One of the timeless forms of embroidery techniques in India is the iconic “Zardosi”. It is also one of the oldest styles of designing fabrics, which originally came from the land of Persia. The Royal women have heavily patronised Zardosi Sarees for their grandiose and luxurious look. Their popularity reached a peak during the Mughal era, where these textiles were even used for decorative purposes.

This wedding season, let’s time travel to this fascinating period and recreate similar looks with these Zardozi work sarees and impress the crowd! The golden glow and lavish feel they lend is almost impossible to achieve with other varieties. So, why the wait? Read along as we discuss some interesting facts and details of these drapes, along with the 10 latest designs!

Importance Of Zardosi Sarees:

Although we are told that the Persian artisans introduced Zardosi, its mention in Rig Veda indicates its actual age. The name “Zardosi” is made with two words “, Zar” and “Dozi”, which when translated into English mean “Gold” and “Embroidery”. Pure golden threads and precious beads and stones were used to decorate a saree in the original process. Despite being centuries old, its popularity hasn’t faded and is now a source of promising livelihood to hundreds of artisans in the country.

Features of Zardosi Work Sarees:

Here are some of the characteristic features of these exquisite drapes:

  • Zardosi is a type of elaborate embroidery made with metallic threads of gold or silver into a sturdy fabric.
  • The cloth is first fastened onto a wooden frame, and then the pattern is traced on it.
  • Using a needle, the metal wires are inserted into the fabric in various designs. Elements like sequins, pearls, stones and crystals are added into this stitch for a rich look.
  • Different types of stitch techniques are adopted to produce different looks, like – Laid-Stitch, backstitch, satin stitch, running stitch etc.,
  • The output is a heavy design on the borders and the body of a saree, which usually comprise floral motifs, geometric patterns, birds, animals or even the traditional “Jaal” work.

Fabrics Used In Zardosi Work Sarees:

The process involved in making Zardosi work is labour-intensive and intricate. Also, it uses heavy materials like stones and metals, along with other tools like hooks. This is why materials like silk, velvet and cotton silk are preferred as they are closely woven and can take the weight of the embroidery. However, chiffons and georgettes are also used in doing machine-made works for their low cost and maintenance.

Latest Models of Zardosi Work Sarees Collection With Images:

Time to take some fashion inspiration from these 10 new designs.

1. Zardosi Banarasi Saree:

This saree is sure to take your breath away with its stunning looks! The traditional Banarasi saree is adorned with the opulence of Zardozi work to make you stand apart from the crowd. It has an elaborate weave all over the red coloured fabric. For added detailing, golden threads are layered on the body and borders to give an expensive feel.

  • Design: Red Heavy Banarasi Saree With Zardosi Work
  • Fabric: Banarasi Silk
  • Occasions: Weddings, Engagement and Grand Events
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Well-Built Women

2. Zardozi Silk Saree:

This orange silk saree is a clear winner in any event! The bright coloured drape can transform you into a Goddess with its magnificence. While the rest of the saree is kept plain and simple, the rich Zardosi work on the border adds a lustrous charm. This saree is all you need for an important family wedding, where you are sure to steal the show!

  • Design: Orange Silk Saree With Beaded Zardosi Border
  • Fabric: Art Silk
  • Occasions: Weddings, Engagement, Night Parties
  • Suitable Body Type: Slim and Athletic Women

3. Zardosi Saree For Wedding:

Your confusion about wedding attire gets sorted with this pretty pink saree. The Vintage style design and weave of this piece can transport you into the good old times of the Royal era. This drape is specially made with Banarasi fabric on which Silver Zardosi elements are added. Wear it with a contrasting colour Brocade blouse and fine jewellery for a perfect look!

  • Design: Pink Brocade Wedding Saree With Zardosi Work
  • Fabric: Banarasi Silk
  • Occasions: Weddings and Bridal Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Curvy Women

4. Chiffon Zardosi Saree:

Take a look at this Pink and Blue chiffon saree, which is crafted to perfection! The delicateness of the fabric is combined with the grandeur of the silver Zardosi and stonework. The Lehenga saree also features a Velvet border and heavy cut Dana and diamond embroidery. This beauty is ideal for celebrations like weddings and festivals.

  • Design: Pink and Blue Chiffon Zardosi Lehenga Saree
  • Fabric: Chiffon
  • Occasions: Weddings, Reception and Night Parties
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Curvy Women

5. Heavy Zardosi Work Saree:

Here is another gorgeous piece, a perfect blend of antique work with the contemporary colour trend. The pastel peach tissue saree is embellished all over with heavy Zardosi work in silver. A special border, which has Gota work, is added to this lovely piece. The highlight is the addition of fringes on the lower part of the saree, which sway along while you walk!

  • Design: Peach Tissue Saree With Heavy Zardosi Work
  • Fabric: Tissue
  • Occasions: Weddings, Reception, Night Parties
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women

6. Designer Zardosi Saree:

Look like a walking, talking angel in this pure white ensemble. The designer wear saree is created with a plain, pure georgette fabric heavily adorned with Silver Zardosi work. Shiny crystals are added in between for a sparkling effect. This saree is the best work with a handcrafted blouse that shows the best of craftsmanship!

  • Design: White and Silver Zardosi Saree
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions: Night Parties and Receptions
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women

7. Black Zardosi Saree:

Get ready to woo the crowd with this black beauty! The sensuous looking netted saree is embellished with golden beads all over the body. A hand-made Zardosi work border is added for support and visual appeal. Wear this with a plain blouse and elegant jewellery to look like a midnight dream!

  • Design: Black Netted Saree With Golden Zardosi Work
  • Fabric: Net
  • Occasions: Night Parties and Receptions
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women

8. Red Zardosi Saree:

The opulence of a red coloured saree is matchless as any other! Take a look at this stunner, which is made with the softest satin fabric. The entire saree is embellished with rich Zardosi work using traditional techniques and patterns. The border features a closed embroidery for additional detailing. Wear it to any wedding, and you are sure to get under the spotlight.

  • Design: Red Saree With All Over Zardosi Work
  • Fabric: Satin
  • Occasions: Weddings
  • Suitable Body Type: Well-built Women

9. Blue Zardosi Saree:

If you are ready to break the trends, then check out this stunner! The indigo blue saree is taken a whole new level with the combination of contemporary Zardosi work. Unlike the usual design, unique, matte gold threads are used for a classy look. Just drape this beauty and pair it with a simple blouse and golden high heels to conquer the world!

  • Design: Indigo Blue Saree With Zardosi Work
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions: Night Parties and Sangeeth
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Curvy Women

10. Pink Zardosi Saree:

Every woman is a queen in her own way, and a queen deserves nothing but the best! Here is a mesmerising Magenta pink saree that comes with a four sides Zardosi work border. The dual shaded crepe saree is just what you need for a reception or wedding night! It even comes with a matching blouse with the same type of work.

  • Design: Magenta Pink Saree With Zardozi Work
  • Fabric: Satin Crepe
  • Occasions: Weddings and Sangeeth
  • Suitable Body Type: Hourglass-shaped Women

How To Style Zardosi Sarees?

No matter which material or type of work you select in a saree, it’s your styling that makes all the difference. Follow these expert tips to slay like a Diva:

  • Before selecting a saree, ask yourself these questions – Where do you want to wear this saree to? How do you imagine your look to be? What is the time and scale of the event?
  • Once you seek answers to these, your selection becomes easy. For simple occasions, pick silk or flowing saree with added Zardosi borders. This will give you a rich look without going over the top.
  • You can go for a heavy Silk or Velvet saree for weddings and high profile events embedded in the fabric. These are priced on the high side but worth every penny!
  • Do invest in handcrafted blouses which complement the elegance of your saree.
  • Zardosi sarees and Polki jewellery are a match made in heaven. Pick stone-based accessories like Jadaus, Kempu or even uncut diamonds.
  • Go for a trendy hairstyle and add a maang tikka if you want to look special.
  • Add a Kundan work clutch and sandals to your outfit, and lo! You are ready!

Those are some of the best Zardosi saree designs that we compiled specially for you! These sarees can instantly get you into festive mode, whether a simple party or a grand celebration. They are shiny and glittery but not garish, making them one of the most popular choices of Indian women. You can also choose to play safe or go bold by experimenting with your colour palates and the level of embroidery used. So, when you are taking this Persian route?

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