Can you imagine a bridal trousseau without a rich and elegant Pattu saree? Pattu, meaning Silk is a luxurious fabric that holds a special place in every major occasion of Indians, especially in the Southern states. From larger-than-life weddings to simple traditional events at home, wearing Pattu sarees adds a festive feeling to the atmosphere. You might definitely have at least one silk saree in your closet. But trust us, Ladies! These new model Pattu sarees will leave you spellbound and wanting for more.

Key Features of Pattu Sarees:

The first noticeable feature of a pattu saree is its glossy fabric with a silky feel. However, the texture can vary with the type of silk used and the technique of weaving. Here are some of the salient features of Pattu sarees:

  • There are many varieties of Pattu sarees like Banarasi, Mysore Silk, Kanjeevaram, Pochampally Ikat Pattu, Bhagalpuri etc. These are local specialities which are named after the places of their creation.
  • Pure silk sarees are usually made with mulberry silk for its tensile strength and longevity. These threads are interwoven with golden or silver zari to create an extravagant handcrafted saree.
  • The best way to distinguish a pure silk saree from a mixed fabric is to check for the silk mark certification.
  • Silk sarees come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and weaves to meet every fashion need.
  • From heavy bridal pattu sarees to lightweight simple ones, there is one for every woman!

Latest Designs of Pattu Sarees for Brides with Images:

Here are our top 25 traditional pattu sarees with images are depicted in this article.

1. Designer Pattu Sarees:


Bring out the fashionista in you by wearing this extravagant designer silk saree. The shiny silk fabric and the regal purple colour makes it an instant hit at any party. Notice the exquisite hand-embroidered fabric that seems to blend with the body of the saree. It even comes with a heavily embroidered blouse piece in purple to complete your look.

  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Engagement, Receptions and Festivals
  • Fabric: Mixed Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

2. Banarasi Pattu Saree:


This black Banarasi Brocade saree is quite a stunner! The rare piece comes in a combination of black, gold with hints of pink and green and worth every penny for its opulence. The best part about this saree is that you do not have to wear additional jewellery or accessories. The grandeur of the saree itself can make you shine in any event. You even get a rich black Brocade blouse as a bonus with the saree.

  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Reception, Social Gatherings
  • Fabric: Banarasi Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

3. Jute Pattu Saree:


Dupion Jute silk sarees are making quite a presence in the saree market. They are versatile drapes, easy to style and low on maintenance. The mix of jute and silk threads creates an airy, wispy fabric that you want to drape even in summers. Here is one such stunning piece in pink colour with Sequins Work and thick woven border and a pallu.

  • Preferred Occasions: Temple Visits, Small Gatherings
  • Fabric: Jute and Silk mix
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

4. Organza Silk Saree:


Organza is a crispy, transparent material that is extremely lightweight. It is a preferred material by young women who love dreamy drapes. Seen here is a golden beige organza silk saree that is tastefully embroidered in green. The thread flowers look as if they are floating in thin air and trick your eyes. Along with investing in a well-crafted blouse, you must also keep a satin petticoat ready to avoid ruining the look.

  • Preferred Occasions: Birthday parties, College events
  • Fabric: Organza
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

5. Kalamkari Silk Saree:


This Pen Kalamkari saree is an example of traditional luxury. The brown body is covered with painstakingly done hand-painted floral design. The base fabric is Tussar silk which makes it suitable for special occasions. These sarees are usually priced on the higher side but are worth an investment for the amount of effort and love put into making it.

  • Preferred Occasions: Ethnic Parties, Social Gatherings
  • Fabric: Tussar Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

6. Parampara Pattu Sarees:


Ever wondered what Paramapara pattu means? It is a handloom pattu saree that is created using the perfect combination of traditional designs in modern colours and weaves. Take a look at this bright yellow and pink saree which instantly catches your attention. The border features a classic design, which is complemented well with the contemporary motifs on the pallu and the rest of the body. This versatile piece deserves a place in your closet!

  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Traditional Events
  • Fabric: Pure Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

7. Cotton Pattu Sarees:


This handwoven Uppada cotton silk saree offers matchless comfort and style. It is a great choice for women who want to stay away from the heavy and blingy traditional silk sarees. The plain parrot green body of the saree is glammed up with a golden zari border, that is not over-the-top. The peacock blue pallu adds a unique charm to this simple saree. Wear it with a contrast colour blouse and a gajra to woo the crowd!

  • Preferred Occasions: Temple Visits, Small Ceremonies
  • Fabric: Cotton and Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

8. Long Border Pattu Sarees:


This wedding season, you cannot afford to miss out on making a grand statement. This purple and pink big border pattu saree is just what you need to grab some eyeballs. The extra-long border features an ornate pattern with gold zari. The grandeur doesn’t end here! The purple body with small butis all over it makes the whole piece look strikingly beautiful.

  • Preferred Occasions: Bridal Wear, Weddings
  • Fabric: Pure Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

9. Linen Silk Saree:


Linen is usually a coarse material and a way to soften it is by adding silk threads. Not only does it lend unparalleled comfort, but also a shiny feel to the material. Take a look at this orange floral printed linen pattu saree is that handcrafted to perfection. The bold colours on the body are mellowed with the addition of a muted zari border. This saree is best worn with a plain cotton silk blouse.

  • Preferred Occasions: Day Parties, Social Gatherings and Office events
  • Fabric: Linen Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

10. Paithani Pattu Sarees:


Paithani pattu saree is considered to be one of the most expensive sarees in the segment. It is made of pure silk and involves laborious weaving techniques. Here is a royal blue saree that features an elaborate lotus on the borders and the pallu. What separates this piece from the other silk sarees is the generous use of golden zari, which contributes to the heavy price tag.

  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Receptions and Grand events
  • Fabric: Pure Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

11. Pochampally Ikkat Pattu Saree:


The town of Pochampally is famous for creating Ikkat sarees of unparalleled quality and designs. Seen here is one such Ikkat pattu saree in a classic combo of Cream and Majenta pink. The borders and the pallu feature intricate elephant and parrot motifs, along with thin stripes in golden Zari all over the body. This simple, yet sophisticated master weaver is a must-have in your saree collection.

  • Preferred Occasions: Traditional Events, Weddings
  • Fabric: Pure Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

12. Light-Weight Kuppadam Pattu Saree:


Kuppadam sarees are the most preferred among the silk saree varieties for two reasons – they are lightweight and affordable. The main feature of these sarees is a long and plain zari border with simple motifs on the body. Seen here is a traditional yellow and maroon combo saree that comes with a contrast blouse. If you want comfort and style, this is the saree to choose!

  • Preferred Occasions: Traditional Events, Weddings
  • Fabric: 70% pure silk and 30% cotton
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

13. Pure Kanjeevaram Pattu Saree:


If you are looking for an opulent and lavish saree for a wedding, you simply cannot miss out on the timeless Kanjeevarams. While these sarees usually come in heavy designs and bright colours, it’s a refreshing change to see them in these muted pastels. This latest fashion pattu saree in grey and pink features a contemporary pattern on the border mixed with a hint of orange. You can wear it with a bright pink Banarasi brocade blouse and temple accessories to look like a desi diva!

  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Temple visit and Religious events
  • Fabric: Pure Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

14. Plain Pattu Sarees:


When it comes to keeping it minimal and elegant, nothing can quite match the looks of an Uppada plain silk saree. The soft and luxurious fabric is woven with unique colour combinations and metallic zari. This black and blue plain pattu saree look like a midnight dream with a hint of silver and copper on the borders and pallu. A contrast blue blouse elevates the entire look of the saree.

  • Preferred Occasions: Puja ceremonies, Pre-wedding rituals
  • Fabric: Pure Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

15. Wedding Pattu Sarees:


Gone are the days when wedding pattu sarees were confined to just red or green colours. Today’s brides love to sport minimalistic sarees on their D-day. This aqua blue and silver saree is a total show-stealer with its chic and sophisticated look. Especially, when you want to stay apart from the crowd and hog the limelight, this is the colour combination to choose. Pair it with a maroon embroidered blouse to take the look to a whole new level.

  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Bridal Ceremony
  • Fabric: Kanchi Silk
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

16. Red Kanchi Pattu Wedding Saree:

This pure red saree is a Kanchi pattu wedding saree having wide golden border which is a special style of south Indian sarees. Rounded patterns of intricate works are done in the same order all over the saree. You absolutely look traditional donning this outfit paired up with a golden blouse.

17. Violet-Pink Vastrakala Pattu Saree:

This vastrakala pattu saree has small golden designs on some parts of the saree. It has a glimmering border works in golden and dark pink which is contrasting. The violet saree is pleated to give a traditional as well as fashionable outlook with pink short-sleeve blouses.

18. Peacock Blue Pattu Saree:

The peacock blue sarees looks different. This saree has the same patterns and designs. It provides many shades as the light gets reflected. This makes you look really attractive. You can simply wrap the pallu without pleating to enhance the golden gorgeous works.

19. Red And Off-White Samudrika Pattu Saree:

Samudrika pattu saree is depicted in this picture. This saree is a blend of colour and designs. The golden border has an eminent border with some creative works but the other part of this saree is very simple in its outlook. Off-white and red are the main combination of this piece of saree. It also has a golden effect on its border which makes the pallu gorgeous.

20. Green Designer Wedding Kanchi Pattu Saree:

Pattu sarees are apt for wedding collection. Kanchi saree is among one of the collection. The magnificent green saree has very small intricate designs on it. The wider plain golden border has a pink lining to it. This piece of saree looks beautiful in bridal makeup. It is paired up with an intricate designer blouse and golden ornaments.

21. Purple Pattu Wedding Saree With Stone Work:

This saree has designer stone works all over this pattu saree. This is one of the experimental designer saree. This has very fine stone works. The dark violet base along with golden designs looks imminent and fantastic. This must be worn in special parties or events to magnify your beauty.

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22. Pink Coloured Kanchi Pattu Saree:

This Kanchi pattu saree is very trendy and you can opt for its simplicity. The main hue is the pink base along with multi-coloured designer strips. Floral designs, some printed coloured designs are done in this pattu saree.

23. Blue Gold Pattu Saree:

This pattu saree has intricately designed pattu. This makes you look glamorous. This saree has a traditional effect with these vibrant colours. These shades of blue and green are contrasting. This combinational is quite uncommon in outfits.

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24. Dark Blue Parampara Pattu Saree:

Dark blue shade Parampara pattu saree has a multi-coloured border. Colours like green, orange and golden are lined up along the border lining. The border does have some intricate works on it. This simple pattu saree look vibrant mainly due to the colour combinations. You can pair up with an orange blouse which looks magnificent and glorifies your beauty.

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25. Yellow And Red Kanchi Pattu Saree:

The yellow and red Kanchi pattu is prominent styling outfit to provide vibrant look to you. The pallu is red with golden designs while the other part of the whole pattu saree has purely yellow shade. This saree looks simple without any intricate design. Going for simple outfit yet magnificent this Kanchi pattu saree is suitable for your looks.

Tips To Style Pattu Sarees For Different Occasions:

Have you been wearing a saree the same way over the years? It’s time to shed your boring look and try something different now. Here are some pattu saree styling tips from our fashion experts:

  • Always invest in a quality petticoat to give proper support to the saree and achieve a neat drape.
  • Try different draping techniques that complement your body style. Use thin pleats and tight drape to look slim and tall.
  • You can even pre-drape the saree a night before the party. Use saree clips to hold the pleats in shape.
  • Instead of heavy Maggam work blouses which cost more than the saree itself, go for trendy crop tops and hosiery blouses to stay comfortable for long.
  • Ditch the traditional gold waistbelt (Vaddanam) and switch to affordable and stylish leather belts, embroidered fabric belts to make a fashionable statement.
  • Pick your Jewellery based on the blouse design and the saree. For high necks blouse, heavy earrings are the best bet, while chokers and neckpieces work well for low cut blouses.
  • Use a clutch or a small leather bag to carry your knick-knacks and look stylish at the same time.

Different styles for traditional events, wedding purposes, reception or any other particular occasion can be chosen among these 25 styles of pattu sarees. Designer pattu sarees are the recent makeover on the traditional counterpart to magnify its effect. This silky-textured outfit can be worn by ladies of different ages.

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