Kerala cotton saree designs are attractive costumes that can wear on any day for any event. India has long since established its national wear as the saree, a simple one-piece garment that wraps around the body. For the better part, the sarees come in different shades, colours, and fabric patterns. This comes from different states in India, too, where different cultures share different patterns and hues. Our admiration for the Kerala saree will never die.

Kerala sarees come in silk, cotton and handloom. It is predominantly white with a single-colour border. Sometimes, there would be attractive border designs spun around major themes of Ramayana or Krishna tales. Sometimes, it would be simple abstract designs. The attractive designs and patterns are a treat to the eyes. The blouse is also white in colour that will match the border of the saree. Kerala sari is known as the national costume of women of the Kerala community. Its grace and appeal of the golden borders attractively contrast the plain white Mundum neryathum, as it is traditionally known of Keralite women symbolizes the Malayali women. It is traditionally worn on Onam and even on any other special occasion. The attire is usually preferred at weddings of Hindus.

Latest and Beautiful Models of Kerala Cotton Sarees:

Here is your guide to the many attractive shades of Kerala sarees that are gaining popularity In India.

1. Black Kerala Saree with Orange Borders:

Orange is the new colour this gen is sporting, and this season it is all about brightness in colour terms. When orange is paired with a solid black, it looks astoundingly beautiful and pairs in the best of these two colours. The black is in pure chiffon with wide orange borderlines. Along the pallu of the saree, there are horizontal strips that add to the look.

2. White Kerala Cotton Saree:

Often Kerala colours are usually mellow and sober, with most of the hues being bathed in sobriety. This is one of the authentic Kerala sarees with a satin white base. The borderline, or the par as we say, is made of satin gold that accentuates the body’s whiteness. But it is mainly the original colour filling the pallu and the borderline that steals the show. Notice the design in the pallu; that is a beautiful painting.

3. Red Printed Cotton Saree:

This saree is filled with life and colour where the sultry lust is thrown in a pile of nude and black hues, and the patterns that came out mesmerize us. The base colour for the saree is oxblood red which is somewhat matte yet beautiful. The rest of the saree and the borderline are beige with blue floral and black detailing.

4. Yellow Kerala Saree with Pink Border:

This saree is thrown in a mix and match of fun, lively colours. The saree has a base colour of white on the front upside, where the soft lines define the scarce pattern of the upper half. The borderline of the saree is made into a sweet pink, and for the lower part, the canary yellow will be a brilliant choice with the beautiful black detail work.

5. Off White and Gold Saree:

The gold can be derived from the authentic satin wide borderline veiling the saree, but for the rest of the saree, the body and all is in a sober nude colour of off-white and beige. The entire saree is a perfect look paired with a golden or copper-gold blouse to match the saree or the little detailing work on the pallu. This is a slightly modified Kerala cotton saree.

6. Dark Peach Kerala Cotton Saree:

This can be an easy everyday saree for you, which is quite trendy and, at the same time, sober enough for an everyday look. The base colour of the saree is a deep peach which looks amazing when paired with different pink shades on the borderline. One can even pair this with a black blouse.

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7. Plain Pink Saree with Designer Border:

The best mention goes to the rose flowers made of a perfect white, but that is not only why we heart this saree so much. The base colour of the saree here is a satin pink with a deeper and thinner horizontal striped look. The border of the saree, however, looks magnificent in royal blue. An off-white blouse colour could be an ideal choice.

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8. Kerala Half and Half Saree:

This is a perfect saree for a wedding or reception occasion when the exuberance and extravagance of the garment would sit well with the situation. The lower end of the saree is off-white with soft peach work, and the upper part is a soft pink. The sari is heavily jewelled, stoned and ornamented.

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9. Simple Kerala Cotton Saree:

This is the ultimate Kerala cotton saree that is plain simple. It has a beautiful and small golden border. However, it requires some effort to maintain. After you wash the saree, ensure to dip it in starch solution and then rinse well. Dry it in sunlight. This process will ensure the cotton saree stays stiff and does not crumble after one wash. Match it with a sleeveless designer blouse or a normal blouse with a golden border.

10. Kerala Saree with Design:

Here is a Kerala white cotton saree with minimal design all over the body of the saree. The design in red is a beautiful contrast to the saree in full white colour. Match it with your style of a blouse or keep it sleeveless. Minimal jewellery and matching bangles will give you the classy look you always wanted.

11. Printed Colourful Kerala Saree:

Take a look at this beautiful and vibrant colourful Kerala cotton printed saree that is mild to the eyes yet gorgeous. The body of the saree is a mix of yellow and print alternatively stacked. Match it with the same colour bangles. A sleeveless blouse will be the right choice for this saree. Wear this for any casual party or occasion.

12. Off-White Handloom Saree:

This is an off-white red/mustard embroidered Kerala cotton handloom saree. Kerala handloom cotton sarees exhibit the pure beauty and the effort that is taken to perfect them. The border has a red colour of a thin strip. Try out a normal blouse to keep it simple and match it with some beautiful jewellery to complete the look.

13. Kerala Cotton Kasavu Saree:

Kasavu, as it is traditionally known, is the traditional Kerala saree design that is a truly simple white saree with a golden colour. The golden border is a beautiful contrast to the white colour, and usually, a golden blouse or white blouse with a golden border is preferred. Leave it floating or drape it the way you like.

14. Off-White Kasavu Saree:

This is a traditional off-white kasavu that has a simple off-white border. A simple bangle and a matching blouse will go well with the kerala saree. The pallu has alternate golden and off-white strips that wonderfully match the saree, making it look extremely simple and light.

Kerala sarees are inspired to look simple extremely simple. Whether you like a sleeveless blouse or a full length one, they never fail to impress. Pick out from the range of cotton, silk, printed and kasavu sarees that come in a range of colour shades and patterns. But it online or get down to browse through the shop collection and pick out what you like the best. Don’t forget to flaunt in style. This summer, keep it simple with some beautiful Kerala shades!

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