15 Stylish Bollywood Celebrity Saree Looks 2019

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Did you know that most of the trendy sarees that women are sporting these days are inspired by the ones sported by the Bollywood divas? These sarees sport almost a similar pattern as the ones that the celebs carry. The designer work hard making a replica of that and sometimes in that process, they make something much better than the initial one. In this article, we will be discussing some Bollywood sarees for all women who want to look stylish and sport the B town vibe.

Indian Actress Saree Collection with Pictures:

The top 15 latest Bollywood saree designs with pictures are as follows.

1. The Designer Saree Sported By Deepika Padukone:

bollywood sarees

This is one of the best sarees sported by a celebrity in Bollywood ever. The colour is so sober that almost all women will be willing to carry this on their body. The pattern that this shows off on the border portion can be said to be the prime attractive feature about this one and for all the amazing features it is the Bollywood saree you can sort this year. One can surely trust this perfect Bollywood diva and can feel comfortable in confident in this kind of saree. Sporting this particular saree with a shiny blouse will increase the allure.

2. The Black Bollywood Elegant Saree:

Black Bollywood Elegant Saree

If you are looking for beautiful Bollywood sarees, then this might be one of the. The saree looks equally good from either sides and for all the good features sported by this saree it can be said to be one of the best Bollywood sarees that a woman can think of wearing. It does look good with a black blouse. The design on the lower portion of the saree is something that raises the beauty bar for this one. Women crave for sporting Bollywood-inspired sarees like this at parties.

3. The South Indian Celebrity Designer Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-South Indian Celebrity Designer Saree 3

This saree was sported by the evergreen Shriya Saran at an event. A South Indian designer came up with the idea of making such a fantastic saree. The design has been followed for more than once and it can be said to be one of the most admired Bollywood sarees of all time. Women think of carrying such a saree at special places including parties, festive occasions, etc and many other similar platforms. The colour and the design combination is one of the best features of this saree/

4. The Madhuri Dixit Pink Alluring Designer Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-Madhuri Dixit Pink Alluring Designer Saree 4

Here is another amazing-looking saree of all time that sports a pretty alluring pattern done almost throughout the body. The small attachment design pattern is probably one of the best things about this saree and for all the amazing features sported by this saree, it can be claimed to be one of the finest sarees of all time that is sported by a celebrity in Bollywood. Anyone who sports such a saree will look like a total Indian diva and will be appreciated for exhibiting such a beautiful version of the traditional Indian woman clothing.

5. The Pink Wedding Bollywood Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-Pink Wedding Bollywood Saree 5

Here we have an awesome-looking pink saree that follows the Bollywood saree pattern. The saree looks really good on the woman in the picture below and can be said to be one of the finest wedding sarees of all time. It is not a bridal saree but will be suitable to wear for those who are attending the occasion.

6. The Embroidered Bollywood Saree:

Embroidered Bollywood Saree

Here is a designer Bollywood saree suitable for all the women out there who are willing to sport the ethnic Indian look. The ravishing embroidered work done on it is one of the basic attractive features about this saree.

7. The Bollywood Party Wear Saree:

Bollywood Party Wear Saree 7

Here is a party wear saree that comes with the Bollywood designer saree touch. If you’re looking for something totally alluring, then this might be the one that can be said to be totally suitable for you.

8. The Purple Net Material Bollywood Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-Purple Net Material Bollywood Saree 8

The net material used in making this one truly makes a woman look extremely gorgeous. The awesome pattern done on this is very beautiful and if you are willing to sport your best self with the help of the traditional Indian clothing items, then this will be the one suitable for you.

9. The Blue Silk Designer Saree:

The Blue Silk Designer Saree 9

Here is a fine-looking designer saree that comes with a ravishing pattern done on the body. The whole body of the saree is done quite beautifully and for its magnificent artistic work this can be claimed to be one of the best one’s in its category.

10. The Alluring Designer Saree Inspired By Bollywood Beauties:

Bollywood Sarees-Alluring Designer Saree Inspired By Bollywood Beauties 10

This is one of the finest sarees that has been made inspired by the designer looks sported by the top notch Bollywood divas. If you are looking for something alluring, then this can be said to be the right one for you.

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11. The Net Crape Bollywood Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-Shriya Saran Pink Designer Bollywood Saree 11

Here we have yet another awesome-looking Bollywood saree. The awesome work done on this one looks like the work of a true saree designer.

12. The Charming Navy Blue Fancy Bollywood Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-Charming navy Blue Party Wear Bollywood Saree 12

The design done on this one is being followed on a popular basis and for that this one can be said to be one of the finest-looking sarees of all time. It looks good with the blouse and is one of the things that women will love to sport.

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13. The Navy Blue Georgette Bollywood Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-Navy Blue Georgette Saree 13

This is one of the best-looking Bollywood sarees a woman can ever wear. The awesome pattern that this one displays near the bottom and on the sides are quite fascinating.

14. The Colorful Heavy Embroidered Bollywood Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-Colorful Heavy Embroidered Bollywood Saree 14

Here is a good-looking Bollywood saree that comes with a beautiful mixture of two colours and for all it’s good features it has been claimed to be one of the best Bollywood sarees of all time.

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15. The Green And Beige Silk Bollywood Saree:

Bollywood Sarees-Green And beige Silk Bollywood Saree 15

There are several talented silk saree designers working in Bollywood and this one is out their best selections. You can wear it at a party or at a wedding to look gorgeous.

I hope that you may like all the above Bollywood sarees and which are suitable for parties and traditional functions also.