterns you must go for this bridal outfit. Golden borders are the specialty of south Indian sarees. This is one of the best silk latest sarees.

9. Grey Lehenga Styled Latest Saree:

This is a new styled lehenga saree. The grey with golden touch up has a glorifying effect on you.Try this style in any wedding parties or auspicious occasions, you simply look appealing. The pallu section which is draped over your body has a transparent effect. The blouse is matched with this lehenga saree and is of high necked style. This is one of the best latest saree designs in new sarees

10. Latest Orange Colored Silk Latest Saree With Long Kurta Jacket Blouse:

This glamorous silk saree has a highlighting effect on you. This saree looks exclusive on you.The borders are also highlighted with multi colored designs. The latest style of this saree is that it is paired up with long sleeve jacket blouse with designer look. This is the new feature of this saree.

11. Latest Peach Colored Designer Latest Saree With Golden Detailing’s:

This saree has golden detailing work on the cream colored netted portion. Golden intricate detailing is done on the transparent peach colored pallu. This saree also has maroon colored designs along the golden border. This is one of the best latest sarees.

12. Simple Golden Silk Latest Saree With Golden Designs:

Pure golden saree is really very uncommon. You must don this outfit to look unusual. This silk saree has a translucent effect with simple golden border which are usually seen in south silk sarees. The lower half of this saree has some unique intricate golden works. Pleated pallu gives you a formal look. You can wear this in religious events.

13. Half-Half Multi Colored Chiffon Latest Saree:

Multi colored designer are high in demand presently. This saree is one of this. This saree has different coloring effect on the two halves of this chiffon saree. The blue lower part has intricate designs along with oink and orange shaded pallu. This is one of the best latest sarees with grand look.

14. Bridal Lehenga Latest Saree With Blue-Pink Combination:

This blue-pink lehenga saree is apt for bridal outfit. Multi colored effect provides a new outlook. Unique designed pallu and the transparent look is the key feature of this outfit.

15. Green Color Designer Super Net Latest Saree:

Super net sarees are popular among the youth. This shade of saree provides a trendy look to your outfit.Golden borders with this super net is a contrasting feature of this piece.

16. Latest Sheer And Opaque Yellow Designer Latest Saree:

This saree has a unique opaque and sheer effect as the pallu has a totally transparent effect. This latest designed yellow saree is contrasted with violet border. You can chose this outfit if you feel comfortable.

17. Latest Designer Pink Saree With Shimmering Gold Embellishment:

This is a simple pink georgette saree. It is a very light weight saree with glimmering golden effect all over the saree. This saree looks simple yet classy. This has high quality fabric and sleek golden borders. This saree is mostly recommended for ladies with fair skin complex. You just look chic. You surely get appreciation from your relatives or colleagues wearing this on a party.

18. White,Black and Yellow Pop up Print Latest Saree:

The pop up prints are also a latest trendy style in the new variety of designer sarees. This saree has a silky texture and hence the pop-up colors look magnificent in you. Yellow shade highlights the black and white prints. If you like to experiment with an absolutely new outfit try this trendy pop up saree. Different vibrant hues are available in the market with special effects on it. This saree both have circular patterns and strips on it. Just pair up with a simple black colored blouse which highlights the saree.

19. Intricate Designer Colored Pleated Latest Saree:

Lustrous yellow saree with netted portions are shown in this picture. The yellow portions have a bridal look.This part of the saree has intricate designs with golden stone works.The simple netted portion of this designer saree simply enhance the beauty and looks alluring. This is one of the best new model sarees.

20. Mono Color Handloom Latest Saree:

This mono color handloom saree has a magnificent color combination. The lemon yellow saree is worn in a different pattern. Short jacket styled sleeve blouse is the key feature of this beauty. To enhance your outlook, try to have a top knot. This mono colored saree can be worn in daily or special events. This mono color saree is a recent style with contrasting fitted blouse.

21. Latest Cream Colored Shoulder Embellishment Saree:

Shoulder embellished saree is a recent styling feature of draping a saree. The pallu portion is kept fixed at its position. Thus this style will make you suitable in this style without managing your saree. This saree has a combined effect of yellow and white, which combination simply soothes your eye. An appropriate designer blouse is the main focus of your style.

22. Unique Crimson Red Georgette Latest Saree:

This crimson red saree has a elegant look. If you like to don a pure red saree then try this one with sleek borders. These styles of sarees are easily available in markets and also in online websites. This georgette saree has a shiny texture and is really very soft textured. There is a sleek silver border which magnifies the beauty of this saree. You can easily pair up in this outfit to provide a glamorous look.

23. Green Colored Chiffon Latest Saree For Spring Collection:

This green colored chiffon saree is combined with grey hue. You look very simple draping this soft texture saree. This is the latest spring collection saree. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable wearing this outfit. The light shade green based saree has grey printed designs. This chiffon saree is paired up this grey short sleeve blouse for daily wear. It has a appealing factor that makes you look different.

24. Pink And Golden Pre-Draped Latest Saree:

Pre-draped sarees are easily wear sarees. Women who are not comfortable in wearing a saree can simply opt for this style. This looks elegant. This saree has pink and glittering golden effect with traditional kalka designs along the border. This style of wearing a saree is popular in fashion shows to enhance the beauty of the saree and you look too. This is one of the best new design sarees.

25. Latest Black Gown Saree:

This black outfit is absolutely latest style in fashion world. Celebrities are seen to don this style of saree. This unusual piece of saree looks like a gown and for this reason only its called gown saree. The length of the pallu is maintained so that it just touches the floor. This outfit is simple manageable and you feel ease styling in this attire. The main structure of this gown saree is just simple black with designed upper garment to provide a contrasting look.

26. Orange Colored Designer Latest Saree With Embroidery Works:

The main attraction for this saree is the embroidery work along the border of this orange saree. The border works are done with off-white, blue and orange. This also provides a lustrous effect with some stone works in it. The main base of the saree is just a simple georgette saree with vibrant orange effect. Matching designer blouse with same effect of border is available with this piece of saree.

27. Off-White And Pink Georgette Latest Saree With Embroidery:

Latest designer sarees are also blended with traditional embroidery work. It looks wonderful trying new experimental styles. Off-white pallu with small dotted designs looks simple. The other half is of plain pink colored. The borders have embroidery works done in white and yellow combination. This is the contrasting feature for the whole saree. The blouse which is donned have the designed border outlook.

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28. Vibrant Pink Designer Latest Saree With Golden Design Along Pallu:

Mono colored saree is latest trend among the youths. This saree is decorated uniquely with golden works. Beauty factor is also enhanced by adding golden designed border and simple works along the pallu. If you mono colored saree, try out this saree surely. Attractive and appealing are the adjective for your look.

29. Latest Red Net Saree With Long Sleeve Blouse:

The netted sarees are normally paired up with full sleeve or long sleeve blouse. This saree also depicts this outlook only. The lower portion of this saree has golden traditional designs and also along the pallu. The other portions are left very simple. The lower half spread much more than the usual saree. Long sleeve blouse are a new trend in fashion world. You too look fashionable is this latest designer outfit.

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30. Latest Designer Net Saree With Mono Colored Patch Works:

Patch works are done all over this saree to provide a translucent look. This latest designed saree makes you look unique. This has a different hue that makes it unusual among the latest variation. This is one of the best latest sarees.

31. Shimmering Golden Bordered Pink Latest Saree:

This saree has a golden shimmering border with two colored portions in this saree. The beige pallu has a transparent effect which makes you look chic. The lower part of this saree is vibrant pink shaded. This color adds hue to your outfit. This is a party wear makes you look glamorous. This saree is paired up with navy blue designed sleeveless blouse and with a pair of gorgeous earring.

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32. Off-White Net Lehenga Styled Latest Saree:

The peach color has a soothing effect which is the specialty of this designer look. Lehenga is preferred over the traditional sarees for wedding attire. Above the golden border lining, the pallu potion consists of floral designs with peach colored base. It is preferable to wear full sleeve upper garment in this attire. You look undoubtedly stunning. This is one of the best new style sarees.

The trendy designer or latest simple saree are provided over here. You can choose from these styles try a new outlook in your attire. Surely be confident to trying this trendy sarees.

We hope this article just made you fall in love with the saree once again. Saree is the most versatile piece of garment and there is always something for everybody. No matter what the occasion is,wearing a saree can never make you go wrong. Next time you plan to buy a saree, do check out these latest designs that will make you want to go for a complete wardrobe makeover!

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