Karnataka, one of the most beautiful south Indian states is known for its silk sarees. This state is India’s largest producer of Mulberry silk contributing to 70% of total country’s silk production. Especially the district of Mysore is known for its silk production. Along with silk, Karnataka also specializes in some of the unique forms of sarees like Illkal, which are popular across the world. Specific types of embroideries are incorporated in the Karnataka sarees like Kasuti which uses traditional patterns like elephants, palanquins, lotus etc. The common patterns in these sarees are stripes, rectangles and squares. This article explores some of the best traditional sarees of Karnataka state, which have made the country proud.

Latest Karnataka Sarees With Images:

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best designer Karnataka sarees along with proper pictures. These will be totally be helpful to all the saree lovers as well. The top 9 Karnataka saree images are as follows.

1. The Karnataka Cotton Saree:

This is one of the most comfortable sarees of all time. The cotton used in making this saree is totally authentic and will provide you with utmost comfort. If you are looking for some of the best designer materials (in sarees), then this particular one will be of real help to you. The pattern done in this saree is very cool and it sports the latest pattern on the edges and you will be able to sport with utmost pride and confidence, knowing that you are wearing something totally authentic.

2. The Karnataka Bengaluru Saree:

This is one of the best-looking Karnataka sarees you will ever find. It has been made by one of the most renowned designers in the saree business residing in Bangalore. The saree pattern is quite famous in that city. The patterns done on the saree body and on the edges are the prime attraction of this design and you will totally fall in love with the color pattern this saree sports. If you are looking for something trendy and totally worth the money, then this will be a good one for you.

3. The Maroon Cotton Karnataka Saree:

This is basically a maroon saree, which comes with a yellow pattern done on it. The way the color yellow has been used in designing this saree is very alluring an that can be said to be one of the prime attractive facts about this saree. This saree comes with a rust colored border and stripes that makes it very attractive. The pallu comes with horizontal and vertical stripes forming checks like patterns.

4. The Traditional Karnataka Saree:

This particular traditional Karnataka saree will be most suitable for festive occasions. The design done on it looks so awesome that you will totally fall in love with it. If you are looking for some really cool designs in the Karnataka-made sarees, then this can be said to be most suitable according to your preference.

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5. The Karnataka Handloom Saree:

This is one of the best handloom sarees that you will get a chance to wear. It sports a festive vibe because of the mixture of the green and the holy golden color near the end and on the borders of the saree.It has intricate patterned weave all over the body of the saree and creates a rich effect. The highlight is the pallu which uses a variety of patterns that makes the saree fit for a queen.

6. The Colorful Karnataka Saree:

This is one of the finest-looking Karnataka sarees of time. It sports a very attractive colorful pattern almost throughout the body of this saree which makes it look attractive in the first place. The multi colored checks all over the body with mango butis makes it look apt for traditional occasions. The pallu is quite rich with intricate motifs woven on it.

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7. The Orange Karnataka Saree:

This is probably one of the finest-looking Karnataka sarees of all time. It is totally suitable for almost all women out there and it can be easily sported almost at all events. This saree is quite light weight and easy to wear. The peacock motifs with small floral butis make it an aesthetic looking saree. Pair it with a contrast blouse to look stunning.

8. The Meghdoot Orange Karnataka Saree:

Here comes one of the best orange colored Karnataka saree. It is one of the most beautiful festive sarees. The bright orange hue with golden butis all over it makes it look regal and elegant. This saree is perfect for brides who like to stand out from the crowd and glow in their best day. The highlight of the saree is the rich zari border with beautiful floral motifs.

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9. The Fancy Cotton Karnataka Saree:

If you want to try something simple, yet elegant, this black saree is the perfect choice. The breezy cotton saree can suit almost everyone and the best part of the saree is its border. The bright red and orange border with hints of golden zari makes this saree one of the most popular picks. The saree is best worn for simple occassions and everyday wear.

10. Karnataka Silk Sarees:

This bright yellow Karnataka Silk saree is a must buy during your visit. The contrast blue border with golden zari makes it one of the most beautiful and elegant looking sarees. The highlight of this saree however is the pallu that uses a rich golden weave with blue floral weaving. Pair it with a blue blouse to create a perfect look.

11. Karnataka Mysore Silk Sarees:

This gorgeous Mysore silk saree comes in the most popular traditional combination of maroon and green. This is made with fine silk and is extremely light weight. The pure golden zari stripe runs across the border and elevates the look of the saree. You can match it with an embroidered blouse to make it suitable for grand occassions.

12. Karnataka Wedding Sarees:

If you are looking for a heavy wedding Karnataka saree, this is a must pick. It comes in the stunning, evergreen combination of maroon and mustard. The saree has intricated floral motifs all over it and the pallu is extremely well done with big, bright flowers in self weave. The saree comes with a golden zari border and is perfect for every bride.

Karnataka sarees are usually very light weight and simple sarees. Unlike their neigbours like the Andhra Uppada or the Tamil Kanjeevaram sarees, Karnataka Silk sarees are not too heavy in weight and workmanship. They are usually available in traditooanlcolors like green. Maroon, mustard, gold, yellow etc. Karnataka sarees are easy to maintain and versatile to mix and match them with different types of blouses. They are often bought as souvenirs by tourists during their visit to this picturesque state.

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