Pattu is a Tamil word that means silk. Pattu sarees are mainly South Indian sarees with silk texture. These are one of the traditional sarees in India. It is famous for its traditional form with some modern designs now a day. There are different types of pure silk sarees like Samudrika pattu, Parampara pattu, Vastrakala pattu, Vasundhara pattu and Uppada pattu sarees. The lustrous and soft texture is the beauty of this saree. Fine quality pattu sarees are easily available in markets if you like to provide traditional touch in your outfit.

Latest Pattu Sarees for Brides with Images:

Here are our top 15 traditional pattu sarees with images are depicted in this article.

1. Pale Green Pattu Saree With Golden Works:

This pattu saree can be perfect for bridal makeup. This saree though has a pale green shade but it isn’t looking pale indeed. The shiny texture on this pattu saree with throughout golden works on it makes you look vibrant. You must pair up with appropriate ornaments to complete your looks.

2. Red Kanchi Pattu Wedding Saree:

This pure red saree is a Kanchi pattu wedding saree having wide golden border which is a special style of south Indian sarees. Rounded patterns of intricate works are done in the same order all over the saree. You absolutely look traditional donning this outfit paired up with golden blouse.

3. multi-coloured Latest Pattu Saree:

This dark shade multi colored latest pattu saree also has a traditional touch and shiny effect in it. The prominent golden designs over the multi colored layered are attractive. The pallu has a yellow effect with golden works which contrast the other half of the saree.

4. Green Vasundhara Pattu Saree:

Vasundhara saree is another type of pattu or silk saree in south India. This green saree has different shade effect on this piece of saree. This does not have a prominent border with contrasting colour rather the pallu is made prominent by golden touch. Matching with the pallu, golden blouse is apt for the contrasting look.

5. Violet-Pink Vastrakala Pattu Saree:

This vastrakala pattu saree has small golden designs on some parts of the saree. It has a glimmering border works in golden and dark pink which is contrasting. The violet saree is pleated to give a traditional as well as fashionable outlook with pink short-sleeve blouses.

6. Peacock Blue Pattu Saree:

The peacock blue sarees looks different. This saree has same patterns and designs. It provides many shades as light gets reflected. This makes you look really attractive. You can simply wrap the pallu without pleating to enhance the golden gorgeous works.

7. Red And Off-White Samudrika Pattu Saree:

Samudrika pattu saree is depicted in this picture. This saree is a blend of colour and designs. The golden border have eminent border with some creative works but the other part of this saree is very simple in its outlook. Off-white and red is the main combination of this piece of saree. It also has a golden effect on its border which makes the pallu gorgeous

8. Green Designer Wedding Kanchi Pattu Saree:

Pattu sarees are apt for wedding collection. Kanchi saree is among one of the collection. The magnificent green saree has very small intricate designs on it. Wider plain golden border has pink lining to it. This piece of saree looks beautiful in bridal makeup. It is paired up with intricate designer blouse and golden ornaments.

9. Orange Violet Brocade Pattu Saree:

This pattu saree has brocade designs all over this piece. Orange is contrasted with violet colour in this saree which makes it look gorgeous. The golden border and violet pallu with golden works makes you look traditional.

10. Purple Pattu Wedding Saree With Stone Work:

This saree has designer stone works all over this pattu saree. This is one of the experimental designer saree. This has very fine stone works. The dark violet base along with golden designs looks eminent and fantastic. This must be worn in special parties or events to magnify your beauty.

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11. Pink Coloured Kanchi Pattu Saree:

This kanchi pattu saree is very trendy and you can opt for its simplicity. The main hue is the pink base along with multi coloured designer strips. Floral designs, some printed coloured designs are done in this pattu saree.

12. Blue Gold Pattu Saree:

This pattu saree has intricate designed pattu. This makes you look glamorous. This saree has a traditional effect with these vibrant colours. These shades of blue and green are contrasting. This combinational is quite uncommon in outfits.

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13. Dark Blue Parampara Pattu Saree:

Dark blue shade Parampara pattu has multi coloured border. Colours like green, orange and golden are lined up along the border lining. The border does have some intricate works on it. This simple pattu saree look vibrant mainly due to the colour combinations. You can pair up with orange blouse which look magnificent and glorifies your beauty.

14. Red And Black Zari Woven Kanchi Pattu Saree:

Red kanchi pattu looks glamorous and fashionable. This designer kanchi pattu is different from the conventional kanchi pattu. This saree has elegant intricate golden works on the black base of the border. Like to wear heavy designed saree with silk and soft texture, add this style of pattu saree in your wardrobe. In this picture, The model is wearing a collared- intricate designer blouse which have the same border effect.

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15. Yellow And Red Kanchi Pattu Saree:

The yellow and red kanchi pattu is prominent styling outfit to provide vibrant look to you. The pallu is red with golden designs while the other part of the whole pattu saree has purely yellow shade. This saree looks simple without any intricate design. Going for simple outfit yet magnificent this kanchi pattu saree is suitable for your looks.

Different styles for traditional events, wedding purposes, reception or any other particular occasion can be chosen among these 15 styles of pattu sarees. Designer pattu sarees are the recent makeover on the traditional counter part to magnify its effect. These silky textured outfit can be worn by ladies of different ages.