Top 9 Bandhani Sarees With Images

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Bandhani is a type of  tie and die technique used to decorate  the fabric. This highly skillful process includes plucking the fabric tightly at several points using thread to give different designs and dyeing the cloth in various dyes in order to provide colorful designs. Thus, different combinations of colors are possible in this type. This process of tie-die was known for ages and its earliest evidence was Indus Valley Civilization nearly around 400 B.C.  Bandhani sarees have become household names and are easily available in markets all over India. The main center s are situated in western part of India- Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab region and others. Its demand has increased over the last few decades.

Best Bandhani Sarees With Images:

So here are some top 9 Bandhani sarees available in the markets of india.

1. Maroon Colored Bandhani Cotton Saree:

bandhani sarees

This bandhani styled saree is a cotton fabric. This traditional type of bandhani cotton saree is known for decades. In this cotton saree, there is combination of two colors. The tie-die works are done in yellow and white colors all over the saree. The pallu is of different color than that of the whole saree. You would feel absolutely comfortable wearing this outfit.

2. Orange-Blue Bandhani Saree With Mirror Works:

Bandhani Sarees-Orange-Blue Bandhani Saree With Mirror Works

Orange-blue combined half-half saree is a designer saree having multi coloured effect. The intricate bandhani works are done on the orange coloured pallu. Mirror works are along the whole border of the saree. The mirrors are attached to the saree with multi coloured thread works which seems wonderful. The other part of the saree is of vibrant blue colour consist of multi coloured works.

3. Blue Bandhani Chiffon Saree:

BandhaniI Sarees-Blue Bandhani Chiffon Saree 3

This saree consists of different shades of blue alternatively. The basic fabric is chiffon which is combined with bandhani style. The white bandhani prints are done in regular patterns with mirror works done in orange colour  at regular gaps and along the border.

4. Pink Pure Georgette Bandhani Saree With Kundan Works:

BandhaniI Sarees-Pink Pure Georgette Bandhani Saree With Kundan Works 4

Kundan works are blended with bandhani styled saree to have designer look. This pure georgette pink saree has a light and soft texture which can be worn in special events maintaining the traditional looks.

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5. Dark Pink-Blue Pure Bandhani Silk Saree:

BandhaniI Sarees-Dark Pink-Blue Pure Silk Bandhani Saree 5

Combination of two contrasting colors is given emphasis in this saree maintaining its simple look. Blue with pink portions mainly along the borders and pallu are observed with white bandhani designs. The beauty of this saree gets enhanced with the silky texture.

6. Green- Yellow Half And Half Printed Bandhani Saree:

BandhaniI Sarees-Green- Yellow Half And Half Printed Bandhani Saree 6

Half green and half yellow designer printed bandhani saree seems different from the usual bandhani saree. The prints are mainly in the pallu which also have the pink hue in it. It can be paired up with pink shaded blouse.

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7. Red Art Silk Printed Designer Bandhani Saree:

BandhaniI Sarees-Red Art Silk Printed Designer Bandhani Saree 7

This saree is a monochromatic saree with pure red in color. The art silk looks stunning in red color with very small white and yellow bandhani works done all over the saree.

8. Cream-Pink Jaipur Bandhani Saree:

BandhaniI Sarees-Cream-Pink Jaipuri Bandhani Saree 8

This cream and pink colored Rajasthani bandhani saree is mostly worn in wedding occasions or used as a bridal saree. The heavy works on the lower portion with golden and multi colored effect, and also designed pallu look magnificent.

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9. Pink Color Pure Crepe Bandhani Saree:

Pink Color Pure Crepe Bandhani Saree

This saree has a different texture from the above mentioned sarees. It has intricate bandhani works done with white on the rich pink colored crepe bandhani saree. This also designed stone and mirror works along the border

The tradition of bandhani sarees are maintained in different ways by mix and match of various styles added to this saree. It can be worn by different aged women by choosing the appropriate combination of bandhani saree either designer look or the simple look