Also known as Koshavam Saree, Madisar saree is among the traditional sarees that are carried out by the Tamil Brahmin women. The saree style came into existence in the middle of 2nd Century BC to 1st Century AD. During this phase, the antariya and uttariya garments were combined to bring one single garment. According to the ancient Madisar saree images, it can be revealed that the saree comes with an origin from the Tagore family by Jnanadanandini Devi.

Madisar sarees are mostly wrapped by the Iyers and the Iyengars with a slight difference in the pallu dressing. Initially, the Madisar was worn in either maroon or red; however, it is now available in different colors and patterns as per the choice of the wearer and occasion.

Importance of Madisar Sarees:

The Madisar saree when originated was worn only for wedding purpose by the South Indian women. Later, it came up with a symbolic and practical meaning revealing protection and modesty. This 9-yard saree is the symbolism of the unity of the principles of both the male and female in the universe as it is the form of both a dhoti and a pallu. It is also carried out for a number of religious traditions in Chennai as it looks similar to ardhanareeswara.

Features of Madisar Sarees:

The Madisar sarees come with a number of features related to its tradition and religion. Here are some popular ones.

  • The Madisar saree can now be worn with 6-yard saree instead of 9-yard saree
  • The dressing of this saree from the front looks like a conch which connects it to some religious principles like Shri Krishna tattva, Lakshmi Devi tattva, Chaitanya, and Marak-Shakti.
  • Again, it is believed that worshipping while wearing the Madisar saree collection would activate the Pancha prana in the body
  • So, isn’t this a highly religious and meaningful saree to wear!

Which Fabric is Mostly Used for The Madisar Sarees?

Madisar saree collection is available in various fabrics. Starting from pure cotton, other materials it can be purchased from include polyester-cotton, silk, cotton silk, and various other blends. The saree was priory designed in pure cotton fabric only with quite basic prints. This made it easy for the women to drape it and keep themselves fresh during summers. However, with the changes in the designs and styles, they were later available in other fabrics too which increased its demand during different occasions.

Which Body Shape Women Prefer This Saree?

Most of the women in India are healthy and curvy. And Madisar saree is among the sarees that give everybody shape a perfect look. No doubt, earlier this saree was allowed to women after marriages only, but currently, the situation has changed. Whether you are among the slim and fit women or healthy and curvy one, this saree is suitable for any woman. The woman with heavy border generally prefers wearing the 9-yard saree while for the slim and medium body, even 6-yard is enough.

Top 10 Beautiful Designs of Madisar Sarees with Images:

Go traditional with the Madisar saree collection for a cultural appearance.

1. Traditional Sungudi Madisar Saree:

If you are looking for a traditional and quite simple Madisar saree, this is the oldest and printed saree you can go with.

Saree Design and Fabric:

If you are thinking about how to wear Madisar saree Iyengar style, this is the best saree, to begin with. Made with fine cotton material, this saree is given green and red color with lines on it. The pallu is given red color with golden strips and borders for a different look.

Occasions to Wear:

From regular wear to occasional wear, this saree gives a perfect look anytime. The saree is also the best for fancy dress.

2. Madisar Mami Tussar Saree:

Thinking how to wear Madisar saree of Mami Tussar design? Well, to your surprise, this saree can be worn in either the Iyer and Iyengar style or normally as other sarees are worn.

Saree Design and Fabric:

This lovely plain saree is made from silk material designed with awesome combination border. The blue saree is given a pink and golden horizontally lined pallu while the complete saree is given similar border with a geometrical shape designed in it.

Occasions to Wear:

This is a design highly carried in weddings, festivals, corporate events or other small functions for a traditional appearance.

3. Bridal Madisar Saree:

Bridal sarees for the Iyers and Iyengars have always remained in maroon or red color. Here is one of the most worn bridal Madisar saree that gives a typical ethnic bridal look.

Saree Design and Fabric:

This traditional bridal wear saree is made with cotton silk material with a single-color maroon. For enhancing the look of the saree, it is given a golden border with dotted work on the golden border. The pallu is also given horizontal golden lines for a rich look.

Occasions to Wear:

As the name suggests, this is a bridal wear design that is worn on weddings or religious festivals.

4. Readymade Iyer Madisar Saree:

Thinking how to wear Madisar saree in 6 yards? Yes, it is slightly difficult to wrap the 9-yard saree, however, today with 6-yard saree, this difficulty has been solved with a ready to wear saree.

Saree Design and Fabric:

This readymade Madisar saree is made out of polyester-cotton material in green color. The saree is already given a dhoti like readymade structure which is simply worn and tied. The pallu in red with golden border is also well structured to simply wrap around.

Occasion to Wear:

Weddings, dance programs, festivals, etc. are the best occasions to wear this readymade saree.

5. Checkered Madisar Saree:

Want to have something new from the Madisar saree collection? Try this checkered design with multiple colors. The saree is given both a plain saree design and checkered design combined in prints.

Saree Design and Fabric:

This simple yellow saree in cotton silk is given a pallu which is designed with a checkered design in various colors. Thinking how to wear Madisar? Well, the pallu section in checks remains on the front side covering while the plain yellow would remain downside with a plain golden border.

Occasions to Wear:

This saree can be worn during various occasions like weddings, parties, social events, etc.

6. Kuberan Madisar Saree:

Love the combination of red and green? Here is yet another design of Madisar sarees that is sure to capture your heart. The color combination and the design it carries makes it popular among women.

Saree Design and Fabric:

Just check the Kuberan Madisar saree images and you would come to know that the saree is a made with red and green colors with golden embroidery on it for enhancing its look. The saree is made with silk material that gives a lovely look when carried.

Occasions to Wear:

Weddings, festivals, poojas, parties, etc. This is an all-rounder saree that can be carried in any function.

7. Polka Design Madisar Saree:

Want to add something retro style to the Madisar saree? How about the polka dotted design that ruled the old days? With simple prints, this design gives a refreshing look to the saree.

Saree Design and Fabric:

Designed in red and yellow colors, this saree is made from pure cotton material. The saree is given a red pallu while the saree is in yellow. Both the saree is given polka dots in red and golden while the pallu is given a golden border.

Occasions to Wear:

From regular wear to small functions, this saree suits for a classic look to the wearer.

8. Orange and green Madisar Saree:

Another popular color ruling the readymade Madisar saree collection is the combination of orange and green which are considered to be much sacred according to the South Indian culture.

Saree Design and Fabric:

Wondering how to wear Madisar saree? This readymade saree is ready to wear with a dhoti connected with pallu. Made from cotton silk material, the saree is given orange color with dark green pallu and borders. The green color also consists of golden border designs in it.

Occasions to Wear:

Be it weddings, religious functions, festivals or even parties, this saree can be worn anywhere for a ravishing look.

9. Tamil Iyer Madisar Saree:

Want to add some twist in wearing the Madisar saree? All you need to do is try the Tamil Iyer Madisar. The saree not only gives a perfect front look but the back side looks too.

Saree Design and Fabric:

Designed in the wedding colors maroon and green, the ready to wear saree comes with a dhoti in green color. The pallu of the saree is maroon with golden border. The main attraction of the Tamil Iyer Madisar is that it gives a folded dhoti look from behind.

Occasions to Wear:

As the color says, this design is popular for weddings and parties.

10. Brahmin Madisar Saree:

The Brahmins also drape the saree similar to the other Madisar sarees, the only difference is the pallu side they place on the shoulder which is changed to the left.

Saree Design and Fabric:

This Brahmin Madisar comes in dark pink color, made from pure silk material. The saree is also given a golden border with a medium thickness along with a black border beneath. The complete saree is plain while the pallu is designed with golden lines.

Occasions to Wear:

This kind of Brahmin Madisar is well carried in weddings and similar religious functions for a beautiful and traditional appearance.

How to Wear Madisar Sarees?

  • Madisar saree is a combination of both the Iyer and Iyengar style of saree draping.
  • Thinking about how to wear Madisar saree? For women trying to wear this saree, it can be a good exercise timing as it includes too much bending, twisting around, moving arms here and there, etc.
  • The popular one among all is the dhoti style where the saree is pass folded between the legs and tucked behind. The other end of the saree is tucked on the waist for a belt like a look.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Madisar saree?

Just check on any of the Madisar saree photos, and you would come to know that traditionally, the saree didn’t come with any blouse inside. However, with the passing of time, women started wearing blouses. Currently, depending on the type of Madisar, simple to designer blouses are worn that either is a combination of the saree color and design or in contrast. Just as the saree comes in different materials, the blouses to come in a variety of materials to select from.

Today, women might take Madisar saree as a traditional and antic styling outfit, Madisar comes with a strong base of religious facts that are much important. The saree is compared with a number of rituals and sacred things which makes it an important blessing for the bride due to which it is the first time given to her on the wedding day. The saree is also popularly carried on other festivals with pride like Varathas, Karthigai Pandigai, Pongal, baby showers, etc. The cotton and synthetic material sarees are mostly carried for regular wear or during death ceremonies. The saree is a perfect combination of feminism and spirituality.