Nauvari means nine yards. These sarees are made using a single 9-yard cloth, where the term “Nauvari” appears. They sport some of the best designs for sarees ever and sport some unique patterns done on them. If you are looking for a different version of sarees that follow a different trend of designs and unique patterns, this will be one of the finest. The alluring pattern done on them are quite eye-catching and will be suitable for all women out there.

The Nauvari is a timeless and traditional Maharashtrian saree that has survived generations. Haven’t we seen Madhuri Dixit to Deepika Padukone wear them in style and grace?

What is interesting is that the Nauvari style saree has its roots in war. During the earlier times, Maratha women fought battles alongside the men and felt the need for a garment that aided free movement. This idea gave birth to the Nauvari saree. Interesting, isn’t it? The added comfort comes from the relief that you don’t have to wear a petticoat under it!

Beautiful Nauvari Sarees for Women With Images:

Here are the top 18 types of Nauvari sarees, along with their brief description, that you definitely should know about.

1. Blue Nauvari Silk Saree:

This is a quite simple Nauvari saree that sports an awesome design done on it. The alluring pattern that this saree displays on the pallu portion, which is later pulled to the top to cover the head, is one of the best things about this saree. It is primarily for that particular design that people will find this saree very alluring. It is so beautiful that it can be easily said to be one of the finest sarees of all time under Nauvari sarees.

2. Brahmani Nauvari Saree:

This is yet another amazing-looking Nauvari saree style. This saree’s awesome pattern will be totally suitable for all women willing to look their best with the Indian clothing style. The purple colour on this saree and the yellowish pattern on the pallu portion is probably some of the finest things about this saree.

3. Cotton Blend Nauvari Saree:

This is one of the finest Nauvari sarees of all time. It has a cotton mix, which makes this a comfortable wear. The purple colour goes hand in hand with the design done on it, and for all the good features that this particular saree showcases, it can be claimed to be one of the finest Nauvari sarees of all time.

4. Bollywood Beauty Selective Nauvari Saree With Big Border:

Here is an amazing Nauvari saree pattern that has been once sported by one of the finest Bollywood beauties of all time. This one is so amazing that almost any woman out there will be more than willing to sport this one. The pattern done on the borders and the front portion makes it so wearable, and for all the great features, it can be said to be one of the best Nauvari sarees of all time.

5. Artistic Nauvari Paithani Saree:

Here is one of the best sarees of all time. This Nauvari Paithani saree is one of the finest ones out there, and for all the massive reasons, it is one of those things that women will love to wear on special occasions if they are really willing to sport the Indian look. The artistic patterns done on this beautiful saree will be suitable for all women in love with colours. Since there is a severe display of colours in this particular Nauvari saree, then this might be the one for you.

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6. Yellow Nauvari Saree:

If you need one of the finest sarees of all time, then this might be the right one for you. The yellow colour of this saree is definitely something that all the women out there admire. You will be heartily appreciated for sporting this saree everywhere you wear it.

7. Bright Pink Nauvari Saree:

Here is a Nauvari saree that sports the colour pink, and for a good reason, it is one of the finest Nauvari sarees that one will ever find. The best features of this particular saree are the bright pink colour along with the heavy metallic pall pattern. The small intricate designs done on them over the pink surface is one of the best things about this saree, and that is why this saree can be said to be so beautiful.

8. Marathi Nauvari Saree:

The colour that this saree shows off is primarily one of the finest stuff about this saree. The best thing about this saree is that women will be extremely comfortable sporting such an awesome design on the body. The borders are quite well-decorated as well. This saree can be said to be the perfect package of traditional beauty with style.

9. Adorable Nauvari Saree:

Here is something that almost all women out there will admire. The awesome pattern that this saree sports alongside the beautiful colour inspire almost all men and women. If you are willing to sport your best, then this is something you want.

10. Casual Cotton Nauvari Saree:

This is definitely one of the simplest Nauvari sarees of all time. The awesome texture that this saree display is something that all saree lovers don’t get to witness every day. If you are willing to carry your best appearance, then this might be something that will help you with that. Try out this comfortable Nauvari saree design.

11. Sparkling Designer Nauvari Saree:

Here, we have one of the most attractive Nauvari sarees that one will ever find. If you are willing to sport the new look in the designer business, this is definitely the right thing for you. It will go hand in hand with a blouse of similar colour. In case you are wondering about making a grand appearance anywhere, here is the best choice for you. A contrasting colour blouse will add to the beauty.

12. Purple South Indian Jacquard Nauvari Saree:

Here is a purple saree falling under the category of Nauvari sarees. The small intricate patterns done on the surface of this saree will get the job done for making you look very impressive. The saree is inspired to look like a South Indian style and serves just that. Match them with a nice blouse of a fancy pattern and minimal jewellery to make a grand look.

13. Maharashtrian Designer Nauvari Saree:

This is again a beautiful looking Nauvari saree look, that is a designer saree. The expressive feature of this saree basically comes because the colour is one of the best things about this particular designer saree. This will be another orange Nauvari saree for a wedding. Match them with beautiful bangles, earrings and necklaces to get that perfect bridal look. Shine through and make eyes turn!

14. Tamil-Looking Nauvari Saree:

If you’re looking for something totally new and alluring, this will help you by making you look extremely alluring. This is inspired by the traditional Tamil look, one that is bright and good looking. This Nauvari saree is truly traditional and beautiful.

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15. Pune Designer Nauvari Saree:

Last but not least, this is again one of the finest Nauvari sarees of all time that sports a very attractive pattern done on the body. The pallu is definitely one of the best features of this saree, and for all the good reasons, this saree will be totally fine for women who are willing to sport their best image via a saree.

Best Nauvari Sarees For Wedding:

The Nauvari saree bridal collection offers a range of colours and patterns, and selections to choose from. Take a look at the ready-made Nauvari sarees collection that are bridal look inspired.

1. Traditional Wedding Nauvari Saree:

This saree is full yellow and is a typical Maharashtrian Nauvari saree, draped authentically as a Marathi. It has a minimal design and is plain throughout the body and pallu. The borders are slightly shiny and light blue to give a contrasting look.

2. Wedding Nauvari Saree Full Red:

Yet another Nauvari saree that is simply breathtaking. This bridal season, try out this authentic bridal red Nauvari saree that has dots all over the body on white. The blouse is of the same colour and is inspired to look simple with a minimal accessory. How about this bright red coloured Nauvari saree?

3. Contrastive Nauvari Saree for Wedding:

This classic Nauvari saree is a full rose in colour on the body and green on the colour. The contrastive colours are attractive and eye-catchy. The blouse is also a green colour. Match the saree with some nice accessories to give it a grand look. Pose in style!

Sarees are, any day, a women’s favourite. Be it the traditional wear in silk or casual cotton, all of them drape you to comfort and perfection. The beauty increases when you match it with the right blouse. Simple draping or the traditional way, some accessory with it is an added magic that will add to the charm. Try out the range of collections, most of them simple and classy! Wear them in style and walk in comfort!

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