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Gharchola Sarees – Wear These Sarees To Know Your Tradition

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The Gharchola saree is an age-old saree from the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It began in Khambat which is in Gujarat, where these sarees were used exclusively for weddings. As Khambat was a port, many traders passed from this place and brought in the weavers of silk. This added to the greatness of the Gharchola saree. As these weavers were good in the art of dying, they produced rich colors of red which are now synonymous with wedding attire.

The Gharchola saree has a distinguishing pattern which is a grid. This is used for brides to enter her new home. The word ‘Ghar’ means home and ‘Chola’ means clothing so it is the costume that the bride wears when she enters her new home.

Gharchola Sarees Importance:

The Gharchola saree is a traditional saree that shows a welcome sign to the bride when she enters the bridegroom’s house. In a religious way, the mother of the groom gives this Gharchola to the bride. She then will drape it over her head to show respect and the blessings. This draping is also significant as it shows the love of the mother-in-law and the care that she will now take of her new daughter-in-law. The Gharchola is also used as part of the wedding rituals when it is tied to the groom’s stole.

Gharchola Saree Features:

Gharchola sarees are wedding sarees of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

  • The bride wears a Gharchola as a dupatta which she drapes over her head.
  • One end of the saree is tied at the waist in a pleat.
  • The other end is put on the right side shoulder.
  • You can also use this end of the saree to tie to the groom’s stole. This is normally done during rituals of the wedding when the pair go round the holy fire.

Which Fabrics is Used in Gharchola Sarees?

The traditional Gharchola saree is made with Venkatagiri cotton which is rich cotton from the state of Andhra Pradesh. This cotton has a lovely feel and shines to it which makes it perfect for weddings. The cotton is great for breathability too and absorbing all the rich colors like red, maroon, etc. You can also have Gharchola sarees in a silk and cotton mix, but pure silk is not advisable. Gaji silk is the only type of silk that can withstand the color dying process and the intricate work is done on the saree.

Which Body Shape Women are Preferred?

As the Gharchola is for bride’s it makes no difference what body shape you are in. The saree is perfect for all kinds of brides. They can be short, tall, slim or heavy built. The saree does not let you feel any different. You will look stunning and beautiful on your wedding day in a gorgeous Gharchola saree. So do not be disheartened about any body shape that you have as the Gharchola will make you look and feel like a queen on the day that is most important.

Types of Gharchola Sarees

1. Designer Gharchola Saree:

Gharchola Sarees

Here is a lovely designer Gharchola saree in orange and green. The grid pattern is famous and the gold zari that is all over the saree makes it perfect.

Design and Fabric: The gold zari on the border of the saree is very traditional. This saree is made good quality cotton. The rich colors of green and orange come right out. The bandhani print is also present on this saree.

Occasions to Wear: This saree is great to wear for weddings and even religious functions or occasions. So a bride can wear this saree even after the wedding day.

2. Bandhani Gharchola Saree:

Choose this wonderful saree in bright red for a perfect function. This bandhani Gharchola saree is just right for you to look sexy in a red saree. Here you can choose the range of colors and deep hues that this saree comes in.

Design and Fabric: The design of this saree is basically a bandhani check pattern with tie-dye features. So the red and white combination along with gold looks very beautiful. The saree is made in gaji silk and this gives it a lovely shine.

Occasions to Wear: The shine of the fabric is good for special days like festivals, receptions, etc.

3. Gharchola Silk Saree:

Here is a beautiful Gharchola silk saree made with the traditional gaji silk material. This pure silk fabric is perfect with the Gharchola work on the body. Wear this stunning piece for your most important day.

Design and Fabric: The design of this saree includes designer hand work on the palla and the body. Thread work border and motifs line the saree to make it stunning. The gaji silk fabric is rich and gives a bright tone.

Occasions to Wear: This is surely for special occasions like weddings, rituals, festivals, etc. Choose the perfect day to look perfect too.

4. Gharchola Panetar Saree:

If you are a bride from the Gujarat region then the best attire for you would be a Gharchola panetar saree. This wonderful saree has the bright colors of red and green. This makes the perfect Gharchola wedding saree.

Design and Fabric: The saree is made from the pure cotton Gharchola fabric. Here white with the red and green combination is made to turn into something exquisite. Worn in the traditional way, it will bring you many blessings.

Occasions to Wear: This is wedding attire, so the best occasion to wear this would be your wedding day. You can also wear them for other important functions.

5. Cotton Gharchola Saree:

This cotton Gharchola saree is just the right kind of saree for a bride. The bright red color of the saree brings out the fairness of the bride. The intricate dying process and the bandhani work that is done in the grid pattern is exquisite.

Design and Fabric: The cotton Gharchola saree has a grid pattern and within each grid, it has the bandhani tie-dye technique pattern. The gold zari border adds a rich touch to this saree.

Occasions to Wear: This is a perfect saree for the main wedding ceremony too. You can also wear this saree for festivals like Teej, etc.

6. Gharchola Zari Checks Saree:

The main design element of the Gharchola zari checks sarees is the check pattern. This is where the gold zari is made into squares and then the intricate design is done in the space in between. The Gharchola saree has pure zari work.

Design and Fabric: The fabric used for the Gharchola saree can be cotton or gaji silk. Here the zari is weaved in squares and tie-dye is done in between. This checked pattern is mostly done all over the saree.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear this saree for Diwali, Teej, Holi or other religious festivals. Weddings are also important days to wear them.

7. Bridal Gharchola Saree:

This is the perfect wedding attire for a bride of the Gujarat region. This bridal Gharchola saree is bright with colors and designs that are symbolic. The wedding day costume of the bride is beautiful and ethnic.

Design and Fabric: The bridal saree is made from pure shiny cotton. The design has a traditional grid pattern. Each grid has some design like birds, etc. The palla has more symbolic designs like a bride on a pallaki with the elephant, etc.

Occasions to Wear: This is purely a bride’s clothing on the wedding day. This is worn for the wedding rituals and as she enters her new home.

8. Georgette Gharchola Saree:

A wonderful georgette Gharchola saree, when worn by a beautiful woman, looks even more stunning. This pure georgette saree has all the makings of a fine heirloom piece. You will love to flaunt this saree at the next function you attend.

Design and Fabric: This saree is made with pure georgette and the intricate zari grid pattern is all over. The saree has a border of zari lines too and ends with Jhumkas. This is a typical Rajasthani work Gharchola saree.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear this saree for most religious occasions and festivals. This can also be carried well for a casual to the semi-formal occasion.

9. Pink and Orange Gharchola Saree:

This pink and orange Gharchola saree is another classic that you will love to wear for occasions. The colors are bright and beautiful. The saree has a festive look to it. Try this gorgeous saree and you will surely enjoy how you look in it.

Design and Fabric: The Gharchola saree has a plain body with a broad border of the grid pattern. The pink and orange color is color blocked on the body and this gives it a very modern touch.

Occasions to Wear: This is a perfect saree for festivals, occasions, pujas, etc. You can wear this saree for special days in the family too.

10. Satin Silk Gharchola Saree:

Here is a pure Gharchola satin saree that is awesome it looks. The colors of this saree are bold and bright. You will love to show off in this amazing hand work saree.

Design and Fabric: The fabric used here is pure satin silk. This gives the saree a very soft feel. The zari work done on the saree is throughout and in a grid pattern. The palla of the saree has full zari work done.

Occasions to Wear: This is a saree that you can wear for the most important functions. The festivals, home pujas, wedding receptions, etc are all places to wear this saree.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Gharchola Saree?

A Gharchola saree image will always show you a wonderful colorful blouse that is worn to accentuate the saree. This blouse can be of cotton or gaji silk. The color should be the color of the contrast in the saree. You can have zari work done on the blouse as well. The bride’s blouse will also have more intricate designs like thread work, zari work, patterns, and symbols. Making the blouse should also be of utmost importance. The cut and style of the blouse should reflect the customs as well as be modern to suit today’s generation bride.

How To Style Gharchola Saree?

The Gharchola saree can be styled in various ways:

  • When wearing it for the formal wedding ceremony, then you will need to drape it over your shoulder.
  • You can wear it in the regular Indian style for other festivals and functions.
  • Being a Gujarati attire, you can also wear it the Gujarati way with the palla drawn in front.
  • The intricate palla work should always be shown off, so do not pleat the palla on the shoulder.

The Gharchola saree is the epitome of the Gujarati and Rajasthani weavers and the creation. This gorgeous piece of fabric when woven with love, brings out the best. In rich hues of red and gold, this saree is what most women love to wear on the most important day of their lives. The Gharchola saree with its intricate grid pattern and the bandhani effect gives you the glorious look that sets you apart from others. So add this piece of history to your collection of sarees. Even if you are not from the state of Gujarat, it is great to have a saree from this place.