Kalamkari has been a trendy word since the sarees came out really well in the Indian fashion industry. These block printed cotton sarees are a result of fine craftsmanship from India. Different types of Kalamkari sarees are available in the stores. Let’s see each of the Kalamkari sarees with images and suitable blouse designs for Kalamkari Sarees.

Kalamkari is a traditional type of hand-print cotton saree that comes from India. Kalamkari the name is originated from 2 Persian words – ‘Kalam’ meaning pen and ‘Kari’ meaning craftsmanship. Literally, Kalamkari means art of drawing with a pen. The Kalamkari sarees are produced in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Kalamkari uses only natural dyes to draw the prints. The whole process of printing on a Kalamkari saree takes 23 steps. Today there are 2 main centers for Kalamkari production in India. One is the Srikalahasti (Chitoor district) and Machilipatanam (Krishna district) in Andhra Pradesh.

Kalamkari Saree Importance:

  • Water is the main component used in Kalamkari prints.
  • Kalamkari art includes both painting and printing form.
  • The colors used in the making of Kalamkari prints are natural and organic.
  • Kalamkari paintings and sarees were exported to foreign countries for trade and commerce.
  • Kalamkari sarees can be used by all age groups and at any occasions.
  • The Kalamkari print is done on cotton or silk fabric using a tamarind pen with organic dyes.

Kalamkari Sarees Features:

  • Kalamkari saree showcases the fine craftsmanship of Indian artists.
  • It’s a perfect blend of elegance and heritage followed by latest trends.
  • Wide range of Kalamkari sarees is available with different styles and fabric.
  • Kalamkari sarees don’t get faded away with wash, since natural dyes and colors are used.
  • The chances of the fabric getting shrunk are high when it comes to Kalamkari material. Hence dry cleaning preferred.
  • Kalamkari sarees come in unique colors and prints.

Latest Collections of  Kalamkari Sarees with Images:

Here are the best designs of Kalamkari work sarees with pictures.

1. Kalamkari Silk Sarees:

Kalamkari silk sarees are perfect for ladies who are looking for class and elegance. As the Kalamkari prints come in cotton and silk sarees, it gives a unique style. Kalamkari silk sarees with block prints are easy to wear and provides comfy to the user. As normal hand washing can shrink the fabric, make sure to dry wash or petrol wash to get better results.

  • Saree Design: Kalamkari silk saree in grey color
  • Fabric: Kalamkari silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Occasion wear, party wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women

2. Kalamkari Cotton Sarees:

A Kalamkari cotton saree comes with a striking Kalamkari dyeing or allover block print on a premium cotton fabric. A Kalamkari cotton saree will have a vibrant pallu with a beautiful contrast blouse piece. There are chances that the saree gets shrunken in the first wash, so please make sure to dry wash the saree. A Kalamkari cotton saree is not much pricey and can be afforded by everyone. The prints are handmade and come in various designs. Kalamkari cotton sarees are the most commonly seen sarees in Kalamkari designs.

  • Saree Design: Dark green color kalamkari printed cotton saree
  • Fabric: Kalamkari cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Slender, tall, apple shaped

3. Kalamkari Crepe Sarees:

If you are a lightweight saree lover, then Kalamkari Crepe saree is the perfect choice to go for. Crepe is a very thin fabric that simply floats in your body when you war it. Kalamkari crepe silk sarees are hand printed by skilled handloom experts. Avoid hand washing to keep the woven details intact. You can buy Kalamkari crepe sarees online at best prices and colors.

  • Saree Design: Multi-colored Kalamkari printed crepe silk saree
  • Fabric: Kalamkari crepe
  • Preferred Occasion: Office wear, casual wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women

4. Designer Kalamkari Sarees:

Designer Kalamkari Sarees are in huge demand when it comes to party wear sarees that are available at affordable rates. Party wear Kalamkari designer sarees give a touch of casual elegance. These hand printed Kalamkari sarees come in various patterns and designs to give uniqueness to the fabric. Designer Kalamkari sarees are a mix of hand woven and hand print craftsmanship.

  • Saree Design: Yellow designer saree with kalamkari Peacock pair pallu design.
  • Fabric: Kalamkari cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Party wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women

5. Kalamkari Printed Sarees:

Printed Kalamkari sarees have been a hot trend these days. Printed Kalamkari fabrics are even brought in bulk to stitch various dress types. Kalamkari printed kurtis are a favorite choice of the teenagers. Buy Kalamkari printed sarees online at best price. Make sure that you do not hand wash the saree as there are chances that the print or details gets faded off and that the fabric gets shrinked. Go for petrol wash or dry cleaning if you really need to wash your saree.

  • Saree Design: Kalamkari printed cotton saree
  • Fabric: Cotton saree
  • Preferred Occasion: office wear, casual wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for all women

6. Kalamkari Border Sarees:

Many of us still love those border type sarees where the body remains plain and the details are given in the border. This type of saree gives class and elegance to women who go to office daily. Kalamkari border sarees have broad borders with solid colors, contrasting pallus.

  • Saree Design: Light green kalamkari printed border saree
  • Fabric: Cotton saree
  • Preferred Occasion: Daily wear, office wear, casual wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Pear shaped body shape

7. Kalamkari Pattu Sarees:

Kalamkari pattu sarees are ideal for weddings and occasional wears. Kalamkari pattu sarees are designed on raw silk fabric to give that elegance and class. There are many online stores that offer Kalamkari printed pattu sarees at a fair price. With wide range of traditional and contemporary styles, these pattu sarees are a must choice for a function.

  • Saree Design: Blue and orange kalamkari pattu saree
  • Fabric: Designer Pattu saree
  • Preferred Occasion: Function wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body type

8. Hand Painted Kalamkari Sarees:

Hand painted Kalamkari sarees are meant for those who love to create their own fashion statement. Basically, Kalamkari sarees are hand painted by talented and skilled craftsmen. The designs and patterns on the saree are very colorful and vibrant. The paintings depict ancient mythological stories and pictures.

  • Saree Design: Creme crepe saree with hand painted Kalamkari cross pallu
  • Fabric: crepe
  • Preferred Occasion: Party wear, casual wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: suitable for all women

9. Kalamkari Georgette Sarees:

Another trendy saree that has been loved by many saree lovers is the Kalamkari georgette saree. Its lightweight texture makes it easy to drape and handle. For those who wish to have a slim look with the perfect curves and shape, try Kalamkari georgette saree.

  • Saree Design: White and black saree with red color printed Kalamkari georgette saree
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual wear, office wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Peer shaped body type

10. Kalamkari Chiffon Sarees:

Kalamkari chiffon sarees come with floral prints to add that elegance and grace to the user. The prices of these chiffon sarees are quiet affordable. Kalamkari printed chiffon sarees are easy to drape. They can be hand washed since you don’t have to worry about the fabric getting shrunk.

  • Saree Design: Black and white kalamkari full printed chiffon saree
  • Fabric: Chiffon saree
  • Preferred Occasion: Daily wear, casual wear, party wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for all women

11. Kalamkari Patch Work Sarees:

Buy Kalamkari patch work sarees if you love to see Kalamkari printed patch work on your saree. Usually, the Kalamkari patch work comes in cotton sarees. Any cotton lovers out there? Then this patch worked Kalamkari sarees will be your next list in the shopping cart. Do not hand wash the fabric as the details can be lost in the first wash. A dry clean is recommended for better results.

  • Saree Design: White and pink Kalamkari printed patch work saree
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Office wear, daily wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for all women

12. Kalamkari Half Sarees:

Nowadays wearing a saree that comes in a half and half saree model is a trend. For those who love to add a pinch of uniqueness to their style, then Kalamkari half sarees are for you. Get cherished with the memories of your good old half saree days with Kalamkari half sarees. Buy them online at cheap prices at exciting offers and discounts.

  • Saree Design: Kalamkari printed half saree with kalamkari printed blouse
  • Fabric: Soft cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and slim women

13. Chanderi Kalamkari Sarees:

If you are a pure silk saree lover, then you would definitely buy Chanderi Kalamkari saree. Chanderi sarees are originally from Madhya Pradesh, The fabric used in Chanderi Kalamkari saree includes chanderi cotton, silk cotton and pure silk. While washing this type of saree, you need to give an extra care. Hand wash should be strictly avoided. Instead, go for dry cleaning. Chanderi Kalamkari sarees showcase royal elegance in appearance.

  • Saree Design: Chanderi silk Hand painted kalamkari saree
  • Fabric: Chanderi silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Occasional wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for slim and tall body type women

14. Pedana Kalamkari Sarees:

As mentioned above, Kalamkari sarees are originally manufactured in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The wholesale sellers of Kalamkari sarees and their different types are offered by Kalamkari house from Pedana, Andhra Pradesh. These sarees come with intrigue designs depicting temple art.

  • Saree Design: Black and red Pedana Kalamkari saree with red border
  • Fabric: Cotton saree
  • Preferred Occasion: daily wear
  • Suitable Body Type: suitable for all body types.

15. Kalamkari Kerala Saree:

Kalamkari Kerala Saree comes in pure cotton base which can be easily worn on monsoon days. If it’s raining heavily in your locality and are looking for a daily wear with ethnic works on it, then Kalamkari printed Kerala cotton sarees are the preferred choice.

  • Saree Design: Handloom white cotton saree with Kalamkari print
  • Fabric: Handloom cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Function wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for all women

Apart from these types, there are Kalamkari kota sarees and handloom sarees that offer style and uniqueness.

Suitable Blouse Type:

For plain sarees wearing a Kalamkari blouse would be more attractive. A three fourth sleeve blouse with Kalamkari print is ideal for all sarees.

How to Style a Kalamkari Saree:

  • The more colors you see on a Kalamkari saree, the more gorgeous it would be to wear that saree.
  • A bright Kalamkari saree can be paired with a contrasting brocade blouse to get that graceful look.
  • Embroidered Kalamkari sarees are also another way to style your Kalamkari saree. All you need to do is wear a Kalamkari saree with a contrasting floral print blouse.
  • If it’s a plain saree, then match it with multicolored Kalamkari print blouse.

Kalamkari designs bring out the best in you. Even though they are traditional sarees, even today, these sarees have not lost its worth in the modern fashion industry. The mix and match of Kalamkari works gives the fabric a rich look.

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