Indigo is a natural organic dye used to colour fabrics in blue shades. Indigo-coloured sarees are gaining popularity, mainly because of their natural hue and the fabric’s breathability. Primarily used on cotton or chanderi, Indigo sarees are an instant hit among young girls and aged women alike. They are perfect for office wear and can make you look very elegant. These sarees come in many block prints and tie and dye models to choose from. Each saree is unique in its own way, and in this article, we have compiled some of the best Indigo Sarees to choose from.

Best and Latest Collection of Indigo Colour Sarees for Women:

Let’s look at the top and new models of indigo sarees with images.

1. Indigo Silk Saree:

This lovely saree comes in an embroidered buta floral work with a silver zari border. It is designed on dola silk for that shine and stiffness. This is the best design if you want a saree other than cotton. It is lovely for evening wear, and a nice German silver accessory can elevate your outfit.

2. Indigo Cotton Sarees:

This Indigo white Dabu printed cotton saree speaks for style and comfort. It has soothing palettes of white and blue that will drive your Monday blues. Perfect for work wear, this saree can also be worn for small kitty parties. Beat the heat with this breezy, lightweight saree.

3. Indigo Chanderi Sarees:

This gorgeous Indigo block-printed chanderi saree is a head-turner. It has a unique print on the borders of the saree that stands as a highlight. The pallu portion also features a beautiful pattern, and the saree has a shaded pattern.

4. Zari Border Indigo Saree:

This particular Indigo saree has a unique border design, simultaneously looking sober and stylish. The light yellow pattern throughout the design is the main thing that makes this pattern look unique.

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5. Indigo Saree With White Pattern:

Besides just borders, this whole blue coloured saree seems to be covered in white. The patterns did look very artistic and eye-catching, and probably everyone will love them. If you are attending a religious festival, this will be one of the finest things out there.

6. Indigo Mulmul Cotton Saree:

This particular Indigo saree comes with an awesome pattern. The white pattern was done on it to sport a vertical pattern rather than the random pattern, as it did in the previous saree design. On the borders, there is a different kind of design, one of the most attractive features of this particular Indigo saree design.

7. Designer Indigo Saree:

This saree can be worn with designer patterns, making the whole collection look magnificent. This saree is nothing too fancy, but it can be the sport for special events. The saree sports a white block print and zari border design.

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8. Floral Printed Indigo Saree:

This floral printed saree offers the model in this picture a festive look. You will also be able to acquire this look. The small patterns are very beautiful, and you can sport them with the utmost confidence because you’ll look ravishing in this designer saree.

9. Indigo Shibori Saree Design:

Are you looking for something unique to sport this summer? This is one of the best ones out there. It can be sported with a sleeveless as well as a half-sleeve blouse. The white patterns are very pretty, and you can wear this particular designer saree at many other events, including family gatherings, festivals, etc.

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Indigo sarees might look alike, but on close observation, you notice that so many shades, fabrics and prints are offered in these sarees. They are extremely comfortable and versatile so that you can pair them with many blouses. Whether you like, a journalist-type high-collared look or a cute girl for her college party looks, opting for the right blouse can transform the Indigo saree to suit the occasion. Go Indigo this season.

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