Remember “Devdas”, the famous novel which portrayed the beauty of Bengali women? The characterisation of Parvati in her iconic Bengali sarees makes her one of the most celebrated women in Indian literature. The sarees’ rich look and unique way of draping make Bengali sarees one of the most sought-after drapes in the market. The two most popular varieties of these sarees are the Tant and Jamdani. Both were popularised during the 18th century and bear traits of Mughal art. These sarees are usually made in cotton, to render a light-weight breezy look. This article will explore the best Bengali Saree designs to buy this season!

Importance Of Bengali Sarees:

Bengali sarees are world-famous. Particularly the Baluchari variety has earned the prestigious “Geographical Indication of India” status. Woven by traditional methods on looms, Bengali sarees are known for intricate thread work and attention to detail. They come in various colours, but white is the most preferred hue. As they are woven with cotton, these sarees are lightweight and semi-transparent. They are also used to depict scenes from Indian mythology, which are skillfully woven into the saree.

Features Of Bengali Sarees:

Check out these amazing facts about the famous Bengali sarees, which will leave you in awe!

  • Baluchari Bengali sarees are woven five yards long and forty-two inches wide.
  • Tant Bengali Sarees are 6 yards in length when compared to the other varieties.
  • Most Bengali sarees are woven in either red, white or purple colours.
  • These sarees are extremely lightweight and suit even the hottest and humid climates.
  • The Bengali sarees are designed for a special type of drape that is unique to the state.

Fabrics Used In Bengali Sarees:

Bengali sarees use a wide variety of fabrics with cotton being the predominant. Check out some of the best-used fabrics for weaving these Bengali beauties:

  • Murshidabad Silk
  • Tussar Silk
  • Matka Silk
  • Cotton
  • Mul Cotton
  • Cotton Silk
  • Mulberry Silk
  • Muslin

Preferred Age Group For Bengali Sarees:

Bengali Sarees are timeless beauties. They are suitable for all ages, and there is no specific restriction on who can wear them. These sarees symbolise the rich tradition of Indian handlooms and are now popularised by the younger generation. Women with an aesthetic sense and an eye for beautiful sarees can wear and flaunt these lovely drapes. Especially for Durga pooja occasions, no Bengali woman can resist herself from a bright Bengali saree to feel closer to the divinity!

Different Types Of Bengali Sarees with Images:

Here are the top 15 Authentic Bengali sarees are as follows.

1. Tant Sari:

Tant variety is another Bengali saree name, which comes in cotton material. This stunning orange Tant saree is a sure winner! Tant sarees are one of the best handloom sarees in the Bengali cotton varieties. This particular piece is a classic example of the beauty of the Tant variety. It is extremely lightweight and comes with subtle motifs all over the body and ornate designs on the pallu and the border.

  • Saree Design: Orange and Black Tant Saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Work wear and Casual Events
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

2. Tussar Silk Saree:

This green tussar silk saree is among the finest Bengali varieties. It displays opulence with its all-over weave. The saree can be draped with a single pallu or adjusted to make multiple pleats. Either way, the rich chevron style design shows up on the saree. You can pair it with red accessories and a white blouse for a stunning look!

  • Saree Design: Green Printed Tussar Silk Saree
  • Material: Tussar Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Festivals and Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

3. Baluchari Sari:

This orange and grey Baluchari saree is a show-stopper. It is one of the finest weaves which displays the skill of the artisans. The saree’s pallu is a beautiful depiction of mythological scenes from Indian culture. Woven with gold and zari, the saree looks like a real screen to witness the beauty of our heritage. It is best paired with gold jewellery.

  • Saree Design: Orange and Grey Ethnic Motifs Woven Baluchari Saree
  • Material: Organza
  • Preferred Occasion: Weddings and Grand Events
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

4. Murshidabad Silk Saree:

This lovely Murshidabad silk saree is a pure work of art. It comes in the iconic Murshidabad tussar silk. The saree’s teal blue body is complemented by beautiful hand-painted pictures all over the pallu and border. If you are an art lover, there can be no better pick than this stunning piece. Pair it with a black blouse and accessories to complete your look!

  • Saree Design: Teal blue Murshidabad Saree With Hand-painted Pallu
  • Material: Murshidabad Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Evening Parties
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

5. Dhaniakhali Cotton Saree:

If you love cotton sarees, this is one of the must-buy pieces. The beautiful yellow saree has maroon printed motifs all over it. The fish-printed border looks rich and elegant with the red colour combination. You can pair this saree with a nice red blouse and contrast-coloured accessories to look like a million bucks!

  • Saree Design: Yellow and Maroon Dhaniakhali Cotton Saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual and Work Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

6. Kantha Saree:

Kantha work sarees are popular for their intricate and elaborate thread work. This purple Vintage Kantha work saree is one of the best pieces in this design. The saree is adorned with all-over Kantha work, which portrays the beauty of the Warli style. This saree is best paired with a simple white blouse to make the saree stand out. Wear a strand of pearls, and you are ready to rock the world!

  • Saree Design: Purple and White Kantha Work Saree
  • Material: Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Ethnic Wear and Festivals
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

7. Korial Saree:

Korial sarees are usually white, as the name indicates “spotless”. This Korial Banarasi saree is definitely a spotless piece with its rich and opulent weave. The cream and peach combination is a match made in heaven. Wear it to any wedding and watch all the cameras follow you. This saree is best paired with a nice choker and a contrast-coloured blouse.

  • Saree Design: Cream and Peach Korial Banarasi Silk Saree
  • Material: Banarasi Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Weddings and Receptions
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

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8. Shantipuri Cotton Saree:

Shantipuri cotton sarees are known for simplicity and elegance. This particular piece reflects the true spirit of this variety with this soothing cream and red combination. The saree has a fine weave, making it soft and comfortable even in extremely hot climates. The speciality of this saree is the cluster of butis on the pallu which renders a graceful look.

  • Saree Design: Cream Shantipuri Saree With Red Border
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Everyday Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

9. Phulia Cotton Saree:

This fresh and soothing blue coloured saree is one of the finest examples of Bengal cotton sarees’ beauty. The saree has a navy blue colour and has an embellished check design. This piece’s highlight is the pallu, which is adorned by a group of creepers, which gives the illusion of real vines hugging your body. It is best paired with a simple blouse.

  • Saree Design: Navy Blue Phulia Cotton Checks Saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Everyday Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

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10. Begumpur Cotton Saree:

This black Begumpur cotton saree is instant love! The black shade of the saree is complemented with pink and maroon hues. It is adorned by geometrical patterns and motifs to add a touch of creativity to this otherwise simple-looking saree. This saree is apt for work wear, particularly in the summer season. Who’s bright? The sun, or you??

  • Saree Design: Black Begumpur Cotton Saree With Maroon and Pink
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Everyday and Work wear
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

11. Batik Saree:

Batik sarees are one of the most popular Bengali sarees. This particular piece exemplifies the beauty of the age-old art of printing on fabrics. The saree comes in a cotton silk material and is hand-printed using wax-resistant dyes. The bright and bold colour combination of rust orange, white and red colours makes this a stunning piece. The pleats are kept simple in a cream colour to complement the beauty of this design.

  • Saree Design: Red and White Batik Print Saree
  • Material: Cotton Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Everyday and Work wear
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

12. Gharode Saree:

Gorode sarees come in a classic combination of red and white, the iconic combination of a typical Bengali saree. It has a classic plain red border against the pure white body. A designer element is added to the saree with an embroidered inner border and mango motifs on the pallu. This saree is best paired with a red colour blouse and white accessories to look stunning.

  • Saree Design: Red and White Gharode Silk Saree
  • Material: Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Religious Ceremonies
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

13. Matka Silk Saree:

If you are looking for a dignified look at a corporate party, try this teal green Matka silk saree. It has a golden zari border and abstract weaves to create beautiful leaf patterns on the saree. It is best paired with a raw silk blouse to complement the beauty of this saree. You can also opt for green or blue-coloured jewellery to look stunning!

  • Saree Design: Tean Green Matka Silk Saree
  • Material: Matka Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Small Gatherings
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

14. Tangail Sarees:

This lovely Tangail cotton saree in green is a treat for sore eyes. Its light, breezy feel and soothing hue make it a perfect choice for India’s humid weather. The saree is adorned with small butis all over the body and a gorgeous mango buti border on the inside. The outer border is kept simple with navy blue stripes to complement the base colour.

  • Saree Design: Green Tangail Cotton saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual and Everyday Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: All Body Types

15. The Latest Bengali Saree: The Trend!

Image Source: Pinterest

This looks so simple, but actually, this is the real deal! Women love such simple sarees which look so alluring without sporting any kind of fancy colours. The saree will look even more appropriate if you can saree wear in the Bengali style. The pattern that this saree displays is worth mentioning. You will also admire the pattern once you look at the border portion and some very small patterns on the white base. This can be sported during the Bengali Durga puja and other festive occasions. No Bengali wardrobe is ever complete without this.

  • Saree Design: White and Red Cotton Bengali Saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Religious Events
  • Suitable Body Type: All body types

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How To Style A Bengali Saree?

These hacks are sure to help you style your Bengali saree with perfection:

  • Bengali sarees have a unique way of draping. This style is what sets these sarees apart from the rest.
  • If you are wearing a Bengali saree, don’t forget the big round bindi on your face.
  • Most Bengali sarees come with the pallu pleated on top of the left shoulder. So, choose a saree with a rich pallu design.
  • You can wear a bun with a gajra to sport the ideal Bengali woman look.

Suitable Blouses For Bengali Sarees:

Bengali sarees are best teamed with plain and simple blouses. The best style is a front- or back-open blouse with long sleeves. For a different look, you can also try a puffed-sleeve blouse. Also, experiment with various fabrics, such as jacquard and Benares, to complement the simplicity of the Bengali sarees.

So ladies, are you getting ready to look like Parvati? We are sure you can pull off her look effortlessly by choosing one of these beautiful sarees and following the hacks we just revealed! While the saree draping style of Bengal may look difficult, with practice, you can master it in a few attempts. The real beauty of the saree comes out only when you drape the saree well. So, before wearing it to a party, check out some videos and master the art! What are you waiting for? It’s time to woo Mr Devdas!

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