Top 9 Long Hairstyles For Black Woman

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Women regardless of their caste, tribe, race and color, have always been keen on grooming themselves. All over the world, women are regarded as the epitome of beauty, a feminism intertwined and laced with the different categories and sub-categories that makes a woman beautiful. Amongst the clothes and attires that we adorn, one of the prime items of beautification forever has been the hair that we wear. Usually women of colored origin have and a specific type of hair style and texture and for them here is a list of the most trendiest hairstyles.

Long Hairstyles For Black Woman:

1. Curls At It Best:

Long hairstyles for black woman  1

Curls are a patent truth of any women of colored origin. In fact, curls are one of the most basic hairstyles that we can see on a colored woman. However, these curls are completely different than what we usually see. As opposed to soft princess curls, these are thick and fluffy almost similar to an afro but not quite the same.

2. Ombre  Shades:

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Often it has been noticed that a slightly tanned, preferably orange-ish skin tone or hue can support light hair hues very well. The perfect sun-kissed tan can do well with yellow blond and basing on your color, you can easily try out this ombre light haired look for yourself. When we say ombre we mean a smooth transition of one color to another which is not too highlighting yet quite reflective of your complexion.

3. The Pony:

Long-Hairstyles-for-Black-Women 3

The pony is a common fix for women all around the world. With the busy time crunches and the heavy office hours, this is the perfect hairdo for any woman. Starting off with a sleek back brush, throw your hair into a pony and then use the classic hair wrap to hide the tie and make the best use of your pony.

4. The Braided Side Bun:

Long-Hairstyles-for-Black-Women 4

The hair here is made into heavy dreads which is probably why the texture of the hair is so beaded and alluring. However, the side bun made of these dreadlock braids are the best in the game. You start by pulling your hair all the way to one side and leaving the front few locks loose, not free, tie the rest in a rolled up bun.

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