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10 Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

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Smoking tobacco in general can be very dangerous to health. It causes cancer and other lung related complications. There are many women who are inadequately addicted to smoking. For everyone quitting smoking is a life changing decision. Some overcome this habit while some are unable to give up smoking.Smoking and pregnancy are related in a very sensitive and hazardous way. Many studies and researches have shown that smoking in pregnancy can lead to miscarriages.Women are warned not to smoke before, during or after pregnancy in order to ensure a good health for her and the child. Though there are many ill effects of smoking during pregnancy a study showed in 2011 showed that, up to 10% women out of all the women involved in the study smoked when they were pregnant.

smoking during pregnancy

In the worst case, women should at least reduce smoking during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a stage where everyone wants to indulge in habits and works which prove to be useful for them and their babies. They are ready to quit all the things which my harm their baby in any way. Still for some it is not very easy to quit something they have been doing since a long time. Especially,smoking during pregnancy!Just imagine the harmful smoking reaching your kid and harming it when it is supposed to be at the safest place. Quit smoking when pregnant!

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Dangers of Smoking during Pregnancy:-

Numerous studies have proved that smoking during pregnancy can be dangerous to both the mother and the fetus. These are some of the many risks involved which affect the life of the mother and the baby in an adverse way

Premature Birth: Smoking during pregnancy causes premature rupturing of membranes which would prompt labour before the baby is fully developed.Which will be very stressful and the premature child will have to be at the hospital till a good health is gained.This may also result in the mental or physical illness of the baby later in his life or at an early stage.

Placental Abruption: Smoking during pregnancy could lead to the placenta separating from the attachment site in which case the fetus is under stress and could cause the fetus to die. If the placenta is detached from the fetus before birth then it will be a very critical situation for the baby as well as the mother. The mother could experience a lot of blood loss too.

Caesarean: Smoking could make the placenta cover the cervix which highly reduces the chances of a natural birth leading to longer recovery time and stress for the mother. There is nothing better than a healthy baby delivered normally from a healthy and sound mother. C- section can cause many troubles and diseases  for the mother and the baby in the future.

Damage to the Umbilical Cord: One of the most significant effects of smoking during pregnancy is a limited oxygen and blood supply to the fetus through the umbilical cord. This can prove to be very painful and results in blood loss during pregnancy.

Low Birth Weight: Pregnant Smokers will have to face a baby with a lesser weight than a normal healthy baby. This will affect the health of the baby in his first few months or may be later in life.A study in 2004 showed 11.6% babies with reduced weight were born to smoking mothers. Babies born with low weight are subject to health problem more often than not.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Yet another depressing effect of smoking during pregnancy.Infants exposed to nicotine present in the cigarettes during or after pregnancy can experience SIDS. The death of the child is unexplainable in those cases.

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Future Obesity: A recent study has indicated that teenagers who had mothers who smoked during pregnancy had 33% more body fat than other teenagers making them obese.

Smoking During Pregnancy

Future Smoking Habits: Another study tells us that children start smoking at an early age if they were born to mothers smoking in pregnancy. This heredity situation can be avoided if the mother quits smoking much before planning the baby.

Smoking After Birth: Dangers are not only smoking during pregnancy but smoking after pregnancytoo. Nicotine exposure through breastfeeding can cause a lot of harm to infants. Mothers who smoke during breastfeeding are also open to many lung related complications. Diseases like lung cancers or breast cancer can enter women and cause harm to them as well as their child.

Passive Smoking: Smoking around infants can harm their tender respiratory system leading to lung infections and asthma. In some cases it can cause sudden death syndrome in infants. Infants are incapable of inhaling such heavy nicotine filled smoke which results in harmful diseases or respiratory diseases in them at an early stage in their lives.

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Apart from these there are many dangers of smoking during pregnancy. There are scarce benefits to smoking during pregnancy or in general, in fact they’re ignorable. Smoking is a threat to the mothers and child’s health and therefore should be avoided under any circumstance.If you want your baby to be born normally and healthy then you should not indulge in such activities and try to quit smoking as soon as you start planning your baby. The effects and dangers of smoking while pregnancy can be very harmful and painful for the baby as well as the mother .It can come as a shock to our loved ones so we should try to avoid such situations in life and choose to live a healthy and simple lifestyle for the betterment of the baby and the family.