Top 9 Collection Of Brasso Sarees With Images

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The term Brasso is very often used in Indian fashion, mainly for the sarees and for other clothing fabrics. The technique of brasso fabric was known from medieval ages and was used by elite class group for their royalty. Other than that it is also used for home textiles. Brasso is similar to burnout design, that is why it is also known as ‘burnt out fabric.’ Among the clothing, Brasso sarees are for wedding purposes, any social events or for any special occasion. At first mainly cotton was used as a fabric for brasso, but later other fabrics are used to add new variety to these style.

Outstanding Brasso Sarees With Pictures:

Brasso sarees are mostly popular among the present day women and they are hit with the youth.So, going through this article you will get to know top 9 different brasso sarees with images.

1. Grey And Tomato Colored Brasso Saree:

Brasso Sarees

In this style of brasso saree, it consists of two parts. The grey part which is opaque and the tomato colored pallu which has the brasso design all over it. Orange and golden border highlights this saree. The brasso design makes the pallu looks translucent effect. So you can drape the pallu without pleating it. Sleeveless blouse looks beautiful in this attire.

2. Yellow Net Brasso Saree:

Yellow Net Brasso Saree 2

This yellow saree is purely net with brasso designed. The red and golden border with this yellow saree provides a contrasting effect throughout. It can be paired up with red designer full sleeve blouse. This is a common variety of brasso sarees dressed up by present generation ladies.

3. Dark Maroon-Cream Half Velvet And Half Brasso Designer Saree:

Dark Maroon-Cream Half Velvet And Half Brasso Designer Saree 3

You just look stunning in this attire. Maroon-cream combination though not frequently used, but velvet dark maroon texture insists you to try this piece of saree. Dark velvet pallu with brasso designed other half is simply a perfect outfit for any special occasion. You cannot stop yourself to be the center of attraction.

4. Green Flower Print Brasso Saree:

Green Net Brasso Saree 4

Green brasso net saree with wider golden border makes you look simple yet beautiful. Special touch is given to your attire by wearing a simple blue full sleeve blouse.

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5.  Border Embroidering Brasso Saree:

Red And Off-White Brasso Saree 5

The simple bright red colored half is contrasted with off-white designed pallu. This pallu of this brasso saree also consists of multi colored strips in order to enhance its outlook. You can pair up with colored accessories matching with your saree.

6. Black And Orange Contrast Brasso Saree:

Black And Orange Brasso Saree 6

Though red and black is a great combination, orange- black combo also looks brilliant. If you like to play with different colors, then go for it. This is a half orange and half black brasso designed saree.

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7. Pink And Beige Brasso Saree:

Pink And Beige Brasso Saree 7

This pink and beige colored saree absolutely gives a wedding. The lower portion of this saree has wide golden colored intricate floral work on violet base. This designed saree is paired up with violet blouse.

8. White Designer Net Brasso Saree With Black Border:

White Designer Net Brasso Saree 8

White net brasso saree simply look outstanding with sleek black, green and pink border. This saree simple for its white color and splashes some other colors that make it look elegant in any occasion.

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9.  Designer Red-Beige Net And Brasso Embroidery Bridal Saree:

Designer Red-Beige Net And Brasso Embroidery Bridal Saree 9

Red brasso saree with embroidery is a perfect match for bridal collection. The pallu part which is of net with embroidery work along the borders, provide a beige tinge with the red counterpart. Prominent heavy designed work is apt for special events to beautify your looks.

Brasso sarees can be worn in any special occasion with some extra touch up to look more prominent. The above article highlights the main types of brasso sarees. They are equally worn in simple occasion to bridal occasion which are very common ladies.

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