A pearl is a hard glistening object. It can be produced with soft tissues. It is generally derived from the living mollusc or any other animal. It is composed of calcium carbonate, which is a white colour. The crystal pearl is found in many sizes. The pearl work sarees are also designed with the help of colourful pearls. The pearls give birth in the Gulf of Mannar in Sri Lanka. Most of the valuable pearls are derived from the ancient time of King Devanampiya. The same work of pearls is inculcated to make beautiful and royal sarees. The main origin seems to be in Sri Lanka, with more than 100 varieties of pearls.

Pearl Work Saree Importance:

The pearl work sarees are beautiful in everything, whether look or standard. The same sarees are available in all varieties. The colourful pearls give a fascinating and different look to the saree. The borders can be decorated with beautiful pearls to give a natural look. Combining many different types of pearls can give an enhancing look. So, the pearl saree designs are the best option due to the importance of valuable pearls for some big functions.

Pearl Work Sarees Features:

The pearl work sarees are fascinated with top-class and valuable pearls to shine. Now, different designs come where the pearls can be found along the borders or somewhere mid-way on the saree. Some colourful combination of pearls can make it look admirable. Moreover, the pearl embroidery sarees come in a great collection with super and fascinating looks. So, the features of pearl saree designs are addicted to the use of pearls in different ways on the saree.

Which Fabrics are Used for Pearl Work Sarees?

The pattern of the saree can be any, but the real quality is measured by the use of fabric in sarees. The pearl work sarees use brocades, chanderi, chiffon, cotton, silk, georgette, linen, lycra, net, etc. These fabrics can be used for making a saree while using the pure essence of fabric. The pearl work sarees can be designed into different patterns and fabrics used to measure the quality of the saree. The pearl cotton sarees are one of the sarees from the collection.

Which Body Shape Women are Preferred?

The body shape has a major role in deciding which saree to be worn by which body shape. The pearl work sarees are for women having slim bodies. A slim body always gives an attractive look, whether in a saree or salwar suit. It is not only bounded to slim bodies only. A healthy body can also wear the pearl saris of fabric like cotton and silk. So, slim and fit bodies should accommodate the shine and worth of pearl work sarees.

Beautiful Collection of Pearl Work Sarees with pictures:

Let us look at the top-class pearl sari designs for weddings and royal functions.

1. Pearl Border Saree:

The pearl border sarees are designed along with borders with some colourful pearls. It gives it an attractive look. The pearl sari designs for the border are done with a thin lining of coloured or non-coloured pearls along the fine borders. So, these border sarees can be filled up with shining pearls to give an astonishing look. The fabric used is net for getting the best quality in the name of pearl work sarees. This saree can be seen worn at simple and small parties or functions.

2. Pearl Work Designer Saree:

The pearl work designer saris are fabricated with top-class pearls and varying designs to accommodate the real use of pearls. The designer’s sarees mean to have top-class designs on them. Some really good designs like a royal look and proper finishing can be provided to the saree. These designer sarees have silk or net fabric that gives quality as the main priority. The pearl work designer sarees can be kept for big functions or marriages.

3. Wedding Saree with Pearls:

The wedding sarees with pearls are specially worn during marriage functions. These sarees have a varied and good look. Some special designs in accordance with the pearls used are embedded into it. A pure touch of wedding saree can be expected from the same. These pearls can add shine to the overall look. These sarees are probably to be worn at grand functions and marriages.

4. Pearl Embroidery Sari:

The pearl embroidery saree is one of the most-wanted sarees from the collection of pearls. It has a different look in comparison to all other pearl sarees. The embroidered look and some shine would add stars to your look. Special embroidery designs are fitted into the saree for an astonishing look. The black saree with pearl work is one of the best sarees from embroidery collections. The occasions are to be big for fitting the pearl embroidery saree.

5. Pearl Lace Saree:

The pearl lace sarees are also designer saree that uses top lace. These laces can be fitted along the borders to give it a perfect look. The same collection varies in quality and design over the saree to bind some beautiful looks. The fabric used is linen or cotton to measure the overall quality. So, lace sarees also come in various other designs. Some occasions can be both small and big parties or functions.

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6. Pearl Cotton Saree:

The simplest collection from pearls comes for pearl cotton sari. A woman can wear it in summer. Small designs can be inculcated in the saree along with the borders or in between. These cotton sarees have a simple and admirable look for a slim body. Apart from simple, one can also get a designer pearl cotton saree with varied designs. The best color for pearl cotton saree can be pink. One can wear it on fine and simple functions or at small parties.

7. Plain Pearl Saree:

The best saree can be simple and plain. The same applies to plain pearl saree with very simple designs or no designs. The plain pearl saris are one of the most admirable sarees of all time. Most women love to wear fine and plain saree. The fabric used for the same is silk, cotton, and linen. The small functions and gatherings will be appropriate occasions to wear this saree.

8. Pink Sari with Pearl Work:

The pearl work saree can also be varied in terms of color. The pink color is the most suitable for young girls. The designer saree in pink colour can be chosen for good looks. A slim body can rock on the floor. The pink sarees can have the fabric of any type, like silk or cotton. The main use is of pearls in the overall saree. The pink saree with pearl work can be chosen for some fashion show and good functions.

9. Black Saree with Pearl Work:

The black color can always remain the choice of young women. It is most suitable for big parties. The design can be varied in terms of borders or lace. The black georgette pearl sari can be the best choice in this field. For the parties, one can wear silk fabric black pearl sarees. Here, some good looks can be provided with pearls on the borders. So, it depends on the woman on what type of saree to wear.

10. White Pearl Work Saree:

As the color is mentioned, the white essence can provide a true means of colourful pearls. The white pearl work saris are designed in various formats. Some of them can be embroidered, designers, cotton, silk pearls sarees. The fabric can be cotton for providing the best quality. Moreover, one can move to some designer white pearl saree. This saree is suitable to be worn for small gatherings or parties.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Pearl Work Sarees?

The blouse has a major role in deciding the overall look of women in saree. The pearl work sari can also get you some pearl work blouse. When you are attending the royal functions or parties, then the blouse should match in accordance with the pattern and color of saree. And if you are a part of a small gathering then it is your choice to have the same pattern blouse. So, a suitable blouse is the one which matches with the pearl work saris.

How to Care for Pearl Work Sarees?

This sarees are expensive and beautiful which requires more care to be maintained. The care is mainly to be done for the pearls which can get off due to some un stitching. This can degrade the look of saree. So, special care is to be maintained by keeping the saree at a safe place and avoid them from kids as they can snatch away these pearls. So, one has to maintain the proper care for wearing a proper pearl sari.

The pearl work sarees are an effort of pure dedication and the use of fabric from the workers. These pearls are said to be valuable as they can change the overall look of the saree. The most enhancing sarees are silk, embroidery, cotton, designers, wedding pearl work saris. The pearl saree designs are also admirable for slim bodies. Most women choose pearl sarees for marriage purposes. It can differentiate you from others. One can get any saree from the collection mentioned above. At the same time, one has to maintain the proper care of this sarees.

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