Miraculous is a very common term that is used to describe pregnancy and childbirth. The nine months that a woman spends expecting her child can be a little difficult. The diet of a woman changes during pregnancy and so is the digestion. Constipation is a very usual digestion problem faced by expecting mothers.

During pregnancy, the woman’s body changes to accommodate the proper upbringing of a child. The food that you eat provides nutrients to both the mother’s body and the child.

Constipation occurs so that you and your baby get more nutrients and then the gradual change in your uterus puts pressure on your bowel movements which leads to constipation. There are a few more reasons that lead to constipation in an expecting mother which are mentioned below.

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Causes for Constipation During Pregnancy:

  • The side effects of the medicines that you are taking may lead to constipation.
  • The increased stress level.
  • The dietary change may not be compatible thus leading to constipation.
  • The lesser intake of fluid that you take.
  • Higher level of consumption of dehydrated fluids such as alcohol (which is advisable not to be consumed during pregnancy), coffee and tea.
  • Not a sufficient amount of sleep.
  • Some diseases such as diabetes, stroke, uraemia, scleroderma, Parkinson’s disease and more.

Constipation does last for days but that does not mean you have to deal with that for nine months. There are remedies that help you to ease the problem and avoid the dreads of constipation during and post pregnancy. Some of the remedies that help to ease constipation are listed below.


  1. Fried and oily foods are very attractive and tasty as well but you should avoid them to prevent constipation.
  2. Purgative fruits such as oranges, bananas, melons, grapes and help in dealing with constipation since they are rich in fibre and are juicy and contain a huge amount of fluids.
  3. Drinking a lot of fluids helps to keep dehydration away thus helping in the smooth movement of your bowels.
  4. Walking and exercising also help to totally digest the food intake thus preventing heartburns and acidity which also includes constipation, and evacuating the rectum completely.
  5. If psyllium husks and platinum seeds are taken regularly then it helps in the control of constipation.
  6. Consumption of papaya also helps in keeping constipation in check as it contains peptic acid which is a good remedy for constipation.
  7. Normally tea dehydrates your body but ginger tea helps in controlling constipation.

Since pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life, she should be very careful. And since constipation is a part of pregnancy, you should be aware of some of the don’ts to avoid constipation. Here’s a list of some useful don’ts during your pregnancy.


  • No carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid aloe vera oil, castor oil and Triphala should be avoided even though they are natural purgatives since the usage of these oils can make the baby hyperactive.
  • Never use any kind of drugs without the consultation of your doctor otherwise it might harm the foetus in the womb.

Even though constipation is not a very serious problem during pregnancy, it can usually be an indication of a different problem. If you are having abdominal pain alternating with diarrhoea or you notice that you are passing blood or mucus with the stool, it is advisable to consult your doctor immediately. Also, passing a hard stool or straining during bowel movement can lead to haemorrhoids which are swollen veins in the rectal area.

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Generally, pregnancy constipation is an early pregnancy symptom. Even so, most women experience pregnancy related constipation at the later stages of pregnancy. No matter when you are experiencing constipation during your pregnancy, do not panic and follow these steps or best, consult your doctor, after all, you wouldn’t want to cause any harm to your dear baby.


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