Needless to say, nutrition is the most important thing during your entire period of pregnancy. While many of the food you eat has various sources of nutrition, dates particularly have the potential to ripen the cervix. This means the benefits of dates during pregnancy include lessening your labor pain. It eases your muscles and thus makes way for safer and pain-free delivery.

Another variant of dates is the dried version of it. Dry dates during pregnancy can relieve you of pregnancy-related constipation. Dried dates are also known as khajoor. It helps to reduce the cholesterol level and keeps you away from any sort of infection.

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Is it Good to Eat Dates (Khajoor) in Pregnancy?

Dates or khajoor was tested with some pregnant women. The group was classified into two; one who ate dates regularly and the other group that did not. At the end of the research, it was found that the group that ate dates regularly ripens the cervix and thus relatively pain-free labour. On the other hand, the other group did not experience this. Are dates good for pregnancy? It sure is!

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Compiled list of Khajur Nutrients for Pregnant Lady :

The available percentage of nutrients in dates is described one by one. Per hundred grams of dates, the energy of 200-kilo calorie is present. Accordingly, the other substances are proteins, fibre, fat, folate, iron, vitamin k, magnesium, and potassium, which are present respectively in the amount of 2.5 grams, 8 grams, 0.4 grams, 19 mu gs, 1.09 mg, 2.7 mu g, 43 mg, and 656 mg.

Nutritional Value of Khajur During Pregnancy:

Here are some ways through which dates will nourish your body.

  • Sugar Source: Sugar provides the necessary energy to the mother and her baby fetus. It is a basic ingredient that is necessary to consume by daily intake with the proper recommendation of your physician. It provides energy immediately after you consume it.
  • Protein Source: At the time of pregnancy, the body requires a large amount of protein. It provides basic energy and power to the womb for building the body of the little baby. Protein is the composition of various amino acids, which initiates the cell formation of the baby. The collection of dates fruits in pregnancy contain an average protein percentage. You can consume it on a daily basis.
  • Fibre Source: The fibre available in dates helps to maintain different requirements in the mother’s body. It helps to decrease the level of cholesterol, which helps you to resist from different infections. Khajur also works to help you controlling blood pressure and hazards of diabetes. It controls your weight during pregnancy by adjusting your hunger for a long gap. The main effect of the date’s fibre is that it helps to reduce constipation during pregnancy.
  • Folate Source: Folic acid or folate is important for brain development of the baby inside the womb. It helps to build the nervous system. It is also a vital ingredient that protects the baby and mother from haemoglobin shortage. With the lack of folate, various birth defects may appear. It can create several defects in spinal cord structure and can damage the brain function.
  • Complex B Vitamin Source: Dates are an awesome source for complex B vitamin. It is valuable for muscle growth and nervous construction in the baby body. The consumption of this ingredient is possible by taking dates with the recommendation of any professional physician.
  • Vitamin K Source: Vitamin K is one of the key nutrients that need to be consumed externally by the mother to provide sufficient stock in the baby body. By birth, they have a lack of vitamin K, which is very much essential for blood clotting and bone structure. To secure the baby from any complicated situation, mothers need to consume it through dates.

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  • Iron Source: Iron has an adequate role in the mother body as well as in womb for the baby. It accelerates the metabolic process and acts as a weapon to reduce the symptoms of anaemia. Khajur is a better component than any other ingredient which provides immunity as well as sufficient oxygen to the cells. It is a chemical composition of globin, haemoglobin, enzymes and collagen which can be availed through dates’ consumption.
  • Potassium Source: This electrolyte has a significant role in controlling blood pressure in the baby’s body along with the pregnant mother. It balances the water content, health of heart, muscle function and digestion process as well. In case of less absorption of potassium, kidney disorder can appear in a baby. The potassium available in dates is also very important for nervous system development.
  • Magnesium Source: Magnesium helps to construct the bone structure, teeth, and controls the level of sugars in the blood. It is also very important in terms of calcium and iron transmission to the body cells. The magnesium in dates reduces the probability of liver disease and kidney disorder.

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When Should You Start Eating Dates? Stages to Eat During Pregnancy:

Dates during early pregnancy will keep constipation away. However, this has to be limited. Dry dates during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester will be helpful in relieving labour pains. Black dates during pregnancy and red dates during pregnancy will also be helpful.

3 Right Ways to Eat Khajur During Pregnancy:

There are many ways you can eat dates during pregnancy.

  • Smoothie: The best way is to probably just gulp it down in the form of a smoothie. Take about six dates and grind them with yoghurt in a blender. Drink it immediately.
  • Pie Crust: For a variety, you can try a pie crust. Mix dates and nuts together in a blender. You will get a fine puree. Mix this puree with the pie dough. You can also use khajoor for this. Eating khajoor during pregnancy gives you the same benefits as dates.
  • Salad Dressing: The next best way to eat dates during pregnancy is to add the de-seeded version of it into your salad bowl. Chop about six dates and add them to your salad.
  • Dates and Almonds Mix: During pregnancy, the mix of dates with almonds acts as the best ingredient to consume, which will keep the pregnant mother away from stress. It helps to improve immunity, mental health and the memory of the baby.

Benefits of Eating Khajur During Pregnancy:

  1. Dates do not add to the calories. They simply supply you the needed energy and iron, thus keeping you energized throughout the day.
  2. They help to keep constipation away. They are rich in fibre and thus give you a healthy digestive system, making way for good bowel movements.
  3. Dates contain vitamin K, an essential ingredient in bone development.
  4. One of the common things to experience in pregnancy is anaemia. Dates help in keeping anaemia away by keeping the haemoglobin level in check. It also boosts in the development of your baby.

When Should You Avoid Khajur? and Side Effects:

Avoid dates in your second trimester completely because it can shoot the sugar levels up and the second trimester is prone for gestational diabetes.

Every food has its own side effects. In addition to the several benefits of dates during pregnancy, overeating may create a panic disorder and abnormalities during pregnancy. It may be a vital reason behind excess weight. The glucose level can increase due to it as well as with the increase of gestational diabetes.

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Khajur for Shorter Labor:

Consumption of dates has a crucial impact on delivery. Various studies regarding this food have established a theory that the ladies who used to take dates by the day are facing shorter labour during pregnancy than the rest. They have more percentage in keeping membranes intact than others who never used to take dates. Those who consume dates is good for pregnancy will face 510 minutes of average long first stage labour while the others have 906 minute average of first stage labour.

Six dates a day has been considered a healthy serve. Bring in dates in your everyday diet. You will be surprised to see the multiple benefits it offers for your body, especially when pregnant. Eating dates during pregnancy is sure important! Now that you know the benefits of it, it is time to revamp your diet chart!


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