What are the perks of having sesame seeds during pregnancy? Well you are currently in the most difficult stages of your life and every one of your actions is related to your yet to be born child. So you must be having a difficult time deciding which food to intake and which one to avoid. However it is also very important that you choose your food stuff wisely since it can also create complications when it is time to deliver your babies

Eating Sesame Seeds During Pregnancy:

During these times you may also have been suggested to consume sesame seeds. But the question remains are sesame seeds good for pregnancy?In medieval times sesame seed was believed to be the cause of miscarriage mostly as they are hot in nature. However studies have proved that intake of sesame seeds means no harm to pregnancy but instead it paves way for a healthier delivery free of complications.

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Eating sesame seeds in pregnancy can have a variety of healthy impact both for you and for your baby. However do make sure that you are not allergic to these seeds and for better and safer results you can also contact your physician. There are a variety of health benefits of consuming these seeds.

These seeds are rich in calcium, proteins and essential vitamins and iron all of which are required for the healthy functioning of your body. One of the most observed problems during the time you are pregnant is constipation.

These seeds are considered to be among one of the top of the natural foods that could help you fight constipation. By including some amount of sesame seeds in your diet will soften your stool and make excretion a lot easier.

These seeds are packed with nutrients that will boast health and immunity. Also in taking these seeds during winter times will save you from the risk of catching cold and flu. It also supplies calcium to the body and in turn strengthens the teeth and bones. Eating sesame seeds during pregnancy is believed to reduce mental weakness and stress and also delay ageing and help you maintain a glowing skin for a long time.

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Ways To Eating Sesame Seeds in Pregnancy:

There are many ways to include sesame seeds to your diet. And now that you know its nutritional value here are some of the easier ways to add them to your diet.You can create a quick sesame dip and you can team this dip up with either some bread or vegetable stick for a quick snack.You can also add these seeds to you basic mint and coriander chutney and increase its nutritional value without compromising the taste.

Another ideal way is to prepare a sesame chutney and add it as a complementary dish with your other regular meals.You can also include sesame seeds as a garnishing agent to your noodles and gravies. Sesame seeds can be also consumed boiled or along side many Indian dishes as a side dish in the form of chutney.

Tandoori chicken and chicken tikka are among the various Indian dishes that can pull off the strong taste of sesame seeds and doesn’t destroy the nutritional values too.

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Sesame seeds are otherwise the best natural agents to be consumed while pregnancy especially when you have to be careful about what you consume.This natural herb with its nutritional values has been proved safe all over by scientific studies. However if you are still having second thoughts about the consumption then you can narrow your doubts by having a talk with your physician.