During pregnancy, one is constantly hunting for products that are healthy and nutritious, and at the same time, can satisfy your taste buds. Pomegranate is one such superfood that is very juicy and tasty and at the same time very healthy for your pregnancy. Adding anar in pregnancy first trimester itself is a great way in establishing a benchmark for the nutrition needs during the pregnancy. Let us see the benefits of eating pomegranate during pregnancy and how the same can be included in your pregnancy diet.

Pregnancy is the most special phase of one’s life. However, it is quite dangerous too. You need to be extra cautious about what you consume and how you treat your body because now you have more than just yourself to think about. The food that you consume must be very healthy. The fruit is an excellent product to consume when you are pregnant. Here are 15 reasons why you must consume pomegranates during your pregnancy.

Pomegranate is a wonderful fruit with a super reddish colour. Inside the thick-skinned layer, very tiny sized seeds present in large numbers. The benefits are well known for ages and are used traditionally as a health supplement in food items. It is an important fruit for common people as well as for pregnant women to provide us with the essential nutrients. It is most famous for its powerful antioxidant, which is even more effective than other antioxidants in natural foods.

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Is it Safe to Eat Pomegranate in Pregnancy:

Pomegranate is a great fruit with a lot of nutritional benefits. Research has shown that eating pomegranate during pregnancy is not only safe but also beneficial. Having pomegranate juice during pregnancy may prevent preeclampsia, preterm birth and growth restriction. So next time if you wonder whether you can eat pomegranate when pregnant then the answer to this is a big YES.

Nutrition Facts of Pomegranate During Pregnancy:

The following are the nutritional facts of 1 bowl of pomegranate seeds consumed during pregnancy

Nutrition Value

  • Calories 144
  • Sugar 24g
  • Fibres 7g
  • Proteins 3g
  • Vitamin C 30%
  • Vitamin K 36%
  • Folate 16%
  • Potassium 12%

Note: The percentage value is based on the RDI

Is Pomegranate Good for Pregnancy?

Whenever you ask your doctor or dietician whether can you eat pomegranate during pregnancy, most of them will say yes and ask you to include it in your pregnancy diet. There is no proven evidence of any harmful effect of pomegranate during pregnancy. It has tons of benefits associated with it making it a good choice during pregnancy. Following are the various advantages of eating pomegranate during pregnancy.

Benefits of Pomegranate in Pregnancy:

1. Keeps Blood Pressure in Control:

Pomegranate contains several important chemicals and elements that help reduce your blood pressure. Pomegranate, in general, is a fruit that is extremely beneficial for your heart. This is relevant for pregnant women because they often suffer from a condition called preeclampsia. This disease results in high blood pressure levels. Including pomegranate in your daily diet will aid in keeping the blood pressure under control and prevent preeclampsia.

2. Rich Source of Vitamin C:

Pomegranates are rich sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C provides great assistance in boosting your immune system. This function of pomegranates is of utmost importance during pregnancy. A strong immune system helps the mother take better care of herself as well as her child. Also, Vitamin C is extremely important during pregnancy for the development of bones of the baby.

3. Presence of Antioxidants:

The antioxidants present in the pomegranate regenerate our body cells and help our body use up more oxygen and thus regulates all our body functions. This makes us healthier and younger. Pomegranates are a rich source of antioxidants and are thus excellent for both the mother and the child.

4. Improves The Bone Density of The Child:

Pomegranates have a beneficial effect on the bone development of the baby. Intake of this fruit improves not only the pregnant mother’s bone density but also that of her baby.

5. Skin Looks Clean and Clear:

Pregnancy is supposed to give you that natural glow, which makes you look beautiful even when you feel bloated and huge. However, along with this glow, pregnancy also brings a lot of skin issues such as acne, rashes, and so on. Pomegranate helps you combat all of these.

6. Anti-Bacterial Properties:

Pomegranates are helpful in treating infections of varying kinds. Thus, their consumption during pregnancy helps protect both the mother and the infant from external germs! In fact, Pomegranates have been used to ward off infections since ancient times. Its medical properties were appreciated even by the Egyptians!

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7. Rich in Fibers:

Pomegranates have a lot of fibrous content in it. One of the major problems faced by pregnant women is that of constipation. For some reason, carrying another human being inside, you mess up your bowel movement. By taking it a sufficient amount of fibre, one can considerably deal with the constipation problem during pregnancy, and that is where pomegranates help.

8. Iron:

Deficiency of this particular mineral causes a host of problems for pregnant mothers. First, the chances of them giving birth to their baby before their due date increases. Secondly, the infant becomes weak after birth, and often its very existence is threatened. For these and other reasons, doctors generally ask pregnant women to take iron supplements. Pomegranate is a rich source of iron and must thus be consumed in good quantities.

9. Protection of Brain Tissue:

Pomegranates are also beneficial for the development of the infant’s brain tissue. A recent study conducted by biologists showed that consumption of pomegranate helps secure the infant’s brain tissue from any damage due to the reduction in oxygen supply.

10. Lower The Chances of Heart Disease:

The antioxidants present in pomegranates are very helpful in lowering heart diseases. It cuts the risk of heart attack and lowers bad cholesterol level in the blood, which is really beneficial for pregnant women and also helpful for the fetus. The blood flow in the body is maintained, which also benefits the other organs of pregnant women and in turn, improves the health condition of the baby too. Pomegranate also reduces the clotting of blood and makes the arteries clear. The heart is a crucial organ in the body, and for pregnant women, all these things are very crucial for the well being of the mother and baby.

11. Helps To Fight Infection:

Pomegranate helps to fight against harmful microorganisms, which are highly essential for the well being of the mother and the baby. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which provide protection from bacterial and fungal infection. These are very common issues that one needs to take care of. Any health issue in pregnant women would directly impact the health condition of the baby. The nutritious components of pomegranate help to fight against common infections. The anti-inflammatory property of pomegranate lowers the risk of cancer, heart diseases and also diabetes.

12. Rich in Various Nutrients:

Pomegranate is rich in vitamins like vitamin C and K, minerals like iron, potassium, fibres and other components like folate. All these components are quite essential for body balance in normal people, but for pregnant women, these are very important to improve the health condition of the baby. It is also used in various skin products, and this natural substance does not have a side effect on babies. This powerful plant compound consists of nutrients which also have various medical uses. It contains a fatty acid called punicic acid, which is highly beneficial for improving the skin and hair texture and has a powerful antioxidant named punicalagin which is more powerful than the antioxidants in grapes and green teas.

13. It is a Memory Booster:

Deficits in memory are due to lack of nutrients in the body which need to be compensated by consuming a nutritious product. Pomegranate is the natural substance that helps to improve the memory and helps to fight against diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. It basically can boost up the brain cells and enhances the memory condition that is both for visual and verbal memory.

14. Improves The Immune System:

Pomegranate helps to protect the body from any diseases that may be nominal or serious. This is required for pregnant women during pregnancy to take care of the baby. If the immune system of the mother is strong enough, it will not affect anyone of them. The condition of the body during these months is quite delicate, hence needs special care, and the body gets affected to minimum change, so to prevent this condition, consumption of pomegranate is required.

15. Maintain The Blood Sugar Level:

Regular intake of pomegranate juice is beneficial for diabetic patients. So a pregnant mother needs to deal with various issues in order to protect the baby from health problems. Pomegranate helps in maintaining the blood sugar level even though it consists of fructose.

16. Rich Source of Potassium:

Potassium is one mineral extremely important during pregnancy. By including a glass of pomegranate juice in your daily intake can help you deal with pregnancy-related cramps which are majorly caused due to deficiency of potassium.

Risks of Eating Pomegranate During Pregnancy:

Pomegranate is rightly considered as a symbol of fertility and prevents any pregnancy-related infections. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a darker side associated with it. The following are a few risks that are associated with eating pomegranate during pregnancy:

Not Suitable for Pregnant Ladies Already on Medication

  • Pregnancy ought to be medication free. However, some women might be on medications for thinning of the blood or keeping hypertension in control and support a healthy pregnancy. Eating pomegranate by such women during pregnancy might complicate things.

Higher Calories

  • The calorie count of pomegranate is on a higher side. Hence consuming too much of pomegranate during pregnancy may lead to an excess weight gain.

Pomegranate Extract is Harmful

  • A pregnant lady should avoid pomegranate extract in all circumstances. This is because pomegranate extract is made without separating the rind from the fruit and consumption of pomegranate rind during pregnancy may lead to premature contractions which are not safe for pregnancy.

How to add Pomegranate in Pregnancy Diet?

The following are the various ways in which you can include pomegranate in your pregnancy diet:

  • Munching on the pomegranate seeds could complement a healthy breakfast during pregnancy.
  • For the meat-eater, you can enhance the flavour of your dish by garnishing with pomegranate seeds and mint leaves.
  • Pomegranate juice is a wholesome mid-meal filling in itself.
  • You can add a few seeds of pomegranate even in milkshakes and smoothies to tweak its taste.
  • For those who love to slurp on desserts and fruit salads, adding pomegranate seeds to the dish could highly enhance the taste.

Tips for Usage of Pomegranate During Pregnancy:

Pomegranate is a superfood. Still, one must be cautious in adding it to your pregnancy diet. The following are the few tips for consuming pomegranate:

  • Rather than purchasing the pomegranate juice cartons from the market purchase the pomegranate fruit and prepare its juice at home. This will ensure that the juice is made from good quality pomegranate seeds and also prevent you from consuming any added preservatives in the packed carton.
  • While going to buy pomegranates, choose the ones which are heavier and have a thinner outer covering. This would ensure that you can get the maximum seeds out of it.

Pomegranate Juice During Pregnancy:

Anarkali juice is one of the most recommended juices during pregnancy. It is easy and quick to consume and can complement your breakfast or mid-meal snack well. The pomegranate juice is naturally sweet, and you do not need to add any sugar externally to it, and thus you can satisfy your sweet tooth without putting on extra kilograms. The following are the various benefits of drinking Anarkali juice in pregnancy.

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Benefits of Pomegranate Juice During Pregnancy:

  • One glass of pomegranate juice contains as much as 150 calories. Thus by including one glass of pomegranate juice, you can easily meet the daily calorie intake requirement.
  • Alternating pomegranate juice with water will keep you hydrated as well as energised.
  • Pomegranate juice can satisfy more than 25% of the daily requirement of Vitamin K.
  • With the numerous healthy nutrients included in it, pomegranate juice can easily deal with a majority of pregnancy complications.

Pomegranate thus can be rightly considered as a superfood for pregnancy. It has numerous benefits, but at the same time, one must not excessively consume pomegranates during pregnancy. For a healthy pregnancy, moderation is the key. Pomegranate, howsoever healthy it maybe should be consumed in moderation to reap its maximum benefits.

Q1: Can Consuming Pomegranate in Pregnancy Give You a Fair Baby?

Ans: It is a myth that the skin colour of the baby depends upon the food that you eat. The skin colour of the baby is determined by the genes, and the food plays no role in it. So consuming pomegranates during pregnancy cannot give you a fair baby but will definitely give you a healthy baby.

Q2: Drinking Pomegranate Tea During Pregnancy – Safe or Not?

Ans: You can add up flavour to your regular tea by adding some amount of pomegranate juice in it. This will enhance the flavour of the tea and at the same time, help you reap the benefits of pomegranate juice. It is absolutely safe to consume pomegranate tea during pregnancy.

Q3: Eating Pomegranate in Early Pregnancy – Safe or Not?

Ans: By eating pomegranate in early pregnancy, one can reduce the risk of placental problems. Pomegranate during pregnancy second-trimester aids in a healthy weight gain of the baby.While pomegranate during pregnancy third trimester prevents the risk of preterm labour. Besides, there are numerous other benefits of consuming pomegranate during pregnancy, and it is absolutely safe to consume pomegranate in early pregnancy.

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