What is a typical Indian wedding scene? A faint but pleasant smell of roses and perfumes linger around the corners while a strong melody drifts in the air. while the men in the family has quickly dressed up after their evening cup of tea, the women are still lingering around the mirrors trying to fix that one last strand of hair that keeps tucking out every time. And around the corner in one room is a beautiful bride dressed and heavily ornamented in a beautiful traditional wear. A special saree for the special day; a heavy designer saree to mark the importance of tonight’s event.

Designer Saree Specialties:

Who doesn’t want to look unique on the most important day of their life? Designer sarees are the most sought-after pieces for a number of reasons:

  • They have unique designs that are very rarely available in the market. Most designer wear sarees are available as single pieces
  • They can be custom made to suit the theme of the wedding and also match with the groom
  • Not only do they look good, but the quality of designer wear sarees is matchless
  • A little high on pocket may be, but Designer wear sarees are definitely worth the money and deserve a special place in your wardrobe.

Famous Saree Designer Names in India:

  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee: This Bengali designer is popular not only with brides, but also celebrities. It’s every bride’s dream to wear a Sabyasachi on her wedding day.
  • Manish Malhotra: The famous B town designer has an amazing collection of lehengas and sarees that can sweep you off your feet
  • TarunTahiliani: TT’s Bridal collection sarees are best known for their ornate work and grandiose. If you are planning for a Royal wedding, TarunTahiliani is the right choice.
  • Ritu Kumar: The Internationally famed Ritu Kumar is all about playing with colors and fabrics to give the bride, her dream outfit.

Bridal Saree Designer Collection:

This article has given a list of best designer sarees for wedding with pictures that makes your day more beautiful and alluring with happiness.

1. The Black Chiffon Designer Saree:

For this season keep your wedding looks traditional with this soft grey and black chiffon saree. Weddings can be made extravagant even without the use of much heavy jewelries only by perfecting your garment and making it occasion ready. The saree has a hint of violet on the sides with a beautiful red floral artwork. All along the saree there is a soft black vine pattern.

2. The Bright Blue Hue Printed Designer Saree:

Now this is one extravagant look you can never deny on. The combination of gold when incorporated with other bright colors makes the look for the evening go pop and this saree has every intention to make you look the best in the crowd. The base of the saree or the lower half sports a beautiful monochrome floral pattern with the satin blue pallu being endorsed with heavily zari work. This one of the famous designer sarees for wedding.

3. The Color For Wedding Designer Saree:

The soft saffron is the best color to sport during a heavily ornamented wedding night where the softness and sobriety of the color would simply gel in well with the golden ornaments you will be adorned in. Now for this look, the saffron is in velvet with an intrinsic golden work panel along the borderline of the saree. For the lower half, faint saffron in chiffon is used. This type of designer bridal sarees available in india.

4. Half And Half Designer Saree For Wedding:

Usually black is a very sober and mature color and juxtaposing that in every way possible is the fluorescent orange basking in its brightness. The bright and popping orange color suits in well with the black while the rest of the borderline is in a wide gold with occasional black stud marks. Pair the saree well with a solid black blouse to complete the look. This plain and border designed designer saree perfectly suitable for wedding.

5. The Lace Overload Designer Saree For Wedding:

Laces are girly, laces are beautiful and laces are elegant and it is these very laces that will make up your beautiful look for the evening. The saree is in bright white with occasional beautiful lace artwork that forms the entire length of the saree. The use of faint georgette detailing adds to the look. This is one of the grand worked designer sarees for wedding occasion with simple attire.

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6. Full Worked Printed Designer Saree:

This half saree comes in a faint teal hue for the lower base where the usage of bright strips of blue accentuates the teal more. For the upper half the saree has a beautiful red pallu with embellished patterns drawn throughout the saree. The extensive heavy border linings too count for something.

7. Simplicity:

If simplicity is your mantra for the evening, make the best of it by using this nude chiffon base color. Even with humbleness the elegance for the night has to be maintained and there is no other way to say elegance than a nude color. This is one of the very simple designer wedding sarees with plain silver border that also makes your look beautiful.

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8. The Parrot Hues:

One simple reason why we heart this saree so very much is because of its awesome pairing of the two most wonderful colors- the bright parrot blue with the popping parrot green. The saree in green has a satin texture with a beautiful blue blouse.

9. Netted Designer Saree For Wedding:

Red is the color of love and lust and to celebrate a wedding, the best way to color is by painting yourself in the sultriness of the red hue. This is a half saree where the upper half has a chiffon floral artwork. This type of designer wedding sarees suits for all type of women for that day.

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10. The Heavy Pink Designer Saree:

This is definitely one of the best wedding designer sarees of all time. The designer touch makes it look magnificent. It might be a little uncomfortable at first for those women who find cotton sarees most suitable for them. This one is made of pure silk and it is a heavy saree that comes with a lot of alluring worn done throughout the saree. The golden design done alongside pink is the main attractive feature about this saree. It is intended for sporting at wedding occasions and that is one of the finest ways to display the ultimate allure of this designer saree.

11. The Cream Wedding Designer Saree:

If you are looking for a wedding saree designs, then take a good loom at this particular designer wedding saree. Here is another alluring saree that can be worn at weddings. It sports the cream color so effectively that almost all woman will agree to wear this saree at a wedding in the first place. Alongside cream, the red color is also effectively inputted in this saree in the bottom portion. The pattern is quite alluring and will be suitable for almost all women out there, who love sarees like these.

12. The Pink Paneri Designer Saree:

If you love the color pink, then you will like this one as well. The pattern on that this saree sports is very alluring. The design done on the border is one of the most effective attractive features about this designer saree. It has been made with a sole intention to be sported at the weddings. Just next to the bride, you will be the second person who will be getting massive attention at a wedding ceremony if you sport this saree. It will go hand in hand with a pink blouse. This is very simple saree design for wedding that makes your look more vibrant.

13. The Blue Designer Crepe Saree For Weddings:

It looks totally cool with the color blue on it. The material used in making this saree is one of the most effective features about this saree. The borders are very well decorated with an unique pattern and that is again one of those features that makes this saree so special. The whole thing is so alluring in front of the naked eyes and that is why women will find this saree suitable for them to carry at wedding occasions. This is also one of the best chiffon sarees that you will ever come through.

14. The Best Golden And Pink Wedding Designer Saree:

This beautiful latest wedding saree is the combination of the two colors golden and pink. The pattern used in designing this saree is very alluring and almost every women out there will be pretty eager to wear it. The way this saree has been designed is worth mentioning and almost anyone and everyone will be able to sport it the way they want. It will also offer you that celebrity look and that is again one of the best features of this designer saree. This can also be used as a party wear saree.

15. The Elegant Heavy Designer Blue Saree:

Want to carry something totally different this wedding season, then study this designer bridal saree properly. Take note of the patterns used in the right places of this saree and look for this one at a sophisticated saree store. Blue is probably one of the best colors for this saree and it couldn’t be more beautiful than this one. The border pattern is one of the best attractive facts about this saree and women will be quite fascinated by the colorful vibe that this particular designer saree sports.

Trust me, the wedding trousseau will never be complete if you do not have a handful of designer sarees to wear post marriage. One needs a good collection in the wardrobe to make people around realize who the newly wed bride is!

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