Be it any occasion or for some routine wear, the shimmer cloth sarees have always been amazing for any time wear. The saree has always given the women modern with an ethnic touch. With rich influences, these sarees have always captured the hearts of women willing to have a different look suitable to their body.

The shimmer sarees came into fashion decades back. In the initial phase, it was worn by the Royal families when it was made out of pure silk material. However, later the common women began to wear the latest shimmer sarees for various occasions. Be it a simple plain, printed or embroidered saree, the shimmer effect is sure to keep it different from the other sarees with a charming look to the wearer.

Importance of Shimmer Sarees:

Shimmer saree collection is something that brings both traditional apparel and modernised pattern to a single design. The combination is capable of carrying out the importance of traditions while giving out a designer touch to the look with various twists and turns. The shimmer sarees give even the simple sarees a fabulous look that can be affordable to the middle-class women. Again, the shimmering material gives a perfect match to any material which makes it the favorite of the saree designers.

Features of Shimmer Sarees:

No doubt, the shimmer sarees in India are similar to other sarees, yet there are some features that make them stand differently.

Here they are,

  • They can be used with any other material.
  • Can give a designer touch to even simple sarees.
  • Best for women looking for sober saree designs for occasions.
  • They prove to be the best backgrounds for embroidery work, stonework, etc.
  • They are the best combination to designer blouses.

These were some of the common features of the shimmer sarees.

Which Age Group Women is Preferred Wearing This Saree?

The most important attraction of the shimmer saris is that it can be worn by any age group women . Yes, just take a look at the shimmer saree collection and you shall come to know that with different color shades, material and designs, it can give the woman of any age a graceful look. While women that are still young, the shimmer sarees come with designer designs and latest embroidery, for the women above 40 the sarees have sober designs with light colors too.

Which Body Shape is Preferred for Shimmer Sarees?

Are you looking fat or are you too slim? No matter whatever body shape or size you come with, the shimmer material saree is what would give you the best look. For the bulky or pear-shaped ones, the saree helps in looking slim, while for the slim ladies, the saree is capable of revealing all you perfect curves to give a sensuous look. With different wearing or wrapping styles, the saree proves to be the best companion for a stylish appearance.

Stylish Saree Designs in Shimmer Material with Images:

Want to differ from others with an ethnic look! Try the new shimmer sarees.

1. Shimmer Plain Saree:

Want to give yourself a sophisticated yet elegant look in parties? Why go with designs and prints when the Shimmer plain sarees can help you with the best provocative look!

Saree Design and Fabric: This amazing silver shimmer saree made from georgette material gives a stylish look. The plain saree can be well carried along with the best designer blouse in black for a stunning look with the utmost integrity. To give it a designer touch, the pallu ends are given a hanging charm in black that matches the blouse.

Occasions to Wear: This design is best to be worn in parties, receptions, and other similar events.

2. Shimmer Georgette Saree:

Looking for that pure touch with light in weight saree with some mild designs on it! Here is one such piece of work that is sure to touch your heart with the border work in a classic touch.

Saree Design and Fabric: This is among the magical shimmer georgette sarees that are given a candor design too. The saree in brown is given a silver patchwork that makes the pallu a rich look. Apart from it, the complete saree is designed with silver dotted design.

Occasions to Wear: Best for party wear, the saree can also be worn in marriages, receptions, etc.

3. Designer Shimmer Saree:

Want to match up the bride this wedding season with some classic designs yet with a touch of simplicity? The collection of designer shimmer sarees is what you need to check out that would make you go crazy.

Saree Design and Fabric: This lovely design is made out in shimmer silk material. The saree for a heavy look is to give astonishing work with embroidery designs. The complete sari and the highlighting pallu are also given zari work, thread work, and coding work for some detailed finishing.

Occasions to Wear: The saree prepares you with a complete wedding look, while it can also be worn in religious festivals too.

4. Shimmer Chiffon Saree:

Looking for an artistic looking saree that would be suitable for any function? All you need to do is get a crafty shimmer chiffon saree with floral prints and dual color shades.

Saree Design and Fabric: Designed from chiffon fabric, this artistic grey, and black shimmer saree is given dual shaded colors with big floral prints in the lower patli. Again to add some more beauty to the saree, a charismatic border is added in black with glitters and simple grey pallu.

Occasions to Wear: This ornated saree can be carried in functions like parties, receptions, cocktail parties, and many more.

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5. Shimmer Net Saree:

Want to shine as a bride with something really awesome? How about the shimmer net saree with a designer touch through laces and embroidered borders?

Saree Design and Fabric: Designed with a net and georgette material, this golden shimmer saree is given a bridal touch with amazing borders and embroidery all in golden. Again, the border is given a cutout design with different pallu and golden designer blouse that justifies its beauty.

Occasions to Wear: As the name suggests, this bridal design is the dream of any bride for her wedding as well as for some festive rituals too.

6. Shimmer Silk Saree:

Silk and shimmer have given out amazing designs to carry for every kind of occasion. Again, when different art pieces are crafted on the shimmer silk saree, it gives a marvelous look to the saree.

Saree Design and Fabric: Silk sarees have always been the best to wear, but when shimmer is added to it, it gives wonderful designs. This pink shimmer saree in silk is given a unique border with artistic design in green and white. The multiple color designs make the saree more adorable.

Occasions to Wear: Perfect for any occasion, this saree is widely worn on receptions, parties, events, etc.

7. Lycra Shimmer Saree:

White sarees hold a vital role in many traditions during weddings. A similar design in the form of Lycra shimmer saree is getting much popular among the women these days for any occasions.

Saree Design and Fabric: This admirable white shimmer saree comes in Lycra fabric. The saree is given dual designs where the saree is left plain white with a merely golden border, while the pallu is given a floral design along with small golden charms inside the whole saree.

Occasions to Wear: Apart from weddings, this saree is also popular for festivals, Sharad Purnima, Navratri, etc.

8. Golden Shimmer Saree:

Golden color, shimmer and net, all these are sure to give you the best piece of saree. Best for any celebration, the golden shimmer saree is sure to give a resplendent appearance.

Saree Design and Fabric: Designed by combining net and georgette material, this saree is given amazing net fabric over georgette material that gives the bottom with the shining look. The pallu is totally in golden work with wavy borders over the thick golden border. The saree is also given a golden blouse.

Occasions to Wear: Best for weddings, such designs can also be carried with similar pre-wedding functions and Navratri.

9. Red Shimmer Saree:

What a different look in red color? Red has remained an all-time favorite color for any occasion. Just have a look at this saree and you are surely going to fall for it.

Saree Design and Fabric: Designed with georgette material this black and red shimmer saree is a combination of various saree designs. The saree is full in red while the pally is in black and golden dot work in it. Again, the lower end of the saree is given floral handwork embroidery along with contrast border to the whole saree.

Occasions to Wear: Weddings, festivals, pujas, etc.

10. Silver Shimmer Saree:

Bored of wearing the same designs and prints in parties? Just click and have a look at this stunning design of silver shimmer saree you would not stop yourself from having one.

Saree Design and Fabric: Made out of Lycra material, this stunning saree is given a plain texture in silver color. The plain saree is combined with a contrast color designer blouse giving out floral-like design made out of georgette material. The saree gives a slim look to the wearer.

Occasions to Wear: Perfect for parties, this saree can be carried in pool parties, festive functions, receptions, etc.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Shimmer Sarees?

The shimmer material saree is a saree that would accompany any similar or contrast blouses. When the sarees are plain in design, then the blouse can be worn in a designer one with embroidery work, floral design work, handcraft work, stonework, silk thread work, etc. While for the sarees with prints, or designs, plain or border print sarees give the best look. The blouses are made from different materials like georgette, silk, chiffon, cotton, etc. according to the saree material selected.

How To Style Shimmer Sarees?

Shimmer cloth sarees are generally quite thin. They stick to the skin or body when worn. Hence, the saree can be worn in any styles like Bengali, Gujarati, Half Saree style, and many more. Again, when the saree comes with a rich pallu, the saree is designed in Gujarati style, Lehenga style, or Bengali style for a ravishing look. For a party look, this sequin saree is also draped with an open pallu or bounded one with related accessories.

If you are looking to add some spark to your look or your collection of splendid sarees selecting at least one among the various shimmer sarees India would be a great idea. The shimmer sarees are never out of date; as they add liveliness to any function with the shine and docility they come with. Currently, shimmer has become quite popular even in the wedding collection with either red or any of the light colors for giving the bride an exceptional look.

So, why to wait for the next collection of shimmer sarees? Rush to the market and get these evergreen designs today!

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