Top 9 Jamdani Sarees With Images

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Taking you back to the days of the Mughal, the Jamdani sarees has a touch of class. This classic weave on a high quality muslin textile is native to Bengal and Bangladesh. This sophisticated saree comes in varying designs, these tend to be geometrical shapes and flowers or simple patterns. Some designs also depict plants in vases and mutka’s. Very popular with the ladies of Bengal and ideal for the hot and humid climate as it lets your skin breathe.

Excellent Jamdani Sarees With Images:

Here is a collection of our top 9 jamdani sarees with images.

1. Red And White Cotton Jamdani Saree:

Red And White Cotton Jamdani

We begin our collection with a traditional Dhakai jamdani saree. This red and white quality muslin cloth has a beautiful red and gold weave. The thick border gleams from the golden thread. The pallu is framed with an almost temple style triangular design whilst the center is a woven with a plant design.  This cotton jamdani is perfect to wear for Durga puja. You can try the full Bengali look by draping it in the Bengali style. This is one of the best cotton jamdani sarees.

2. Colors Of Bengal Jamdani Cotton Silk Saree:

Colours Of Bengal Jamdani Cotton Silk Sari 2

Carry the traditional colors of Bengal in this cotton silk jamdani saree. A the black fabric of the saree is woven with with green and red triangular and diamond shapes. The pallu is a beautiful contrast in red with large geometric designs.  Shine like a diamond in this gorgeous saree.

3. Pure Silk Red And Gold Jamdani Saree:

Pure Silk Red And Gold Jamdani 3

Dazzle and shine in this gorgeous red dhakai jamdani silk saree.  The pallu and border are resplendent  in an elaborate golden leaf design which runs along the whole length of the saree. Beautiful to wear at any wedding or reception. This is one of the best silk jamdani sarees.

4. Navy Blue Cotton Silk Jamdani Saree:

Navy Blue Cotton Silk Jamdani 4

Sport a stylish and refined look in this fashionable navy blue, jamdani silk and cotton saree. Featuring an elegant, plant design intermittently on the sari and covering the pallu in an antique golden colour thread, this is a lovely saree to wear for an evening out.

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5. Blue And White Thread Work Jamdani Saree:

Blue And White Jamdani 5

Bring out the stylist in you in this stunning half blue and half white cotton jamdani saree. A fashionable and modern twist on the classic weave, the sari is fully woven all over in an elegant floral design. Be the envy of all your friends in this gorgeous piece.

6. Cotton Grey And White Jamdani Saree With Small Butas:

Cotton Grey And White Jamdani 6

Grace and style defines the lady who wears this beautiful tant cotton jamdani. In the original colors of white and grey which jamdani was once famous for, this beautiful, simple saree is dotted with small buttis and a brown and grey striped border. Comfortable to wear daily during the hot, sticky, summer days.

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7. White And Blue Translucent Jamdani Cotton Saree:

White And Blue Translucent Jamdani Cotton Saree 7

The beautiful fresh colors of stylish, cotton jamdani saree speaks of mountains and sea breezes.  The blue and yellow jamdani weave blend perfectly with the white and give the saree an ethereal quality. The design is a combination of  a triangular shapes on the border and floral pattern throughout the whole saree.

8. Multi Color Dhakai Jamdani Saree:

Multicolour Dhakai Jamdani Saree 8

A colorful addition to our jamdani collection, this multicolored Dhakai jamdani cotton saree is in a vibrant shades of a parrot, in yellow, green and red color block style. The self weave pattern on the sari creates a 3 d illusion and is a definite showstopper. Wear this saree and a smile and step out in style.

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9. Red And Black Jamdani Saree With Heavy Work:

Red And Black Jamdani Saree 9

This gorgeous silk jamdani in a self design gives a rich and majestic feel. Perfect for special occasions, the combination patterns of floral and polka dots in gold thread is very elaborate.

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