9 Latest Kanchi Cotton Saree Designs For Style and Elegance

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What is that one garment that defines the base of an Indian woman? What is that one garment that defines the cultures and norms of an Indian tradition? Westerners have accepted their white silken gowns and big sunny day straw hats but since time and beyond, the national wear for an Indian woman have been her much prized saree. There would once be a time when that would be a mandatory rule for a woman but now with changed, we have proudly decided to incorporate sarees in our lifestyle based on the special occasions and rare events.

Specialty Of Kanchipuram Cotton Sarees:

Kanchipuram cotton sarees get their name from Kanchipuram, a place in Tamilnadu. They are pure cotton fabrics, woven on the loom and are known for quality and orginality. Kanchi sarees are embodiment of genuine cotton sarees that have made our country proud. No temple visit in South India is complete without women decked up in their best Kanchipuram cotton sarees. They have rich zaris and are woven with a variety of butis, motifs. Although the designs are not over the top. Kanchipuram sarees are icons of grace and style.

Best Designs In Kanchi Cotton Sarees:

1. The Red And Black:

cotton 1

The red and black is a lethal combination that can be worn for any occasions. The saree comes in a brilliant pinkish red alongside the solid black. Towards the end of the saree there is a borderline of solid satin gold and just above it is the beautiful pattern etched with red on the black background. Pair this look well with a red and black ombre blouse and you are set.

2. Monochrome Delight:

cotton 2

The monochrome delight is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. White and black are the two most common colors that makes up every girl’s wardrobe space and mixing these two colors we got the beautiful white cotton Kanchi. The saree is simply in white with a beautiful black bordering on the edges. The use of faint grey adds to the look.

3. The Blackened Red:

cotton 3

This is a wonderful look for a saree where the saree comes in a deep ox blood and blackened red. The borderline or par of the saree as we call it is a deep and satin golden yellow with the saree flaunting some serious luscious red detail work. Pair this saree well with a handsome black blouse.

4. The Color Splash:

cotton 4

For a perfect fun evening or a simple wedding look don’t always go for embellishments and jewels when you can simply woo everyone just by using the power of prints and colors. This saree is simply beautiful in a buffalo print white cotton on the down below with the upper half sporting a bright yellow with a pink border. Even down below the saree sports a pink borderline.

5. The Everyday Look:


This saree is a simple everyday look where the saree looks great in red and blue. Being humble and without much prized embroidery you cause this for everyday purposes like going to the bazaar so picking up the kid from the house and so on. The pallu to the saree sports a beautiful lean and mean horizontal stripes towards the end in a faint gold.

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6. The Causal Cotton:

cotton 6

This look is simply irresistible not only because of the dire color combination that makes a striking reflection in the eye but also because of its impact on the mind of the viewer. The saree sports a beautiful yellow wild pattern print on the pallu with the a wide black borderline supported by a golden rim.

7. The Dark Maroon And White:

Cotton 7

This sari mixes in the maroon and the white beautifully. Along the lines of the saree there are little embellishments in gold and yellow. Pair this look with an up do and a maroon blouse.

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8. The Electrifying Blue:

cotton 8

The saree comes in a royal midnight blue with electrifying details etched on its body. The fluorescent blue color splash adds a new trend thing to the look which is perfect for the youth inside you. The faint ombre shade of a bubblegum pink adds to the look.

9. The Reddened Look:

cotton 9

This saree has a lot of work going on within itself with a olive green for its borderline mixed in with some mud golden yellow and a strip of shimmering orange running by.

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Kanchi cotton sarees are known for their wide variety of colors and designs. Whether you prefer a traditional piece for a visit to a temple, or something unique for a ladies gathering, Kanchi cotton sarees have them all. These sarees have become popular with the younger generation as well, who have added a contemporary touch to the age-old saree.

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