It is no surprise to see Phulkari sarees gaining its traction in the state of Punjab, India, with all its traditional looks. It is a dream for every Punjabi girl out there to try and wear out Phulkari sarees. The mix of the essence of the style of Punjab, combined with the use of the designs and embroideries in the best way possible, makes the sarees very fashionable and needful. Phulkari sarees have also been made its way into the folklore of Punjab as well, with the stories of Heer and Ranjha.

The concept of phulkari sarees was brought into India by the Jat people of central Asia, during the Indian ancient times. Thus the style was not only used by Sikhs but also Hindus and Muslims too.

Phulkari Sarees Importance:

Phulkari sarees are mainly worn by brides during a wedding season, as this type of saree is the go-to choice for most brides. Mostly vibrant colors are worn, like bright reds, oranges, and blues as well. But, you can also wear these phulkari sarees for daily wear as well, as you can easily find phulkari sarees with sober colors too, which looks very simple yet very stylish. With phulkari designs, you are not only limited to wearing sarees but also Kurtis, dupattas, etc.

Phulkari Saree Features:

  • The main feature of phulkari saree is the use of various types of embroidery on the saree body. This included the stitching of threads in such a way that it will create various kinds of thread work, be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • The technique made the saree look unique and great when worn by women. It showed the regular and routine life of a Punjabi woman. With the help of phulkari designs, normal sarees will look exquisite and pleasing on the eyes.

Which Fabrics are Used for Phulkari Sarees?

The fabric that is used for the manufacture of phulkari sarees is just homespun khaddar, along with the addition of embroideries which is obtained from the darn stitch. The weaving was mostly done by the Punjabi women, who after finishing their household chores started with their undisturbed weave work. The stitching that is done on the sarees has a silky feeling due to the thread that is being used, which took design cues from anything around them, including the surrounding scenic beauty.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred?

There is not any kind of hard and fast rule on the type of body shape you need to have for wearing phulkari sarees. Whether you are slim or chubby, phulkari sarees will suit any woman body shape. Apart from that, you should always focus on accessorising your look as well, as it will help you to improve your overall beauty factor as well. Adding jewellery or handbags will prove to be a boon, and will overall accentuate your new phulkari saree.

Latest Models of Phulkari Sarees with Images:

Here are the Top 10 Phulkari Sari designs for brides.

1. Punjabi Phulkari Saree:

Punjabi phulkari saris are the best phulkari sarees that you can ever get in the current market. This is because the style and the substance have all been carried over from the state of Punjab, where this type of saree was born.

Design: The design of this saree includes the usage of Punjabi artistic structures and designs that are taken right from the Punjabi folklore and culture.

Fabric: When it comes to fabric, Punjabi phulkari sarees are made directly from the chiffon along with the use of the popular silk thread as well.

Occasion: This type of saree is great for normal wear or casual wear as well.

2. Phulkari Embroidery Saree:

When it comes to Phulkari embroidery saree, the main ingredient of this type of saree is the kind of embroidery work that is done on the body of the saree as well on the borders of the saree as well.

Design: Phulkari embroidery sari has unique designs, due to all the artistic embroidery that is being done on the saree. The designs are done all by hand, which makes the saree look classy.

Fabric: The fabric of Phulkari embroidery saree remains the same as a normal phulkari saree, with homespun khaddar and addition of silk weave for the embroidery.

Occasion: This type of saree can be used for semi-formal occasions of casual wear as well.

3. Phulkari Silk Saree:

If you want a silk saree along with the style of the phulkari designs, then this will be your best bet. The Phulkari silk saree has the best of both worlds – having one of the best fabric, along with an international phulkari style as well.

Design: Design is pretty luxurious, with the addition of designer prints on the saree, with the handy work of the silk weave on the saree body.

Fabric: In this case, the main fabric is silk, along with the use of silk thread for the unique designs.

Occasion: This type of saree is a must for formal occasions or semi-formal occasions as well.

4. Phulkari Georgette Saree:

Phulkari georgette saree is a kind of saree that is a combination of the georgette fabric and phulkari design, which makes all the boxes ticked for the best combination you can ever have for a saree.

Design: The design is pretty simple and it is the same as you will find in other phulkari saris. The artistic designs and the designer prints are embroidered on the body and border of the saree as well.

Fabric: The fabric that is used here is a combination of georgette and silk weave, both for the designs and handy work.

Occasion: One can use this saree for formal and semi-formal events.

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5. Phulkari Chiffon Saree:

Phulkari chiffon saree is a great option for those who want a saree that is easy on their body and skin and is better to wear during hot climates as well.

Design: Phulkari chiffon saree is very simple and sober, and the design is kept normal so that it could be used for everyday wear.

Fabric: Phulkari chiffon saree uses a blend of chiffon and the infamous silk thread for making the designs.

Occasion: Phulkari chiffon saree can be used for both casual and everyday wear, making it a very versatile saree, to say the least. This saree is not recommended for formal or semi-formal wear.

6. Black Phulkari Saree:

If you want a black saree with the work and detailing like a phulkari saree then this is the kind of saree that you should buy. It takes the normal looks of an already versatile black saree and makes it more appealing.

Design: The main designs of artistic and designer handiwork are done on the body of the saree and also the saree body as well.

Fabric: Black phulkari saree have normal handloom khaddar along with the use of silk thread as and when it is needed to make the design.

Occasion: This saree can be worn on any occasion, as black is a versatile colour.

7. Cotton Phulkari Saree:

If you want to wear the most comfortable phulkari saree ever made, then this should be your instant pick. Cotton phulkari saris are the best when striking a balance between the comfort factor and also the style factor as well.

Design: Cotton phulkari saree designs can vary between having simple designs and having extraordinary designs. The silk thread work in done not only the body of the saree but also the border of the saree as well.

Fabric: The main fabric that is used here is cotton along with silk for making the hand designs.

Occasion: This saree is great for everyday use and casual wear.

8. Crepe Phulkari Saree:

When you combine crepe with the essence and design of phulkari, you finally get Crepe Phulkari Saris. These type of sarees are great for casual wear or formal wear, due to their semi-comfortable fabric.

Design: The designs contain designer prints and artistic works on mainly the border of the saree. Subtle designs are also provided on the saree body as well.

Fabric: Crepe Phulkari Saree has a combination of crepe fabric as well as the use of silk weave for the designs.

Occasion: This type of saree is great for casual or semi-formal wear, and not recommended to use for long periods.

9. Phulkari Printed Saree:

Phulkari Printed Sari is very well-known for its design prints apart from having artistic embroideries on the saree borders and saree body. The prints consist of natural surroundings or any kind of traditional references to the Punjabi culture.

Design: Phulkari Printed Saree can have solid or color gradients, along with the use of silk weave to draw handiwork and designer prints.

Fabric: Handloom khaddar is used mostly, and silk is used for artistic designs.

Occasion: You can easily wear this kind of saree for semi-formal occasions, and even casual events as well, which makes this saree a must have in your wardrobe.

10. Net Phulkari Saree:

Net Phulkari Sarees are made in such a way that the fabric remains thin and light, and helps in adding more to the comfort factor. They have an airy design which makes them easy to wear in hot weather conditions.

Design: The body of the saree mostly remains a solid color, with the main designs done on the saree borders.

Fabric: The fabric that is used here is a thinly weaved handloom khaddar, with the normal use of silk thread for making the designs.

Occasion: One can wear this saree for everyday wear or any casual wear as well.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Phulkari Sarees?

You can add any type of blouse with phulkari saree, be it high neck or just boat neck. Phulkari sarees are very versatile in their looks and uniqueness, and therefore, you have to select the type of blouse that suits you better and makes you look great as well. You have to maintain a balance between the two. Also, the kind of season will dictate which kind of blouse you select to wear. The type of blouse that is to be worn in summer will completely be different in the winter season.

How To Style Phulkari Sarees?

Styling phulkari sarees is very easy, as you have to invest in some oxidized jewellery sets, and you are good to go. You will not need many accessories to accentuate your phulkari saree. Keeping it simple should be the way to go. Simple necklace with earrings and bangles, along with a purse, should do the trick quite nicely as well. You can also try and mix up things a bit as well, and see which things fit your look in the best way possible.

Thus, it can be easily seen that phulkari sarees are very much popular not only in India but also internationally as well. The way a phulkari saree is manufactured takes a lot of work and therefore the design and materials are so much in demand. Apart from that, you can select the type of phulkari saree that will fit your budget and looks, and therefore style your own saree, just the way you like it. Hopefully, you have liked this article. If you have any feedback or suggestions, do let us know.

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