The Dupion silk is also known as the Dupioni or Douppioni. This is a 100% pure raw silk material which is all natural. The origins were created by a mix of weaving technique where fine thread and uneven thread are mixed together. This creates tight yard material that has a very high luster. The shine of this fabric is perfect. So the dupion silk saree created with this technique has a wonderful sheen and the history of this saree is for all to see. So sarees like the dupion pattu sarees, dupion embossed sarees, etc. Have a great value in the market. Weddings and specials occasions are the time when these sarees are bought. You will find all the best sarees in this category for the very best day of your life.

Dupion Silk Sarees Importance:

Since the dupion silk sarees are made from the very best silk there is, the importance of these sarees is paramount. The raw silk used in this fabric is perfect for a fine finish. This is great for wedding sarees, where the bride has to look the best. The lustrous effect of the pure dupion silk sarees is just what is needed in the wedding sarees. So if you are thinking of what kind of material to choose for your wedding or even any other important day, then look no further than dupion silk.

Dupion Silk Saree Features:

The many features of the dupion silk saree are,

  • Lustrous effect on the saree gives a rich feel.
  • The shine of the saree is bright and the colors pop out brilliantly.
  • The texture of the saree is thick so it sits well on the body.
  • It looks very stunning when draped.
  • The pure silk used in the saree fabric makes it precious and expensive.
  • It goes well with gold, silver or thread work done on the body, palla or border.

Which Fabrics is Used in Dupion Silk Sarees:

The dupion silk saree is a natural fiber fabric that is made from pure raw silk. It is made from a mix of mulberry silk and raw silk. The fabric used in the dupion silk saree is what you get from natural materials. So you are sure to have something that is not refined or machine made. This purity of the fabric is what sets the dupion silk saree apart. You will find the cost of these sarees to be on par with the best designer sarees.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred:

As the dupion sarees are made from pure silk material but they have the texture of raw silk, they are perfect for any body shape. If you are slim built, then the sarees will drape beautifully over your body. The sarees are also forgiving if you are overweight and have a fuller body. You can leave the palla of the sarees loose, so that gives the illusion of a thinner frame. So make the best of these great silk sarees.

Beautiful Designs of Dupion Silk Sarees with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 10 Dupion silk sarees makes you look rich, glamorous and stunning.

1. Dupion Banarasi Silk Saree:

Here is a fantastic dupion banarasi silk saree that you can have for a great price. The rich hues of red and yellow with gold is just what a bride would want to wear. So if you love these bright shades then check out this banarasi wonder.

Design and Fabric: The design of the saree is floral with thread work all over. The gold zari palla and the border are broad and give you a nice length feel to the saree.

Occasions to Wear: This particular saree is perfect for some very special occasions like festivals, wedding, ceremonies, etc.

2. Dupioni Pattu Saree:

This stunning green saree which is a dupion pattu saree is the perfect one for a festive occasion. You can see the intricate woven threads that create a geometric effect. A twist from the traditional saree, this pattu saree is wonderful for all who love to dare and change.

Design and Fabric: The design that the pattu saree has is geometric with triangles and circles that are woven in the thread. This gives it a fantastic effect that you will enjoy wearing.

Occasions to Wear: Check out special days in your life for this wonderful saree like Diwali, office functions, etc.

3. Art Dupion Silk Saree:

Art dupion silk saree is a creation of wonder. You can get the best of both worlds in these sarees. The pattern and creativity of these sarees are just what the modern woman wants. Art silk sarees are much cheaper than the pure silk ones, so you can buy quite a few of them.

Design and Fabric: Design wise the art dupion sarees are normally floral sarees that have bright big flowers. The contrasting colors also play a huge part in the design of these sarees.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear these sarees for occasions like office wear, casual meetings, functions, etc.

4. Plain Dupion Silk Saree:

Here is a plain dupion silk saree that will melt your heart. The colors of the plain dupion sarees are very eye-catching. Since the shine and the luster of the silk comes out well in the dupion silk sarees, the colors of the sarees really pop out.

Design and Fabric: The wonderful blue shade of this saree is quite bright. The contrast colors of green and red on the palla add an interesting twist. Addition of tassels at the end of the saree is also a great touch.

Occasions to Wear: Here is a saree that you can wear on any occasion like casual or formal. Dress it up well to wear it for festivals too.

5. Dupion Tussar Saree:

Tussar is another great fabric that is mixed with dupion silk to form the dupion tussar saree. This gives a coarse kind of fabric that does drape well. You will love to have one of these dupion tussar sarees in your collection of sarees.

Design and Fabric: The design of this tussar dupion saree is striped. The body is plain in stunning fuchsia color. The border of the saree is gold and black stripes. Again the addition of tassels adds a wonderful twist.

Occasions to Wear: This saree can be worn for festivals, functions, office parties, kitty parties, etc.

6. Dupion Embossed Saree:

Embossing is a process of achieving an effect of pressing onto something. The embossed look in dupion embossed sarees is so mesmerizing that you will fall in love with them. Most of the sarees have floral notes and this is created by prints.

Design and Fabric: The design in this dupion embossed saree is flowers in a paisley border. The border of the saree is gold and contrasting purple with thread work.

Occasions to Wear: This is a saree that you can wear for temple functions, festivals or pujas. You can also add heavy accessories to use it for occasions.

7. Poly Dupion Silk Saree:

The poly dupion silk saree is another wonderful type of dupion silk saree. These are normally printed sarees that are cheaper than the pure silk sarees. You can get color combinations that are bold and bright. Designs are very pretty and really fantastic.

Design and Fabric: The fabric is softer and the design is very floral. You can get printed bodywork on these sarees. Thread work is done on the border with a contrast color.

Occasions to Wear: These sarees are more for casual wear and simple functions. You can wear them for meetings, kitty parties, etc.

8. Designer Dupion Silk Saree:

Designer wear is something of a fad that modern women love. It is a great chance to get something fancy and stylish which is not the traditional type. Designer dupion silk sarees are very stylish and great for ladies with a new taste.

Design and Fabric: The designs on these sarees are varied from floral to geometric. As they are designer sarees, intricate work and fancy color combinations are a part of it. The fabric is pure silk and these colors pop very well.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear designer wear for fancy occasions, kitty parties, wedding receptions, etc.

9. Ghicha Dupion Silk Saree:

The Ghicha dupion silk saree is another cool collection that you can have. These sarees have a wonderful thread work that is done all over the saree or near the border. They can flowers, peacocks, etc in the intricate work. Do try and buy at least one of these types of sarees.

Design and Fabric: The design in the ghicha silk sarees is purely plain or floral with more traditional native patterns. So you will find flowers and leaves, peacocks, etc that are big and bold.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear these sarees for special occasions like temple visits, pujas, functions, ceremonies, etc.

10. Embroidered Dupion Silk Saree:

Embroidery is an age-old work that is done by hand. This embroidered dupion silk saree is one of those fine handwork sarees that are special. You will find the saree to be with intricate work and perfect for even a bride.

Design and Fabric: The fabric used here is pure silk that is dupion silk. The fall of the saree is so smooth that you will love to carry it off. The design is floral with some geometric work too. Intricate embroidery makes it quite stunning.

Occasions to Wear: This is a special bridal wear saree for weddings, ceremonies, etc are the places where you can wear this saree.

Which Blouse is Suitable for This Dupion Silk Sarees:

For a dupion silk saree, you should give focus on a good blouse too. So go in for plain dupion silk blouses with contrast color. The deep hues of the silk will stand out and make the saree look even more ravishing. You can opt for full sleeves on some of the sarees. Most women like the short sleeve too as it is easier to manage. Adding gold zari work to the border of the blouses is also a good option.

How To Style Dupion Silk Sarees:

To style a dupion silk saree take these notes,

  • Most dupion silk sarees should be left loose at the palla so that the intricate palla work is seen well.
  • If you would like to pin up the palla, make it a small pleat so that the saree looks stunning.
  • Traditional dupion sarees are worn with the palla on the left shoulder. You can also try the front fold.
  • Adding some intricate accessories can add to the glamour of the saree as well.

Pure dupion silk sarees are a rage among saree lovers. As the purity of these sarees is precious, it is also part of a bride’s collection. Dupion silk sarees have a wonderful shine and texture that is incredible. With intricate handwork, gold border, etc. These sarees turn into something spectacular. With the various types like banarasi, pattu, embossed, poly, tussar, etc. A woman is spoilt for choice literally. So do take your time and check out the various types of dupion silk sarees that we have mentioned here. Buy the best for a once in a lifetime purchase that will last you forever.

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