9 Best Collection of Kanjivaram Saree Designs

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Who would have ever thought a singular piece of clothing, a simple sheet when wrapped around the body in a strategic way can build up to be such a beautiful one piece clothing? You can easily imagine why our mothers and grandmothers used to look so flawless in those monochrome pictures.

Sarees are a formal part of the Indian culture and tradition where like the gowns and skirts, saree forms an imminent part and parcel of the attire of the culture. With time every other old thing has been developed and made better and so there is now a wide range of sarees, Kanjivaram being one of the oldest and best of the lot.

The Handsome Black in Pink:

kanjivaram sarees1

On the base of a magenta special pink color, this Kanjivaram is one of a kind beauty with its blackened designs drawn beautifully on it. The kanjivaram silk provides the much adored satin look while there are soft black striped lines across the entire body of the saree. Even the pink in the saree contains within itself soft golden floral artwork.

The Satin Blue:

kanjivaram sarees2

One of the best Kanjivarams of all time, this saree is simply fantastic as the ravishing beautiful piece of clothing wraps around the solemn model giving her a wonderful look. apt for weddings and receptions, this saree in pale blue is enhanced by the wonderful satin look but looking closer for detailation we see the golden artwork in silk etched all across the saree.

The Nude Gold:

kanjivaram sarees3

Beige is the color of the season. All the hypes and happenings of the new clothing are surrounding him and therefore, the new season color was embraced by this wonderful Kanjivaram silk saree. The saree is void of subsidiary artwork which makes it plain and simple and yet a statement of a piece. Being satin is just another factor adding to the look.

The Colors Galore:

kanjivaram sarees4

Here in this beautiful picture, an equally wonderful saree has been showcased that shows off the many beautiful colors that forms the base to the look. The saree is simply fantastic in bold colors, the base made of a sweet yellow followed by a satin frosted blue colored pallu. The saree also has embellished golden patterns on the outer lines.

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