15 Traditional Nauvari Sarees With Images

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Nauvari means nine yards. As well all know that sarees are made using a single 9 yard cloth and that is where the term “Nauvari” appears. These sarees sport some of the best designs for sarees ever and sport some unique pattern done on them. If you are looking for a different version of sarees that follow a different trend of designs and unique patterns, then this will be one of the finest ones out there. The alluring pattern done on them are quite eye-catching and will be suitable for all women out there.

Beautiful Nauvari Sarees for Womens in Fashion:

Here are the top 15 Nauvari sarees with catalog photos as follows for you which make your look more alluring.

1. The Blue Nauvari Silk Saree:

nauvari sarees

This is a quite simple nauvari saree that sports an awesome design done on it. The alluring pattern that this saree displays on the pallu portion, which is later pulled to the top to cover the head is one of the best things about this saree. It is primarily for that particular design, that people will find this saree very alluring. It is so beautiful that it can be easily be said to be one of the finest sarees of all time under the category of nauvari sarees.

2. The Purple Artistic Nauvari Saree:

This is yet another amazing-looking nauvari saree. The awesome pattern that this saree follows will be totally suitable for all women who are willing to look their best with the Indian clothing style. The purple color done on this saree along with the yellowish pattern on the pallu portion is probably one of the finest stuffs about this saree.

3. The Cotton Blend Nauvari Saree:

This is one of the finest nauvari sarees of all time. It sports a cotton mixture material and that is why women will find this extremely comfortable to wear. The purple color goes hand in hand with the design done on it and for all the good features that this particular saree showcases, it can be claimed to be one of the finest nauvari sarees of all time.

4. The Bollywood Beauty Selective Nauvari Saree With Big Border:

Nauravi Sarees-Bollywood Beauty Selective Nauvari Saree 4

Here is an amazing nauvari saree that has been once sported by one of the finest Bollywood beauties of all time. This one is so amazing that almost any woman out there will be more than willing to sport this one. The pattern done on the borders and on the front portion makes it so wearable and for all the great features it can be said to be one of the best nauvari sarees of all time.

5. The Artistic Nauvari Paithani Saree:

Nauravi Sarees-Artistic Nauvari Paithani Saree 5

Here is one of the best sarees of all time. This nauvari paithani saree is one of the finest ones out there and for all the massive reasons it is one of those things that women will love to wear at special occasions if they are really willing to sport the Indian look. The artistic patterns done on this beautiful saree is something that will be suitable for all women who are in love with colors. Since, there is severe display of colors in this particular nauvari saree, then this might be the one for you.

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