What is Common Cold??

Cold is an illness felt by children to adults due to a viral infection which leads to a runny nose, itchy throat and sneezing continuously due to the inflammation of the upper respiratory parts the nasal cavity, larynx, Pharynx.This illness is caused due to a various virus, there is more than 200 number of virus which causes the changes to human which hinders to lead a normal day with work.

How to Differentiate From Cold and Flu?

When someone is infected by cold, there is no increase in body temperature and sore throat is usually not severe but running nose and sneezing is the most common symptoms of cold. In Flu there is the significant rise in temperature along with muscle weakness, headache, and chills.

What are The Causes for Cold During Pregnancy???

Women who are expecting a baby are always known to run down with low immunity power although  it is one way good for the baby since the women carrying the baby in her womb does not fight against the baby which is actually a  foreign body, the negative downfall of the low immunity is to defend against the viral infection like common cold than the rest surrounding them.There is more than 200 virus which is not visible to our naked eyes, which affects people to cause cold. Since cold is a viral infection antibiotic does not play a role in curing a common cold.

Some of The Important Causes are Are listed out to Get an Brief Knowledge:

1. Rhinovirus:

It is one of the important viri which is responsible for cold. It accounts for 40% of cold caused due to Rhinovirus. It spreads by handshake with the infected person, infected water droplets. It is commonly affected during Spring and autumn season. Classic symptoms are -Running Nose.

  • Fatigue
  • A dry cough which is caused during the end stage of the cold.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low temperature

2. Corona virus:

It is on of the primary virus next to Rhinovirus. It spreads through an air sore throat seen during winter and spring season. Some of the symptoms are Nasal congestion, mechanizing.

3. Low immune System:

Immune system mechanism decreases for pregnant women, this is one of the main cause for catching a cold easily when compared with others.The symptoms are similar to flu but there will be low temperature when compared to flu.

4. Contact with vitally infected Person:

Unknown contact with the person affected by the viral infection, which is normally encountered when a pregnant woman goes into public filled area like theater, malls or supermarket.

5. Seasonal Changes:

Change in temperature which leads to different viral exposure and unable to defend against the virus due to decrease immunity.

6. Sneeze:

Around 40,000 droplets which have many viri in it. Which spreads to the person nearby which is highly contagious leading to cold.

Expecting women who have got a cold due to the seasonal changes or unpredictable conditions, but how to get it cured ?? and for pregnant women tips to prevent against getting exposed to a number of the alien viri to our body.

How to Treat Cold in Pregnancy?

Here we enlisted some natural cold remedies for pregnant women without any side effects.

1. Inhalation:

Inhaling hot water with eucalyptus oil which relieves the stuffy nose and relaxes the throat way. A bowl with hot water with eucalyptus or mint oil is inhaled by leaning and inhaling the steam covering the head and face in order to prevent the escape of the vapors.

2. Herbal Tea with Honey:

Warm tea with honey helps to relieve the discomfort caused due to mucus. Honey helps to break down the mucus and helps easy breathing airway.

3. Resting:

Resting your body is very important since cold makes the body lethargic and fatigue it is best to rest and not just sit with cold and worrying over it.

4. Exercise:

Moderate walking which leads to good movement of the body the muscles and the good amount of fresh oxygen is inhaled which clears the toxins out of the lung.

5. Eating:

Concentrating on vitamin C and proteins helps to build up immunity: Vitamin C like Citric fruits, berries, kiwi and vegetable like broccoli, Paprika, Cabbage, and spinach.Stuffing the cold with nutritious food is the best remedy for cold.

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6 . Zinc:

Natural food containing zinc helps to boost the immune system. Eggs, yogurt,nuts, beans oatmeal and meat like turkey, pork are filled with zinc.

7. Energy Drink:

Cold causes loss of fluids, supplementing with fluids is very important for the mother and baby. Hot soup, coconut water, Lime juice and a lot of water.

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8. Salt Water Gargling:

It helps to relieve a sore throat by reducing the swelling and inflamed throat. Rigorous salt water gargling should be avoided which may lead to dry mouth.

9. Eating Garlic:

Garlic is an antiviral agent which helps to fight against viral infection. Eating two to three fresh sauteed garlic with water or people who do not like the flavor of garlic then garlic capsule is available in the market.

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10. Natural Lozenges:

Cinnamon, honey, berries which are crushed and ground ginger mixed together along with lime juice as the binder can be used as natural lozenges which relieve a sore throat and clears mucus too.

Consulting Doctor:

When fever increases above 101.4-degree Fahrenheit, with green mucus secretion, wheezing and cold symptoms which last more than a week.Avoiding self-medication during pregnancy is highly recommended which may lead to serious side effects for the baby. Medications which are contraindicated during pregnancy are analgesics like Aspirin, Naproxen, Ibuprofen. Nasal Decongestants and homeopathic medicines.

Prevention can be only done by Distance from a Viral infected person and wash your hand when we got and home for at least 20 seconds to remove the germs from our hand. It is best to advise to stay away from children who are always prone to cold and adults who have infected by the viral infection.The center of Disease control and Prevention has been recommending pregnant women around 27th-36th-week pregnancy vaccination against a whooping cough  which is the Tdap vaccine. Over the counter drugs should be completely avoided.